True Vs. Chicago: The 20 Most Uncomfortable Things The Kardashian Moms Dressed Their Babies In

If there's one thing the Kardashians are undoubtedly known for it's that they are global fashion trendsetters — what the sisters wear today will be copied by women everywhere. So when it comes to their children, they definitely seem to try their hardest to dress them up in cool looks. Generally, there's nothing wrong with wanting to have fashionable kids, as long as the kids are comfortable.

However, this often doesn't seem to be the case with the youngest generation of Kardashians. Today we decided to look at some outfits Kim and Khloe made their one-year-old daughters Chicago and True wear. The two little cuties definitely always look adorable, even though we're not too sure they're loving the clothes their moms put them in.

Okay, here they are, 20 photos of Chicago and True wearing uncomfortable things.

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20 Let's Start Off With This Embellished Outfit Khloe Made True Wear

Via: instagram.com

It's no secret that the Kardashians go big for Christmas — each year they have an elaborate, super glamorous party and obviously the whole family dresses up for the occasion. And this past Christmas Khloe decided she and her daughter True would wear matching outfits, except we're not too sure an embellished fluffy dress with a headwrap is really appropriate for a not even one-year-old...

19 And This Ridiculous Feathery Dress Kim Put Chicago In

Via: instagram.com

Of course, dressing their kids in ridiculous outfits runs in the family, so here's Kim's daughter Chicago — who is also barely a one-year-old — wearing a bunch of pretty tight buns and a dress with sleeves that literally must get in the way of everything. Kim dressed North in the same look and while she may call it fashion, we think it's appropriate name is child torture.

18 Is It Really Necessary To Dress A Baby Up For St. Patrick's Day?

Via: instagram.com

Obviously, the Kardashian sisters use every opportunity they can get to dress their babies up in uncomfortable outfits so they could snap cute photos and post them on the 'gram. So here's little True celebrating St. Patrick's day in a full-on green ensemble including the obligatory sunglasses and hair accessories.

17 Or Halloween?

Via: instagram.com

Okay, we have to admit that Chicago looks totally adorbz in these two costumes, but that still shouldn't justify making her wear that. You can definitely tell she is uncomfortable, especially in The Incredibles costume which is covering some of her face. Let's just hope that once the pics were taken, Kim put Chicago back into comfy PJs.

16 The Kardashians Clearly Think So

Via: instagram.com

While Chicago is clearly not having it with the costumes, True seems to be a better sport — it's either that or it took a bunch of photos to get one of her smiling. Anyway, we're sure that little True was not happy with spending a lot of time in these costumes, and she shouldn't be.

15 And Apparently No One Is Too Young For Big Headwear

Via: instagram.com

Khloe often shows off pics of little True wearing hats and headwear that is definitely not age appropriate. Now while we're pretty sure she puts the hats on True's head just for the photo op — it still must be very uncomfortable for the baby, hence why it made our list.

14 Here's Chicago In A Tutu And True With A Unicorn Headband

Via: instagram.com

By now we all know that the Kardashians love a good partner look, and often we can see the youngest generation wearing matching looks as well. Too bad that those looks are often made out of mesh tutus and unnecessary headbands. Little True and Chicago look beautiful in anything, they don't need to be fashionable.

13 Speaking Of Unicorns, The Kardashians Seem To Have A Slight Obsession

Via: instagram.com

We get it — unicorns are awesome. But Khloe's obsession with them is on a whole new level, and we've seen her and True rock the unicorn way too many times. Here they with little Chicago, who was also forced to jump on the bandwagon as auntie Khloe probably bought her that unicorn headband.

12 You Can Often See True In Intricate Dresses And Delicate Head Accessories

Via: instagram.com

We never really understood that a market for intricate baby dresses and detailed accessories exists, and we always wondered who are these parents who want their kids to look posh and fancy even if that means they will be uncomfortable. And with the Kardashian sisters, we finally got our answer.

11 And Don't Even Get Us Started On The Sunglasses

Via: instagram.com

Of course, eye protection is very important — but when it comes to Kim and Khloe, we definitely feel as if the sunglasses they put on their babies are more there to serve in the name of fashion, than the name of health. Either way, we are kind of jealous of True's true glasses!

10 Her Face Says It All, Doesn't It?

Via: instagram.com

So while we are jealous of how many amazing items these two babies own, we definitely can't help but feel a bit bad for them for being forced to wear all this stuff. Just look at little True's face — the grump is real and Khloe definitely needs to chill on the accessories.

9 Also, What's With All The Weather-Confused Looks?

Via: instagram.com

Another thing we've noticed is that the Kardashian sisters are really bad at estimating whether it's warm or cold outside. And that results in their babies being dressed like True in the photo above where she's wearing a warm longsleeved shirt with a short tutu skirt. And the obligatory sunglasses are of course not missing!

8 The Two Mostly Have Their Hair Up In Tight Buns And Braids

Via: instagram.com

While we love how cute these two look in buns and pigtails, we're not too sure it's very healthy for them to always have their hair up in a tight bun. And the fact is, we very rarely see pictures of the two with their hair all natural, which we think is a real bummer.

7 And They Are No Strangers To Chokers

Via: instagram.com

But of course, a tight bun is the last of True's troubles. Her famous mommy likes to make her wear chokers as well, and while we're loving the whole '90s throwback trend — hope it never gets old — we're not too sure something like that is really appropriate for a one-year-old...

6 Here's Another Look That Makes You Question If It's Cold Or Warm In The House

Via: instagram.com

Seriously, what is it with all these weather confusing looks? Why is True wearing no pants or tights if it's cold enough for a winter hat and boots? Someone definitely needs to teach Khloe a thing or two when it comes to dressing little kids, as outfits like this are definitely unnecessary.

5 Apparently, Babies Can Have Bad Hair Days Too...

Via: instagram.com

We often see True and Chicago rocking hats, and while there's nothing wrong with babies wearing hats — in fact, it's advised when taking them outside during colder days — it does seem kind of odd that the two are often also photographed wearing them indoors. Seriously, how bad can a baby's bad hair day be?

4 The Two Literally Always Have Something On Their Head

Via: instagram.com

But if it's not a hat, it's always some kind of headband or hair accessory. And if it's not that it's at least a tight bun, because somehow letting their hair be all natural is not a Kardashian approved look. Honestly, these two are giving Blair Waldorf a run for her money when it comes to headbands...

3 Here's Chicago In A Dress That Surely Isn't Cotton Or Comfortable

Via: instagram.com

We get it — when there's a big Kardashian party everyone has to look their best but was this shiny mess little Chicago is wearing really the best option? That seethrough material surely looks uncomfortable, and her face kind of gives away that she is not really feeling it. A black cotton top would have worked just as well!

2 And Here's True Posing Awkwardly With Mom While Rocking Flowers In Her Hair In Front Of A Fridge

Via: instagram.com

Did you ever wonder who on earth has a photoshoot with their baby in front of an open fridge? Well, now you have your answer, it's Khloe Kardashian, and if you're confused — welcome to the club. Were they reaching for something and grandma Kris thought it's be a great photo op? Were they hanging out there because the AC stopped working? Guess we'll never know...

1 Lastly, Chicago Staining Her Kimono-Inspired Dress, Perhaps Out Of Protest — We Feel You, Girl!

Via: instagram.com

To wrap things up, here's a pic of little Chicago wearing a kimono-inspired dress which, let's be real, doesn't look like the comfiest thing on earth. Eventually, little Chi managed to stain the white dress, and we'd like to think it was out of protest for not being allowed to live her best PJs life.

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