We Tried It: LUSH Revamped Their 'Emotional Brilliance' Setting Powder

LUSH has been a long-time favorite of many, carrying bath and beauty products that are fun, adorably themed, free of animal cruelty in their processing, and that are actually functional. They have also garnered attention for their progressive philosophy when it comes to packaging-- "Packaging is rubbish". Products are contained in minimalist pots, bottles, or bags, with labels that do no more than describe the product inside. No gimmicks, no fanfare, just product. Their little black pots are also redeemable for face masks from the company, with a collection of 5 pots equaling one fresh face mask.


But with all of these advances in the world of packaging, one product, LUSH's 'Emotional Brilliance' Translucent Face Powder, fell short. The product inside was praised by many beauty buyers as being functional, providing the matte look that it promised without a dry feeling. The one problem? The little pot it came in.

"Honestly, it’s so hard to get the powder out of the jar! It’s not worth the effort", said reviewer Julia F. And frankly, I could not agree more. Having tried the original powder, I seriously struggled to get my favorite fluffy brush into the little pot without getting powder everywhere, so I hardly ever used the product. It was just too tough and annoying.

But LUSH seems to have heard the plea of myself and many others, as they released a repackaged version of the product earlier in June. I went to my nearest LUSH as soon as I heard about the new release, and picked up a pot for myself.

on YouTube.[/caption]

The new packaging features a much wider, but shallower, container, and includes a sifter to help release an appropriate amount of product in each use. Now, this may seem like a brilliant idea given the complaints about the previous packaging, but there's one problem.

The sifter is covered with a clear sticker so that the product does not escape before it's brought home, which makes sense, in theory. I cannot stress this enough: if you try this product BE CAREFUL when you rip off the sticker. Make sure to hold down the sifter while you pull the covering off, or you'll end up like me, with powder all over your floor, pants, hands, etc. Interestingly enough, the amount of powder that spilled onto my floor was the perfect amount to cover my face (and don't worry, I Swiffer my floors on a VERY regular basis).

Check out this carnage.

I tried out the powder the day that I got it (yes, it was the stuff off the floor, please don't come for me), and I was impressed. Given the previous packing issue, I had not given the other version a fair shot.

I typically breakout INSTANTLY from using powders in my makeup routine, but I have not had any pimply-problems with this product as of yet (even after using it from the floor...hmm). This powder keeps my skin matte, without being drying, for the entire day. From my understanding, that may be because of the organic jojoba oil that is in the product. LUSH's website claims that it is "...an excellent moisturizer that's quickly and easily absorbed by the skin...". Adding it into a powder that has the potential to leave its users feeling dry? Genius.

What's more is that a little bit of this product goes a long way. The amount of my floor (whoops) was a very small amount of powder compared to how much comes in the container, and I did not need to reapply at all throughout the day. The new and improved packaging also makes it easy to get an appropriate amount of powder onto a large brush, with the combination of the wider container and the sifter. There is plenty of room to swirl the brush around and tap it off back into the pan.

We have recovered nicely, and the sifter is super helpful.

The powder was $14.95 for 0.7 ounces of product, which is substantially more affordable than powders from high-end brands, like Laura Mercier or MAC, but is slightly more expensive than similar products from drugstore brands. I would definitely call this powder a happy medium.

So, I'm giving this powder a solid 8/10. It is a fun color, keeps the skin matte, smells lovely, is cruelty-free, and contains ingredients that are either organic, or have been deemed "safe". It's also affordable and delivers many of the features that I would normally look for in a higher end product.  This perfectly-pink-pow loses 2 points for the difficulty in opening the packaging, but as long as you're careful, those points can easily be redeemed.

Thank you LUSH for revamping this product, and helping me find my new go-to setting powder!


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