TWO Things He'll Notice When He First Meets Her, Based On His Astro Sign

When a girl is hoping to get some attention from a guy, it would definitely help if she knew what he was into, right? She can do her best to look nice with her favorite makeup, could try out her favorite outfit and strut her stuff, but what if he isn't into all that? What if he's more interested in her intellect? How can she show that off? What if he's more interested in her personality or ability to joke? While it might seem like there are several ways to figure out what a guy might like, it would be significantly easier to catch his attention if a girl knew what he was interested in to begin with.

Every guy is different. His interests will depend on several factors, including how he was raised and, of course, what his star sign is. His star sign is the most reliable indicator of what he'll notice when he first meets her, simply because his sign and element will describe his natural affinity and interests.

When a girl is interested, or even if she's just curious about what he'll notice about her first, all she has to do is turn to his sign.

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28 Gemini Notices How She Speaks


Gemini guys appreciate women who are expressive and quick-witted, much how Gemini men are themselves. They prefer women who can keep up with intellectual conversations and who can choose their words wisely.

It's not so much that they want someone to keep from embarrassing them during a serious conversation, it's more that Gemini men want to be able to talk about a variety of topics with a woman whose comprehension skills can keep up and whose vocabulary can complement their own.

27 Gemini First Notices The Texture Of Her Hair


Beyond her quick wit, Gemini men are attracted to a woman's hair. What is the texture? How does the light play on it? How does she choose to style it and does she take care of it from root to tips?

There's so much a woman's hair can say about her lifestyle! Gemini guys can't help themselves, the first time they meet a woman their eyes shift to her hair. When he likes what he sees, he can't help but find an excuse to touch it!

26 Aquarius Looks At Her Eyes


The age-old saying "the eyes are the window to the soul" are wise indeed. Aquarius men are quick to look a woman in the eye, not out of basic courtesy but because they are genuinely curious.

What secrets do her eyes hold? Does she boldly stare back when he's caught gazing at her or does she look shyly away? What color are her eyes and does her makeup amplify their allure? It's guaranteed that an Aquarius man can't help but notice a woman's eyes right from the start!

25 Aquarius Is Interested In Her Actions

Hello Fashion

When he's not busy staring into her eyes, an Aquarius is taking an old phrase straight to heart - "actions speak louder than words." If he's interested in a woman, he'll pay attention to what she says, of course, but he's going to be particularly attentive to her actions.

Does she follow through with the things she says she'll do or is it all a puff of smoke? Does she truly live by her word or should he look elsewhere?

An Aquarius won't play games with his heart. He either appreciates her for who she is or outs her for who she claims to be.

24 Libra Focuses On Her Nose


Big, small, flat, rounded, upturned or down-turned, it doesn't matter to a Libra, he just takes note of a girl's nose right away because it's what he tends to focus on every time they meet! It isn't that he has a particular affection for a girl's sniffer, it's just that he can sometimes get a little shy and will try to focus on anything but her eyes!

The cool thing is he does take into account the sort of nose she has. Libra finds a girl's nose to be one of her most distinctive features, so the least he can do is give it the attention it deserves!

23 Libra Wants To Learn More About Her Personality


When Libra men first meet a woman, they immediately want to understand her personality. They want to know if pursuing a friendship with her is worth their time or not. He'll ask pointed questions in the hopes of narrowing down the sort of person she is right from the start and will often come off as a little too comfortable around new people, but he doesn't mind.

He would rather start off strong and get a good feel for who she is than waste time trying to get to know someone who may end up being a bad match for him.

22 Air Signs Tend To Look Deeper


Air signs are known for their intellectual sides as well as their friendly dispositions. Put the two together and Air signs become pretty cool romantic partners. Not only are they able to maintain friendships on the side, but they're also capable of thinking through issues critically.

When it comes to searching for the right partner, an Air sign will keep an eye out for who the person is on the inside. It isn't easy to truly see someone for who they really are, but if any sign is going to try, it's an Air sign.

21 Cancer Notices Her Shoes


Shoes say a lot about a person. Are the shoes brand new and clean? Maybe a little older and run down? Perhaps they're old but still in excellent condition. In a Cancer's eyes, how she cares for her shoes says a lot about how she cares about other aspects of her life.

Is she all about brand names or comfort? What about a combination of the two? The next time a girl meets a Cancer guy, she'd be wise to watch his eyes - he'll no doubt take a nice long look at her shoes!

