Teen Mom Tyler Baltierra Shares A Shirtless Selfie And How He Lost The Weight

No doubt issues surrounding weight gain and Goodyear blimp physiques surface occasionally on Teen Mom, but only when there's a time out in the fighting between the marquee diva incubators. That's when the talk drifts towards the bloating, water retention, stretch marks... you know, girl stuff.

But what's raising the eyebrows of Teen Mom followers these days is a dude showing off his abdominal architecture. On Sunday, Tyler Baltierra, hubby of reality TV star Catelynn Lowell, circulated a shirtless selfie sans bulging belly on Snapchat, proclaiming “AYYYYY!!! Feels so damn good reaching this weight loss goal!”

It apparently took Baltierra six weeks to lose 30 lbs., as he decided to eliminate all the carbs in his diet, with the exception of his regular toast at breakfast. While claiming not to have followed a prescribed diet, he says he munched on fruits, vegetables, smoked fish, meat with all the fat removed, and salads for lunch and dinner.

It looks like the restrictions were worth it. His abs aren't exactly at the washboard stage, but there's not even a trace of a spare tire.

Admittedly, he says he feels much better about himself. Back in his not-so-lean days, Baltierra has admitted to bouts with depression and has on numerous occasions considered committing suicide. He credits the weight loss and a cleaner lifestyle for helping get his self-esteem back.


Those newfound qualities are certainly going to help when he diverts his attention from the mirror towards the plight of his wife, who's been suffering with a number of mental health issues these days. Lowell reportedly has gone back to treatment in Arizona for a third time, complaining of suicidal thoughts. Considering the couple has a three-year-old daughter to take care of, Baltierre is doing his best to step up for the sake of the family.

"I think it’s important for people to not feel alone in their struggles," he said in a recent post. "We’re humans, we’re allowed to have bad days, hard times & weak moments. Don’t be ashamed of what makes us humans special. You’re loved. You’re worthy.”

On the other hand, what seems to ring of unworthiness has been the backlash earlier this year over Baltierra's Tierra Reign clothing line. One social media shot featured a young girl sporting a lace top complete with a choker accessory. The image had naysayers declaring the items were unsuitable for children of that age.

The dual task of spinning the negative publicity and caring for a wife and child obviously carries greater weight than a trimmer figure. But if Baltierra's able to get into shape, he might also be in shape to take on those challenges.


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