Trump adds to the attraction of weird niche dating sites

It may only be a matter of time before President Donald Trump issues an executive order to Make America Date Again, if the latest wave in niche dating sites is any indication. For those looking for love in the right (as opposed to left) places, there are a number of websites where you just might be able to meet your red, white, and true-blue significant other.

Probably the most popular spot online is TrumpSingles, which in 2015 started as a joke, until online entrepreneur David Goss figured out that divisiveness would translate into dollars. The gamble paid off. During the week that culminated with Inauguration Day, the site spiked from 18,000 regular visitors to 26,000 users and has been going strong ever since.


The site, with a mission statement of "Making Dating Great Again" refrains from political jousting. That's more than can be said about its best-known copycat TrumpDating, which made a controversial splash earlier in February. They announced an incentive for users to "deport liberals from your love life," a statement that was quickly removed after a backlash on Twitter ensued. However, other slogans like, "No Trump supporters or proud liberals" are scattered throughout the site.

But more evidence of what audience the site is seeking can be found in the dropdown menu. The menu includes options to search out those who are single or married, but does not include any choices for gay visitors.


Still other sites don't incorporate Trump in their URLs, but the target audience is clear. Chances are, if you visit the likes of Conservatives Only or Republican People Meet, you're not bound to hook up with an Obamacare advocate or a pipeline-hating peacenik. Leveling the playing field for the left are a slew of such sites as Liberal Hearts, Democrat Singles, and Democratic People Meet.

Politics likely started creeping into dating algorithms in the wake of Match.com's Singles In America report, citing that 91 percent of respondents with similar political interests were able to score a second date. Tinder's 2016 findings revealed 71 percent of respondents declared that interpolitical dating would be a "dealbreaker." Among seemingly more tolerant millennials, that figure was considerably lower at 47 percent, according to a Wishbone app study.

Whether the traditional dinner and a movie tete-a-tete will translate into a night consisting of a coffee and a rally remains to be seen. But in the case of the Trump-inspired sites, what if the date goes south? Does someone end the occasion by declaring "You're Fired!"?

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