20 Cancer Notices Her Rings


While a Cancer is sure to glance at her shoes, his eyes are also drawn to any rings she might be wearing. Unlike some theories, not all Cancer men are looking specifically for wedding rings.

When he first meets a girl, he isn't immediately wondering if she's single, though there are some who really are doing this. He's just drawn to shiny things, so if she's got anything sparkly on her fingers, he's bound to notice.

19 Scorpio Looks For Tattoos


It isn't so much that they have strong opinions regarding tattoos one way or the other, it's just that a Scorpio's attention is drawn to unusual things. Even if it isn't permanent, a Scorpio will notice any markings on a woman's body.

If she's got a number scrawled on her palm or a music note on her collarbone, he's going to notice. Scorpio will take note of any tattoos or markings and will casually slide them into conversation in the form of an ice breaker. Pretty smooth of you, Scorpio men!

18 Scorpio First Looks At Her Smile


For those Scorpios who aren't staring at her skin in search of tattoos or other distinguishing markings, their eyes are drawn to her smile. Is it reserved? Shy? Open and honest? Perhaps she's just greeting him with a polite smile, like the one most people wear when they're introduced to someone new.

However she's smiling, he's noticing and, odds are, he's happy with what he sees. A nice smile can go a long way with a Scorpio, so the more she does it the more he'll appreciate her.

17 Pisces Pays Attention To Her Outfit


Pisces guys dislike feeling criticized, but what they'll never admit is they're secretly critical of how women dress. Is her outfit OTT for the season? For the location? For the event? If she's overdressed, he might assume she's trying too hard, but if she's under-dressed he's going to think she's not putting in enough effort.

It isn't fair for him to judge so quickly, and he knows it, which is why he'll never voice his opinions upon meeting a woman for the first time.

16 Pisces Notices Her Purse


A Pisces is very interested in things that are attractive. This isn't to say he wants to check her body or face out as soon as they meet. Instead, it's to say that certain attractive objects catch his eye. If he isn't instantly looking at her outfit, he's checking out her purse.

Does it complement her outfit? Is it clean? If it's slightly open, does it have anything of interest poking out? He's curious, but not enough to comment on her bag...on a first meeting, anyway.

15 Water Signs Pay Attention To How She Presents Herself


Water signs are known for being extremely intuitive. They know that a girl might present herself one way but may be completely different on the inside. A Water sign's inquisitive nature will lead him to take in how she styles her hair, what outfit she chooses to wear and even the inflection of her voice during a normal conversation.

Is she trying to hide anything or is she being genuine? Leave it to a Water sign to figure her out.

14 Virgo Looks At Her Nails


Some women go all out and add some bling to their nails. It isn't uncommon for a woman to have a small, tasteful cluster of faux diamonds or to just have an overall nice manicure in general. Virgos are curious about whether she keeps up with her nails and, of course, they're wondering whether she knows how to keep them clean.

While some might stare at a woman's nails to appraise the artwork, leave it to a Virgo to check them out to see if she's a clean person.

13 Virgo First Notices Her Height


If she doesn't have a manicure, a Virgo man will immediately compare her height to his. He doesn't do this for any particular reason, it's just one of the first things he notices about her.

The bigger the difference, the more masculine he feels. If she's taller than he is, he might struggle with his emotions for a minute, but ultimately he'll pull himself together and treat her the same way he would treat any other girl of any other height.

12 Capricorn Pays Attention To Any Bracelets Or Necklaces


To be fair, the bigger and more brilliant the color of a necklace or bracelet, the more attention the jewelry will garner. A Capricorn man will be drawn to it immediately upon first meeting a woman. He isn't looking for anything deeper than simple admiration for the jewelry.

The brighter it is, the faster it catches his attention. Sometimes he'll even stare at her neck or wrist, as if memorizing the patterns and the materials with which her jewelry was made. Why does he do this? Why not?

11 Capricorn Also Looks At The Shape Of Her Face


The shape of a woman's face can make all the difference in how a man views her. Capricorn men like to notice how a woman's face is shaped and whether her hair or jewelry complement it.

This isn't a conscious decision - his eyes are simply drawn to the outline of her cheekbones, chin, and will even pay attention to her forehead! Knowing how this kind of scrutiny might make her feel, a Capricorn will keep his opinions to himself.

