Twitter Queen Teagan Flew With Emotional Support Casserole

There's no telling what you're able to take with you on a plane these days. But model turned cuisine aficionado Chrissy Teigen decided to see if she could get security clearance to bring on board with her an emotional support casserole.

That's her culinary take on emotional support animals, which airlines have been cautious in allowing on flights of late. Much of those regulatory alterations haven't made it easier to fly those friendly skies, however. One emotional support critter, a dog, wound up biting a passenger. Another one, this time a peacock, didn't make the clearance cut. Then there was the case of one flier who was told by one airline employee to flush her emotional support hamster down the john.

So if the jury's still out on emotional support animals, why not a food equivalent? First, Teagan made sure she had it cleared with American Airlines and the Transportation Safety Administration, to ensure her scalloped potato casserole wouldn't meet the same fate as that unlucky hamster. She received green flags from the TSA, as long as the food was placed in a ceramic casserole dish, although she tweeted at one point that she might burst into tears if authorities chucked her dish into the garbage.


Just to see if she could pull it off and to share her experience with her Twitter following, Teigen shot videos of herself cooking the said food item, asking authorities beforehand about taking her creation on the flight, and managing to get the casserole through security.

"We made it!" tweeted the celebrity, after managing to get the dish past the rigors of airline security.

Teigen's fans have long been accustomed to her off-the-wall sense of humor, ever since she abandoned the fashion catwalks for kitchen solace. Her first breakout was in 2016, with her first cookbook Cravings, featuring recipes like the fried chicken (with spicy honey butter) that's a fave with her husband, singer John Legend, and the Thai concoctions made by her mother.

But maybe Teigen shouldn't have been concerned about bringing her casserole with her carry-on. After all, whether you're on terra firma or above the clouds, there's no argument about the amenities of comfort food.

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