Uncommon BFFs: 20 Celeb Friendships That Fans Didn't See Coming

The world of Hollywood is filled with all kinds of personalities, many of whom fans would assume really wouldn't get along. There's a huge mix of people among the celebrity world, but they do all have one thing in common—they're famous.

It doesn't seem like the strongest link, but in reality, being a celebrity is sort of a strange thing. No one quite understands what it's like to be under that level of public scrutiny like someone who has experienced it firsthand. So, many celebrities end up forging friendships with other celebrities.

And, of course, there's the fact that many of them find themselves attending the same events, regardless of their industry. Actors will attend music industry events, and musicians will walk the red carpet at film industry events, and so on.

There are quite a few celebrity friendships that have stood the test of time, and there are many celeb besties who seem like a natural fit. They're similar, they have the same type of personality, and it makes sense that they found each other.

However, there are also a few celebrities who are friends with people we never in a million years would have guessed they'd be friends with. In friendship, just as in relationships, sometimes opposites attract!

Here are 20 celebrity friendships that we really didn't expect.

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20 Two Bestie Babes: Blake Lively And Beyonce

via: popsugar.com

We have to admit, it seems like it would be majorly intimidating to go up to Beyonce at any kind of event. I mean, the woman is a legend! She's been slaying in the industry ever since she was a teenager and just continues to thrive year after year.

Blake Lively is the type of celebrity who seems super friendly and warm at all times with all people. Her personality must have attracted Bey when they met at a jewelry collection launch back in 2010 because they became fast friends after that. In fact, Lively even appeared in a music video that Beyonce and hubby Jay Z put together for "Part II (On the Run)."

19 Boy Bands And Reality Dynasties: Lance Bass And Kris Jenner

via: pinterest.com

Being friends with anyone in the Kardashian-Jenner family must be tough. After all, every element of their lives is captured on camera—and many private celebrities really don't want to participate in that. There are some, though, who found ways to forge friendships despite the family's reality television empire—including pop star Lance Bass.

And no, he's not besties with one of the sisters who is closer to his age—he's besties with Kris herself! Bass and Jenner started hanging out back in 2009, and their friendship is still going strong even a decade later. Forget the age difference—they're clearly kindred spirits!

18 Chic Queens: Victoria Beckham And Eva Longoria

via: upi.com

On paper, Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria seem to come from two different worlds. Beckham is an icon from across the pond, married to a pro athlete, and went from being part of one of the biggest girl groups of all time to being a staple in the fashion industry. Longoria, on the other hand, is an actress and passionate activist who is proud of her Texas roots.

However, they apparently have personalities that totally mesh and have forged a friendship from across the pond. In fact, Beckham even designed Longoria's wedding dress—talk about friendship! Beckham also spilled on a talk show appearance that they love to chat about wine together. Classy!

17 Lifestyle Gurus: Chrissy Teigen And Jessica Alba

via: etonline.com

Jessica Alba and Chrissy Teigen are both individuals who got their start doing something totally different than what they're doing now. Alba started as an actress and became an entrepreneur, while Teigen started as a model and became more known for her cooking. They're both heavy hitters in the lifestyle world and apparently have formed a strong friendship over the years.

In fact, they apparently even rope in their respective husbands to go on Halloween-themed double dates. Cute! They both seem so easygoing and fun to hang out with, we can see why they'd be friends, even though we wouldn't have pictured them as besties.

16 A Strange Pairing: Snoop Dogg And David Beckham

via: eonline.com

When former professional soccer player David Beckham appeared on Snoop Dogg's show, Snoop Dogg's Father Hood, fans likely thought they'd never see one another again. Surely, Beckham was just there for a bit of a publicity stunt, right? Well, not exactly. It turns out that the two are actually really close friends!

In fact, as Snoop Dogg spilled to Mirror, "whenever I make a record, I give him a copy before it's done. He's like a brother. I'm gonna show him to rap, for shizzle." To be honest, we can't quite imagine what types of conversations these two have, but hey—opposites attract!

15 I'll Be There For You: Courteney Cox And Ed Sheeran

via: yahoo.com

Courteney Cox and Ed Sheeran truly cemented their friendship when Sheeran lived on Cox's property. Allow us to explain—Sheeran apparently wanted to see what life was like in California, so he packed up and moved there for a while. The two met, became friends, and Sheeran actually ended up living in Cox's beach house in Malibu for three months.

And, while Sheeran didn't pay Cox any rent money for his time spent at her Malibu crib, he did pay her back in one way. Sheeran introduced Cox to fellow musician Johnny McDaid of the band Snow Patrol—and he and Courteney started dating, eventually getting engaged!

