Doing Yoga Wrapped In Twinkle Lights Is Our Favorite New Fitness Craze

Move over goat yoga. There is a new sheriff in town. Doing yoga wrapped in twinkle lights is the latest fitness trend that has bloggers and health buffs alike going crazy.

There has been a lot of new yoga crazes over the past couple of years. Goat yoga took home the prize for the most exciting type, until now. Yoga can be difficult enough, but the latest trend is to do it wrapped in twinkle lights. Yes, that is right you can look like a Christmas tree while getting in a good workout.

Instagram has been taken over by pictures of people in various yoga positions with twinkle lights wrapped around their legs, arms and in some cases the entire body. It doesn't sound like the safest form of the practice, but it definitely is festive. The new type of yoga is interesting, but it seems like it would be difficult to keep the lights wrapped and not hurt yourself.

Another very impressive factor to this latest exercise trend is that the poses being performed with lights vary from simple to challenging. People are not just doing downward dog or warrior pose with twinkle lights wrapped around them.

Those participating are giving social media users a variance when it comes to the pictures. One woman is in a handstand position with her legs split out to the sides with lights wrapped around her legs and shoulders until they touch the floor. Another person is featured in a backbend with lights all over her body. Again, how in the world has no one been seriously injured attempting to participate in this new form of yoga.

It is impressive how each pose a person performs is orchestrated nicely, and the lights are strategically placed. Not really sure how effective it is as a workout but the pictures on social media are dazzling and will undoubtedly get even the grumpiest person into the holiday spirit. If you are intrigued by the new yoga craze, definitely try it out but make sure to be careful.

Doing yoga in wrapped in twinkle lights looks super cool and like a ton of fun. However, it definitely can't be as easy as it seems.


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