Tyga Spotted With Kylie Jenner Look-Alike

Tyga and Kylie are over, and in spite of being seen together numerous times over the last few weeks, Kylie was quick to shut down rumors of their re-kindling.

Tyga opted for a more visual approach to silence the chatter, and was seen with a gorgeous mystery woman over the weekend.

One thing really stood out about her…. the new girl likes a lot like Kylie – a whole lot! Tyga seems to have attached himself to a Kylie-look-alike, and we can’t stop staring!

3 Who Is She?

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This weekend the two were out and about at a celebrity hotspot, clearly aware that they’d be photographed by the paparazzi. They were seen spotted leaving Delilah Restaurant in West Hollywood, and the mystery woman has since been identified as Ana Beatriz Boaretto.

Cosmopolitan reports that the two met through mutual friends and have been spending time together since May.

2 What Does She Do?

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So what do we know about Ana aside from the fact that she’s basically Kylie’s twin? Not a whole lot, however according to Cosmopolitan she “seems to be an aspiring model or influencer of sorts.” TMZ also ties her to the Restroom Occupied music video”.

That doesn’t tell us very much about her, but her Instagram page sure does. It appears she’s as selfie-crazed as Kylie is and her social media is riddled with some pretty attractive photos of her in varying outfits. She has 44.9k followers on Instagram and is only following 459 people, so it’s clear that she is acquiring quite a fan base.

1 Are They Dating?

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This is a complicated situation for all involved. We’re not sure if Tyga and Ana are officially dating just yet, but one thing is certain – we’ll be watching intently to see what happens next!

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