20 UFC Fighters Dana White Had Major Beef With

As the top MMA promotion on the planet, the UFC is home to the sport's biggest stars and one of its biggest personalities: UFC President Dana White. White has been with the promotion for some time now and has served as a public mouthpiece for what is going on in the company. He is a pioneer that helped take the sport into the mainstream, and his accomplishments cannot be overstated. Despite this, there have been a number of fighters that have engaged in a war of words with White over the years, causing a public rift and giving people plenty to talk about.

Here, we are going to focus on 20 fighters that have had a beef with UFC President Dana White. These individuals all felt some type of way and were more than happy to go public with their feelings. In turn, White threw it right back at them.

20 Ken Shamrock

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Money has a unique way of driving people apart, and Dana White’s beef with Ken Shamrock stems from an unpaid debt. Bleacher Report reported that Shamrock tried suing Dana White years ago, with Dana blasting the former champion by saying, “The guy owes me $175,000 because him and his scumbag lawyer put together some phony lawsuit that he lost, and he owes me $175,000 in attorney fees.”

19 Nick Diaz

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Nick Diaz remains one of the most enigmatic figures in MMA history, and he has always done things his own way. After shifting UFC 137’s main event thanks to Diaz not showing up for a press conference, he fell out of favor with White. Dana White went on to say, "I will never accept his word again." Diaz was eventually banned from UFC events.

18 Dan Henderson

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Heading off to a different promotion is a quick way to anger Dana White, and when Dan Henderson left the UFC, White was not pleased. In turn, he banned Henderson’s brand, Clutch Gear, from appearing in the UFC at all. Henderson and White would eventually squash their beef, with White referring to Henderson as one of MMA’s toughest fighters.

17 Lyoto Machida

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“If you want me to fight, pay me as a champion. Pay me like you pay Anderson Silva." This is the sentiment that Lyoto Machida shared with Dana White when he was called upon to face Rashad Evans, and this monetary demand placed a strain on his relationship with Dana White. MixedMartialArts reported that White blamed money on Machida’s eventual downfall in the UFC.

16 Nate Marquardt

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The best ability is availability, and a lack of availability will get fighters into hot water with the boss. Nate Marquardt was slated to take on Rick Story at UFC on Versus 4, but he was unable to get a medical clearance and was yanked from the card. White was blunt, saying, "He’s been cut from the UFC. He won’t fight in the UFC ever again,”

15 Paul Daley

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Paul Daley was rolling in the UFC until he got caught up in a scrap against former contender Josh Koscheck. Once the final bell sounded, Daley threw a cheap shot at Koscheck and drew the ire of the entire MMA community. White threw down the ban hammer on Daley, stating, “He will never fight in the UFC again.”

14 Cris Cyborg

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Cris Cyborg was dispatching of her competition with ease years ago, but Dana White was reluctant to bring her into the UFC. She would eventually become a champion in the promotion, but things have been rocky with her and White for years. Her recent departure for Bellator left a sour taste in White’s mouth, and MMAFighting reports that he referred to dealing with her as a “nightmare.”

13 Wanderlei Silva

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"The big liar in this story is the promoter of the event. [White] is the only one who has anything to gain by lying.” Wanderlei Silva’s strong words about Dana White reflect and underlying issue between the two, and this particular quote stems from Wanderlei’s defense of former champion Jose Aldo. Needless to say, Silva hasn’t been in the UFC since taking on White publicly.

12 Tyron Woodley

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A dull fight can sour the fans and the UFC President on any fighter, even a champion, and after Woodley had an uneventful fight against challenger Damian Maia, White was none too pleased. SportsJoe reports that after White bashed Woodley, Woodley threatened to leak information, and the pair were at odds for some time. They eventually made up and put the whole thing to bed.

11 Roy Nelson

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After kicking referee John McCarthy due to what he felt was a late stoppage in his win against Antonio Silva, Roy Nelson upset the MMA community and quickly became an enigma for Dana White. “ He needs to be buried," said White of Nelson’s behavior. Nelson would have one more fight in the UFC before heading off to compete in Bellator.

