Trend Alert: 11 Celebrity Stay At Home Dads

The world of parenthood seems to be its own little society, doesn’t it? Many times we are told we just don’t “get it” until we have a brood of our own. And, unfortunately, I can confirm this is mostly correct. But what happens when you combine the world of parenthood with the world of the rich and famous? An abundance of nannies hired? In many cases, sure. But there is a new way celebrities are raising their families these days: With one parent staying home. And these days the parent who stays home isn’t automatically the woman. No siree, dads are opting to step out of the limelight and stay home to raise the kids while mom works.

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11 John Lennon

via blogs.post-gazette.com

The Beatles always were ahead of their time, right? John Lennon was definitely one very big artistic part of the band and it seems he was ahead of the times socially as well. From 1975 through 1980, Lennon gave up music to stay home with his son Sean. It seems he was excited for this new venture. Most likely because his first son, Julian, was born during the Beatles heyday.

10 Cary Grant

via lifetimetv.co.uk

So we talk about Lennon being a trendsetter, but Cary Grant decided to become a stay at home dad in an era when stay at home dads were virtually non-existent. After his daughter Jennifer was born in 1966, the iconic actor decided to give up acting in order to spend time with his daughter and “record her life.” He was apparently all about keeping meticulous records.

9 Ben Affleck

via NBC News

Once known as a Hollywood ladies man, Ben Affleck now proudly wears the title of stay at home dad. Well… part of the time. We all know he still has quite the active career (acting, directing, writing) but it seem that he and his ex, Jennifer Garner, have found a way to co-parent and take turns staying with the kids. So, while Jen is out working, Ben takes over the parenting duties. The two seem to work together well, even while going through a divorce.

8 Ryan Phillippe

via Huffington Post

You may remember him as Reese Witherspoon’s ex, but Ryan Phillippe has recently admitted that although his acting career is not as active as Reese’s, he’s busy being a dedicated dad. Phillippe spends a lot of time with their two children Ava and Deacon, and is proud of it. As he should be!

7 David Beckham

via voolas.com

Hunky, hunky David Beckham. If you didn’t swoon for this man before ladies, you may be swooning for him after you learn this tidbit. The retired soccer (or football depending on where you live) star apparently takes his kids to school (4 different schools), extracurricular activities and even packs their lunches. And he loves it.

6 Dave Chappelle

via mikecarano.com

Dave Chappelle’s career took off in the early 2000s. He landed a hit show, was selling out venues doing stand up and then poof. He vanished. Where did he go? What has he been doing? Well it turns out the comedian left the small screen to spend more time with his family. Now you may miss seeing Tyrone Biggums and his crazy antics, but you can’t hate on the man for wanting to dedicate his time to his fam.

5 Brad Pitt

via comicbookmovie.com

Brad Pitt’s parenting agreement with Angelina Jolie is much like Ben and Jen’s. When Angelina is away filming, Brad stays home with the kids. I’m sure the kids keep him busy while Angie’s away!

4 Lebron James

via Huffington Post

Lebron James recently left the warm, sunny city of Miami to head back to Cleveland, Ohio. Leaving Miami fans upset (just a tad) but definitely putting a smile on those back in his hometown. So what was the main reason for his decision? He stated he wanted to be able raise his family in his hometown. Though he is not a full time stay at home dad, he is a very active parent and seen with his children often.

3 Rick Moranis

via celebrity.money

If you’re wondering who Rick Moranis is, I’ll give you one hint. “Honey…I shrunk the Kids!” Yep. That guy. He’s another celebrity who left the big screen to be able to spend more time with his family. Moranis expressed that he wanted to create a fun, loving environment for his kids to come home to.

2 James Rubin

via Youtube

Rubin is the husband to respected journalist Christiane Amanpour. Once Christiane’s career took her to faraway places and kept her on the road for periods of time, Rubin decided to give up his job as Madeline Albright’s assistant secretary of state for public affairs and become a full time stay at home father for their son.

1 Joel Madden

via voiceandversepodcast.com

If you grew up in the early 2000’s you most likely listened to Good Charlotte at one point or another. Band member Joel Madden seems to live a different lifestyle these days. He is often taking care of his children while wife Nicole Richie is working. From rock star to rock star dad!


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