Ugg Debuts Awful-Looking Thigh-High Boots And The Internet Is Not A Fan

Ugg has debuted a new thigh high boot that looks really weird. The Internet is freaking out over photos of the new boots that will cost someone a pretty penny if they want a pair - and that's a big if.

Elle magazine is reporting on the new trend that took Paris fashion week by storm. Ugg and Y/Project have partnered to bring Ugg lovers a thigh-high boot, just as comfortable as other pairs of the famous boots. The Parisian brand used the Men’s fashion show to premiere the new boot and their Ugg capsule collection.

Via The Insider

"This collaboration heroes the brands most iconic styles, re-interpreted through the Y/Project lens, in a fresh and honest way," said the company in a press release about the new line.

The question is why now? After all the years of Ugg’s being in and out of style, is the company coming out with such a boot? Y/Project Creative Director Glenn Martens answered those questions and more in a statement he released worldwide.

"The UGG Classic boot is one of the most recognizable shoes in history. It's timeless and challenging design made it a worldwide statement. Y/Project is about challenges. Since launch we've been twisting the grounded codes, we challenged the acceptable and triggered people by putting focus on the unexpected. By reworking the Classic boot with a typical Y/Project twist such as the triple overlaps and the extra-long legs we want to celebrate the UGG brand's unique history," he shared.

That is quite a statement but the Internet is not sold on the new boots. Social media is in an uproar over the product.

Although people are slamming the new trend now, there will be some that will undoubtedly check out these boots. Anyone looking to own a pair of the Ugg thigh-high boots will have to fork over $1380! That is a ridiculous price for boots that look super weird. It makes more sense to stick with the good old classic short Ugg boot.

What do you think about the new thigh-high Ugg boots? Would you wear them?

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