10 Rampage Jackson

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Rampage Jackson and Dana White have had a unique working relationship, with Rampage's arrest and attempted film career being points of contention between the two. back in 2013, Rampage and Dana once again got into it after he left the promotion for greener pastures in Bellator. After White's barbs on UFC Tonight, Rampage tweeted back, telling White in a tweet, "If people ask u a question about me n a interview it's best 2 say no comment."

9 Ben Askren

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Ben Askren coming to the UFC was a huge surprise for many, considering the problems that he has had with White. As Askren was wiping out competition in other promotions, he and Dana engaged in a war of words in the media for years, with White even calling him a "moron" and Askren firing back with insults of his own. Askren would come to the UFC and has lost two consecutive fights.

8 Mark Hunt

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Mark Hunt is a staunch supporter of clean fighters being in the UFC, and his beef with Dana hit another level after the former took on Brock Lesnar. Independent reports that Hunt was none too pleased with Lesnar's failed test, and attempted to sue the UFC for millions of dollars after losing a decision to the juiced-up Lesnar. He even accused the UFC of racketeering and fraud.

7 Georges St. Pierre

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Georges St. Pierre is one of the greatest champions in MMA history, but his last welterweight defense ended with a controversial victory over challenger Johny Hendricks, which drew the ire of Dana White. "Georges knew he lost, his corner knew he lost," said White of GSP's performance. SportsKeeda reports that White even refused to pay GSP his demanded salary for future appearances in the Octagon. Years later, GSP would return and win the middleweight crown before heading off to another retirement.

6 Jon Jones

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Jon Jones is one of the best and most notorious fighters in UFC history, with his troubles outside the Octagon being a talking point for the media. His behavior has been a headache for the UFC for years, and he is known to not have a relationship with Dana White whatsoever. In the past, Jones has had harsh words for White, even saying, "The moment you aren’t those things, you mean nothing to him, and he’s done a decent job of showing that. I felt completely abandoned by him … in a situation when I needed him the most."

5 Randy Couture

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Having conquered two divisions in the UFC, it would make sense that Couture is a legend of the sport, but even his status as an all-time great couldn't help him against Dana White. Couture's desire to fight in another promotion was a point of contention between the two men before Couture's departure, and their relationship soured in no time. "I’ve been exiled and I have been persona non grata with UFC, mostly because Dana just doesn’t really care for me," said Couture of White.

4 Nate Diaz

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Nate Diaz has always wanted respect, so when Dana White said, "If Nate Diaz was a massive needle mover, we'd have called him," Nate took offense. White had little belief that Nate could be a star, and this has proven to be false in many ways. After a viral video of Diaz delivering a "Stockton Slap" to White emerged, the two have continued to have a good relationship.

3 Brendan Schaub

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Former fighter and current podcaster Brendan Schaub has had some unkind words for Dana, which have been thrown back his way. Schaub insinuated that Israel Adesanaya, the current middleweight kingpin, was going to be ineffective in the UFC, which prompted White to refer to Schaub as a "waste of time" for Adesanaya. Schaub would then threaten to expose some juicy details about White's personal life, so it's fair to say that they aren't on the best terms.

2 Tito Ortiz

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Tito Ortiz and Dana White have been involved in a feud for years now, and there may never be a point when these two are pals again. Bleacher Report even touches on their proposed boxing match that never came to be. Publicly, these two have traded shots for years, and after throwing some heavy, verbal leather, Ortiz said, "I know he’ll never forgive me. And it is what it is."

1 Frank Shamrock

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Frank Shamrock is one of the first truly well-rounded MMA competitors in history, and when the UFC was purchased by Zuffa, they brought him in for a meeting about the future of the sport. SB Nation reports that Shamrock's words were largely ignored, sparking a feud between the former champion and Dana White. The UFC has largely tried to erase Shamrock from their history, and Shamrock has hurled some horrific allegations against White in the media.

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