18 "Ugly" Movie Characters Who Are Gorgeous In Real Life

No matter where you cast your eye in Hollywood, there are beauties floating around left, right, and center. We idolize these stunning faces, male or female, hang them on our bedroom walls, follow them on social media, and make sure that we're the first to nab tickets to their latest blockbuster films.

Every once in awhile, however, the Zac Efrons and Scarlett Johanssons of Tinseltown transform into something entirely different - something that makes us want to rip down those posters at the first opportunity. They might have appeared as ghastly creatures, homeless runaways, evil witches or geeky losers from time to time but it's nothing but A-grade quality underneath all the creepy makeup and run-down costumes.

20 Bill Skarsgård In It

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When you've got an evil clown on the loose, there's no way audiences are going to feel comfortable. Despite being touted as a pretty boy in real life and one of the most popular young, male actors at the moment, Bill Skarsgård ditched the hair gel in favor of creepy makeup and an untamed, bright orange wig.

19 Mariah Carey In Precious

Wait, hold up a second. Mariah Carey acts as well? We thought she only came out when the Christmas carols rolled around. Well, apparently she does, and she was even happy to strip away her glamorous, diva facade when she played Ms. Weiss in Precious. We can't imagine it took too long for her to glitz it back up again.

18 Vanessa Hudgens In Gimme Shelter

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To the surprise of many of us, the one and only Vanessa Hudgens did a full 180 - trading in her skimpy, eye-catching swimwear in her previous film, Spring Breakers, for over sized hoodies and an emo haircut in her portrayal of the pregnant teenager, Agnes, in the 2013 indie drama, Gimme Shelter.

17 Gwyneth Paltrow In Shallow Hal

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More often than not a delicate beauty on the big screen, Gwyneth Paltrow shocked viewers when she elected to slap on the (fake) extra pounds to play Rosemary Shanahan in Shallow Hal, opposite funnyman Jack Black. It's fair to say that most people were relieved when the old Gwyneth returned shortly after.

16 James Franco In Spring Breakers

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Throughout most of his film and TV career, James Franco has been dubbed as a pretty boy actor - and it's hard to argue with that. In Spring Breakers, however,  in his portrayal of the shady rapper, Alien, he donned a persona that was entirely different from what we'd come to expect. Grills with a Hawaiian shirt... seriously?

15 Anne Hathaway In The Princess Diaries

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Even though we've loved Anne Hathaway in smash hits like Les Miserables, The Intern, Interstellar, and The Devil Wears Prada over the years, her 'ugly role' as Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries, with the bushy hairdo and geeky glasses was, without a doubt, the one that put her on the map.

14 Uma Thurman In Batman & Robin

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Uma Thurman is no stranger to the big screen - just check out her role in the Tarantino cult classic, Pulp Fiction, if anything. However, while she generally plays similar style roles - often the 'pretty girl' character - her repertoire took a turn when she became the iconic villain, Poison Ivy, in Batman and Robin.

13 Christine Lakin In The Hottie & The Nottie

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The film's title couldn't have explained it any better - Christine Lakin, for most of the time, is the so-called hottie, however, in this particular production, thanks to some makeup, fake teeth and a distracting mole on her chin, she became something else entirely. We're just glad it was only temporary.

12 Emma Thompson In Nanny McPhee

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With an almost identical mole to Christine Lakin, Emma Thomspon portrayed Nanny McPhee as a magical, yet hideously ugly nanny who disciplines troublesome children with her unique abilities. Think of her almost as like an amalgamation of Marry Poppins and the Wicked Witch of the West.

11 Daveigh Chase In The Ring

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If there was ever a movie scene more hair-raising than Samara climbing out of the TV screen in The Ring then we haven't seen it. The irony here is that the young character that scared the bejeesus out of every viewer actually grew up to become a stunning woman, seemingly leaving the evil spirit behind.

10 Christian Bale In American Hustle

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There's not a whole lot that needs to be said about the American Hustle version of Christian Bale that can't be gleaned by a quick glance at the photo. He absolutely stacked on the pounds - 43, to be exact - by eating plenty of cheeseburgers, donuts, and whatever other junk food he could get his hands on.

9 Jon Heder In Napoleon Dynamite

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We've got a pretty obvious contrast on our hands here. On the one hand, the Napoleon Dynamite version of Jon Heder is a geeky weirdo with far too large glasses and an untamed hairdo. However, on the other hand, he's grown up to blossom into a rather impressive man, after he was able to discard his typecast, that is.

8 Cameron Diaz In Being John Malkovich

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While our beloved Cameron Diaz usually shows off her lush, golden locks in some sort of Rom-Com, things took a turn when she took on the role of the quirky Lotte Schwartz in Being John Malkovich. Thankfully, that obnoxiously untamed bird's nest on her head didn't last past the film.

7 Matthew McConaughey In Gold

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Matthew McConaughey has constantly found himself among lists of the hottest male actors for a number of years now. However, take one look at that heavily receding hairline on his character, Kenny Wells' head in the 2016 film Gold, and it might be hard to believe. The beauty (or lack thereof) of makeup, folks.

6 Charlize Theron In Monster

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In any other film, Charlize Theron is the furthest thing from a monster - she's a glowing actress with flowing, golden locks and a sparkling smile. When she was forced to make the transformation into a dangerous criminal, Aileen Wuornos, for the Patty Jenkins' film, however, she became something else entirely.

5 Tom Cruise In Tropic Thunder

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The Tom Cruise name has been synonymous with action films and a number of 'pretty boy' roles for a number of decades now. Rarely does the Top Gun star sway from his type - that is, until Tropic Thunder rolled around and he was cast as the funny supporting character, Hollywood agent, Les Grossman.

4 Lizzy Caplain In Mean Girls

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It's a cult classic, no doubt, and for years as a result Lizzy Caplan was dubbed the weirdo who made poor fashion choices and strolled around with an eccentric BFF. However, the Janis Ian character was starkly different from Lizzy in the real world. As you can see, she's actually quite the stunner.

3 Jude Law In Dom Hemmingway

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It's hard to believe that an actor as impressive as Jude Law can come across as a man that looks about 20 years older and 30 pounds heavier, but hey, that's the beauty of cinema. It wasn't all done with special effects either - Jude actually put on the weight himself thanks to some poor (but deliberate) diet choices.

2 Angelina Jolie In Girl, Interrupted

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There's just something about that uncomfortable blonde fringe that comes across as a little creepy. In fact, the whole Lisa Rowe character that our beloved Angelina Jolie played in Girl, Interrupted doesn't garner a whole lot to love. As you can tell, outside of that film, Angelina is a ten out of ten.

1 Anjelica Huston In The Witches

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Unless you're the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz,  rarely does any similar portrayal equate to jaw dropping beauty. Unsurprisingly, such was the case when Anjelica Huston played Miss Ernst in The Witches, a villainous beauty which gave life to the infamous Roald Dahl's children's book. She's easier on the eyes without the witch get-up.

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