10 Taurus Takes In Her Eye Makeup


Some women are particularly gifted in the art of makeup. Some Taurus men are suckers for a woman who knows what she's doing with her eyeliner, and they're very open to her interpretation of creative designs and color palates.

How a woman decorates around her eyes is very interesting to a Taurus, who at times will fantasize about getting thicker lashes or more shapely eyebrows. He'll take in her eye makeup and won't hesitate to offer compliments where they're due.

9 Taurus Pays Attention To The Colors She Likes To Wear


The colors a woman chooses to wear can make all the difference between looking nice and looking washed out. Regardless of whether the color of her top is a complement or detriment to her skin tone, a Taurus man will take notice.

He isn't necessarily evaluating her ability to coordinate a decent outfit - he's just drawn to the colors! He likes to take in her choice of outfit and glance at her makeup to see if she's got any fashion sense or if she's just a fashion faux pas!

8 Earth Signs Are Attracted To Bling


One might assume Earth signs are more concerned with who a person is on the inside, but upon first meeting someone, they're going to focus on any bling she's showing off. Are her earrings sparkly? Is she wearing a necklace or two? What about rings, bracelets, visible piercings and toe rings?

How is she choosing to present herself and how does the overall look come together? Earth signs can't help but let their eyes drift to the icing on the cake, and their eye is certainly critical.

7 Sagittarius Notices Her Haircut


It doesn't matter if her hair looks amazing or it looks like she just rolled out of bed after tossing and turning all night. A Sagittarius will take note of how her hair is cut and what she's chosen to do with it. Whether he loves it or dislikes it, he's going to keep his opinions to himself until she's gone and he can mention it to his friends.

To be fair, hair is often the first thing many signs notice simply because it plays such an important part in a girl's overall look. He knows this and will absolutely make assumptions about her based on her haircut.

6 Sagittarius First Sees If Her Eyelashes Are Fake


Naturally thick lashes are hard to come by in most adults. It's just part of life for both men and women to have thinner and thinner eyelashes as they age. Sagittarius men are drawn to her lashes. Are they real? Fake? Long? Short? Thick? Thin?

Sagittarius guys are very open and are quite vocal about the things they don't like. Their saving grace? Even if they notice a girl's lashes are fake as all heck, they won't put her on the spot.

5 Leo Likes To Look At Her Figure


Unless she's wearing something tight or form-fitting, Leo will struggle to determine what her body shape looks like. It doesn't really matter to him, but he does like to know what her dimensions are. It's just a curiosity thing for a Leo. He doesn't harbor any ill-will towards a woman with body issues, nor does he judge a woman based on her weight.

Leo guys just like to take in a whole person upon first being introduced, and knowing what shape her body is in has often helped Leo remember her should they bump into each other in the future.

4 Leo Pays Attention To How She Walks


Most people don't worry about how they walk, but Leos do. They like to know if she's a bouncy walker, if she slouches, has good posture, or if she has a strange gait. Leos are often well aware of how she walks by the time she's introduced to them, but they'll still pay attention out of curiosity.

Most Leo guys believe the way she walks says a lot about how she's feeling and it can also reveal small hints about her personality.

3 Aries Notices Her Laugh


When they first meet, she might not laugh immediately, but an Aries will use his sense of humor to get her to laugh. Will it come out in a small, polite laugh or an unexpected guffaw? Is she willing to openly laugh or will she cover her mouth and turn away from his jokes?

It doesn't matter either way to an Aries, but it is one of the first things he really pays attention to when he meets her. Many Aries men first start to get romantic feelings for a girl based on how she laughs, which is both interesting and odd.

2 Aries Likes To See How She Treats Others


After the introduction, an Aries will pay attention to how she treats those around them. Is she polite to everyone? A bit stiff? Or is she a little more relaxed and open with people?

How she looks couldn't matter less to an Aries - he's interested in who she is as a person and he's wondering whether their personalities can mesh well. By the end of the first meeting, an Aries man has a pretty good idea about whether they'll wind up being friends or if he wants to try for something more.

1 Fire Signs Sometimes Hunt For Flaws


Fire signs can be pretty passionate people, and part of their fiery nature includes the need to be a tad critical. They don't necessarily make a decision about a person they've just met, but they certainly form a temporary opinion.

Unlike other elements, the Fire signs attempt to ascertain what sort of flaws a girl might have, based on her appearance. While there's no way to accurately judge a person after only a single meeting, Fire signs often swear by their initial feelings about a person.

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