14 Two Bros On The Town: Vince Vaughn And Robert Pattinson

via: hollywood.com

Vince Vaughn and Robert Pattinson seem like guys who are on total opposite ends of the spectrum. Pattinson is known more for brooding, indie roles (apart from his role as a brooding vampire in the Twilight franchise), while Vaughn is a comedian, through and through. However, the two met through a mutual friend, Joaquin Phoenix, and they ended up totally hitting it off!

In fact, it's apparently Vaughn who Pattinson turned to for some advice after his highly publicized split from actress Kristen Stewart. The paparazzi occasionally capture these two buddies out on a night on the town, and they always seem like such an odd pairing.

13 Always Keeping It Real: Adele And Jennifer Lawrence

via: vanityfair.com

In many ways, Jennifer Lawrence and Adele are quite similar. Sure, they're in different industries, and from different corners of the world. However, they're both fearless, unapologetic, and never afraid to share their infectious cackles. The two met when Jennifer Lawrence apparently had zero chill at the Oscars and shared her fangirl status with the superstar, which led to the two hanging out.

It was J.Law who Time tapped to write Adele's essay for her inclusion in the 2016 '100 Most Influential People in the World' list. And Lawrence didn't hold back—she called the singer "a gift, an international treasure, but she's also sweet, funny, intelligent and beautiful." High praise!

12 International Pop Superstar Vs. Television Royalty: Rihanna And Jim Parsons

via: youtube.com

While they've likely attended many of the same industry events, there is no universe in which we can see Jim Parsons and Rihanna hanging out. However, apparently spending an extended amount of time with someone on set is enough to forge a strong bond sometimes—that's what happened with them.

Parsons and Rihanna were both cast in the animated movie Home and lent their voices to characters in the movie. They found themselves chatting between takes and ended up forming an unlikely friendship. We're not sure you'll ever see Parsons dancing alongside Rihanna in Barbados, but who knows—anything can happen in Hollywood.

11 Two Boys From Britain: James Corden And Dominic Cooper

via: amcnetworks.com

Many people in North America know James Corden solely as a late night show host now. However, before he snagged that gig, Corden was an actor as well, in his native Britain. Back in his younger years, he met fellow actor Dominic Cooper when they starred together in The History Boys. That movie was the beginning of a beautiful friendship—in fact, the two lived together for a little while.

Cooper was also the one who introduced his buddy to a lovely woman, Julia Carey, who ended up becoming Corden's wife! They put their friendship to the test during one of the Late Late Show episodes and provided that their bond was rock solid.

10 California Girls: Katy Perry And Allison Williams

via: justjared.com

Katy Perry and Allison Williams are in totally different parts of the industry and have very different style personas. Williams is often very sleek and refined while Perry isn't afraid to be a burst of bright color on the red carpet. Regardless of what they're wearing, though, you'll likely find these two hanging out at red carpet events because they're actually really close friends!

In fact, though their styles are quite different, the two coincidentally both ended up swapping to platinum blonde locks back in 2017—on the exact same day. Seems like some kind of special BFF bond to us! Now, the question is, will Williams ever go on tour with Perry? That would be an amazing girls' trip.

9 Sweden Meets 30 Rock: Alexander Skarsgard And Jack McBrayer

via: bravotv.com

Alexander Skarsgard is strange in the best possible way. He seems very serious and reserved, but once he gets talking, he's absolutely hilarious—and not afraid to make fun of himself. So, though he's primarily had dramatic roles, it makes sense that he'd find some common bonds with actor Jack McBrayer.

Most fans know McBrayer best from his role on 30 Rock, and he and Skarsgard have apparently been friends for quite a few years now. It just goes to show how you never know which celebrities have formed friendships and which are just colleagues. We never would have guessed these two were so close!

8 Friends For Life: Jennifer Aniston And Paul Rudd

via: pinterest.com

While Paul Rudd only joined the cast of Friends towards the end of the show's run, playing Phoebe's boyfriend (and eventual husband) Mike, he likely spent a lot of time with Jennifer Aniston on set. However, the two actually met far before then—they were cast opposite one another as love interests in the movie The Object of My Affection.

While many actors never really see their co-stars after a project has wrapped, Rudd and Aniston got along really well and ended up staying friends. Aniston spilled about their bond to The Hollywood Reporter, saying that "I love him. He is a dear friend. We just have a true affection for each other and I just feel honored and time I get to work with him."

