Traits You'll Never Be Able To Change About Him Based On His Zodiac Sign

Don’t bother exerting your best efforts to “fix” these characteristics because we’ll tell you right now: it ain’t gonna happen!

Change is a part of life. As we grow older, learn more, experience more, and meet new people, our worldview is (hopefully) expanded and enriched. We become more empathetic and intelligent, more patient and understanding, more open-minded and loving.

Of course, people don’t change 100%. This isn’t A Christmas Carol and we aren’t all Ebenezer Scrooge.

We change a little bit, but probably not totally. Our zodiac signs contain personality traits and characteristics that often make up the core of who we are. Maybe we feel more Scorpio on one day and a little more chill the next day, but we still remain, at our heart, the same. In relationships, we grow and change and hopefully become better people, but not always, and not entirely. It’s not a wise idea to enter into a relationship with the goal of changing the person you’re dating, and, despite all the advice to the contrary, some people still try. To avoid the inevitable frustration that comes with that endeavour, we’ve compiled some traits based on his zodiac that you’ll never be able to change in your guy, no matter how hard you try. Don’t bother exerting your best efforts to “fix” these characteristics because we’ll tell you right now: it ain’t gonna happen!

15 Aries: Just Can't Take A Hint


If you’ve ever tried dropping hints around your Aries boyfriend, we have bad news for you: he’s never, ever going to get it. Aries guys don’t understand the idea of subtlety, since they never use it in their own lives, so it just doesn’t register on their radar. You’re hankering after a diamond necklace for Christmas? You’d better tell him outright rather than sending him links to jewellery you’ve had your eye on, because this guy is OBLIVIOUS!

The Aries dude is always in a rush to get things done, so he tends to skip over the details. In fact, his complete inability to pick up on the small changes to your mood is one of the biggest issues you two have had in your relationship. No matter how many times you try to tell him what you want or need, he just never gets it! It can be pretty frustrating to deal with, and is unlikely to ever completely go away.

14 Taurus: He Always Has To Be Right


Taurus dudes are one of the best zodiac signs to have in a relationship, especially if you’re the type of girl who has jumped from guy to guy in the past. They offer reliability and stability that is anything but boring, but it comes with a price: stubbornness. Taurus men hate to be told that they’re wrong and will dig their heels in even further if you dare to challenge them. Since successful relationships depend on good communication and compromise to work, this can be a difficult personality trait to contend with.

The thing is, Taurus men think they’re right all the time, and their stubbornness doesn’t usually come from a place of malice or vindictiveness. Instead, it’s their oversized ego at work that can have them firmly stuck in their ways. Trying to get your Taurus guy to change his mind or try something new is a lost cause, so it’s better to let him have it his way rather than fight about it for ages.

13 Gemini: Can't Get It Together


A guy born under the sign of Gemini is a lot of wonderful things: he’s friendly, spontaneous, and light-hearted. Unfortunately, the two sides of this zodiac sign also means that he’s one of the most disorganized people you will ever meet. Seriously, this dude needs to have a day planner, an agenda, and constant updates that ping to his phone to keep him on top of things. Maybe even a personal assistant. He usually has a ton of balls in the air because he wants to try everything at least once, and so he tends to forget things. It’s not that he means to, really, it’s that he can’t be depended upon to stay organized.

The easiest way to handle this terrible personality trait is to take the lead in everything that’s important. Planning a date, setting up vacations, and remembering to go grocery shopping are all things that’ll fall on your shoulders. If you’re not careful, it can lead to resentment on your part, so be warned.

12 Cancer: Has More Mood Swings Than You


The kind of BF that wouldn’t be out of place in a Nicholas Sparks novel, Cancer guys are sensitive and emotional, but they can tread into moody territory faster than you can say, “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.”

It can be very taxing to deal with your Cancer guy’s moods all the time, but it’s so tied into the rest of his personality, it’s impossible to change! This guy probably won’t ever be laid-back or easy to get along with, but he will always make you feel like the only woman in the world. A relationship with a man born under this sign is a fiery, passionate one, because his mood swings to frequently, but if you prepare yourself for that – and know that sometimes you’ll have to soothe his worried soul and perhaps take care of him more than you’d like to – it’ll be a fulfilling relationship, the kind they write stories about.