7 Two Favorite Funny Stars: Aziz Ansari And Jennifer Lawrence

via: nydailynews.com

Frankly, we're a little bit surprised that Jennifer Lawrence isn't friends with even more comedians. She's so hilarious and clearly has no filter—you'd think she'd be besties with all the biggest stand-ups in the game! Well, she is besties with one—actor and comedian Aziz Ansari. The two were introduced by a mutual friend, Amy Schumer, and totally hit it off.

They've been captured by the paparazzi giving one another piggyback rides, ordering junk food in Brooklyn, and have even spent Valentine's Day together! And, they don't keep their friendship confined to the United States—they even went sightseeing together in Italy. Sounds like quite the friendship!

6 Multi-Generational Hollywood: Jennifer Love Hewitt And Betty White

via: etonline.com

Betty White is absolutely hilarious. She's been in the industry for decades now and seems to sense that she's beyond reproach. She's not afraid to speak her mind and is often surrounded by celebs who are decades her junior. She just seems so young in spirit, so we're not all that surprised that she ended up bonding with actress Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Apparently, as Hewitt spilled during an appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, she and White went to dinner together, drank a little bit too much with their pizza, and then hung out eating gummy bears. Once you share gummy bears, you're friends for life!

5 Friends Forever: Marisa Tomei And Lisa Bonet

via: pinterest.com

The show was on the air so long ago that many fans completely forget Tomei and Bonet once starred together on A Different World. They spent a fair bit of time together on set and ended up forming a rock solid friendship. In fact, Bonet asked Tomei to be the godmother to her daughter, Zoe Kravitz, when she was born.

And, the feeling is mutual—during an interview for InStyle, Tomei referred to Bonet as her best friend with no hesitation. Both Tomei and Bonet try to stay out of the spotlight for the most part, so the paparazzi don't always capture them on their outings, but we're betting they hang out together on a regular basis.

4 An Unlikely Duo: Jonah Hill And Ashley Olsen

via: people.com

Ashley Olsen is a bit of an oddity in Hollywood. While many actors struggle until their mid-20s and eventually find success, she got her start as a child star and gave it all up in her 20s. Olsen, along with her twin sister Mary-Kate, started an empire that included movies, books, clothing lines, make-up and more. She left Hollywood to focus on the fashion world and has been more involved with that world as an adult than with acting.

We're not sure exactly where Jonah Hill and Ashley Olsen met, but the two ended up forming a friendship—they even spent Easter together in 2018! In fact, they're such close friends that Hill thanked her when he accepted his Innovator Award from the Wall Street Journal Magazine. Who knew?

3 Britain Meets America: Daniel Radcliffe And Will Arnett

via: zimbio.com

On paper, it seems like Will Arnett and Daniel Radcliffe are total opposites. There's a sizeable age difference between the two of them, and they're from totally different sides of the world. However, they both seem like the type who are always up for fun and don't take themselves too seriously—and that was enough to forge a strong friendship.

While Arnett likely doesn't spend too much time in the UK, Radcliffe does spend a fair bit of his time in New York City, where the two have been spotted hanging out a time or two. Now, the question is, are Arnett's children huge Harry Potter fans? If so, Radcliffe may have to be careful if he ever visits their home—wouldn't want to spoil the fantasy!

2 Kindred Spirits: Blake Lively And Florence Welch

via: zimbio.com

Though their work lives are very different, Blake Lively and Florence Welch apparently have enough similarities that they've formed a strong friendship. In fact, they're so close that Lively even asked Welch to perform at her wedding! Both of them are probably incredibly busy with their respective work, but we can't help but wonder if they make time to hang out away from the public eye and just relax together.

We can totally imagine Lively cooking up a storm in Welch's charming home, or Welch lounging in Lively's living room while her kids run around. We'd love for these two to collaborate on some kind of project one day—they're both so creative and passionate!

1 Full Home Alone: Macaulay Culkin And Bob Saget

via: usmagazine.com

We never would have envisioned Bob Saget and Macaulay Culkin hanging out, but this picture proves otherwise. Apparently, though we would never put their names together, the two are Broadway besties. When they're not booking acting roles, they make time to observe their craft by catching Broadway shows together. Seems like a solid friendship!

Who doesn't want someone to be their companion to great theatre shows? Both of them likely travel a fair bit for work, but when they're in New York, they're checking the schedule to see what plays they can add to their list. Who knows, maybe one day they'll even appear in a play together and bring their Broadway experience full circle!

Sources: Cosmopolitan, This is Insider, Cheat Sheet

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