11 Leo: Doesn't Say What He Actually Means


For all their love of the spotlight and being the centre of attention, Leo men can be surprisingly passive-aggressive! Guys born under this sign like being asked what’s wrong – and then they refuse to answer the question! They thrive on attention and will go out of their way to irritate you if it means you spend more of your time with them, trying to figure out who they are and how they operate.

Getting involved with drama is a Leo guy’s MO, and while they don’t like getting physical when it comes to fights – and they’re not usually witty enough to trade verbal barbs – they instead resort to passive aggression to get their point across. They can’t help it! Picking fights is just in their nature! Dealing with a guy who never says what he means and instead beats around the bush is a pain in the butt, and easily one of the worst traits of the Leo guy, but he’s unlikely to ever change!

10 Virgo: Too Hypercritical To Function


You’d better have a thick skin and a high tolerance for nit-picking if you’re getting involved with a Virgo man, because these guys are as hypercritical as they come! They have an unmatched ability to find something wrong with almost everything, since their analytical nature and attention to detail has them spotting anything that looks amiss. That table at the restaurant is too drafty, this wine list is too expensive, the food is bland, the waiter seems rude, and so on and so on.

Virgo men know that they can be critical of themselves, thanks to their perfectionistic streak, but they often seem blissfully unaware that that criticism can overflow onto others. His tendency to point out the flaws in himself will have you on the defence because you know it’s only a matter of time before he tells you everything that’s wrong with you. Unfortunately, since their neuroses are such a part of this guy’s personality, this trait probably won’t ever go away!

9 Libra: Never There When You Truly Need Them


Look, Libra men can be major sweethearts. They always want what’s best for you, but they’re usually always trying to make everyone else happy, too, that they sometimes fail on the follow-through. They’ll promise you the world, sure, but can they ever give it to you? Not usually, or at least not entirely.

This sign of the scales is all about compromise, usually at the expense of their own wellbeing. They will regularly go out on a limb to appease the people they love, but their need to keep the peace at whatever cost means that someone usually gets the short end of the stick in the end. He’ll promise to meet your parents, sure, but he might end up showing up way later than he planned or forgetting it altogether, because he agreed to help his bro move that very same day. It’s not that he doesn’t care – he cares TOO much. That unreliability can become a pain to deal with, but don’t try to change him, baby, because it won’t work.

8 Scorpio: Has Complete Control Over Literally Everything


Men born under Scorpio are a lot to handle in general, because anyone born under this sign can be rough to deal with! Scorpio men, in particular, have a tendency to be very controlling – not just in relationships, but in all aspects of their lives! While they’re not neurotic like a Virgo, per se, they do believe that certain things need to be done a certain way, and will take a deviation from that norm as a personal slight.

The Scorpio man knows what he likes and how he likes it and refuses to settle for less. He wants to call the shots in everything and if you’re the type of girl who prefers to go with the flow, this might be good for you, as he offers some structure for you. If, however, you’re just a bull-headed as this fiery sign, sparks are bound to fly, and not necessarily the good kind. The possessive and controlling nature of the Scorpio man is one of their most powerful characteristics and it’s unlikely he’ll ever be able to change it.

7 Sagittarius: Says Everything That He's Thinking


Sagittarius guys say what they mean and mean what they say, but they have almost zero tact when they do it! Diplomats they are not, and guys born under this sign are downright careless about other people’s feelings because it just doesn’t register for them. All too often, they’re running from one adventure to the next and so they don’t get to know a person long enough to figure out what pushes their buttons – or how to deal with the repercussions of doing so.

Saying what’s on his mind means that you won’t have to do any guesswork about what he’s thinking, but it also means that you’ll have to steel yourself against his thoughtless remarks that’ll send you reeling. As long as you don’t ask him what he really thinks about your BFF or if you butt looks big in those jeans, you should be good. Honesty might be the best policy, but a Sag guy rarely knows when – or how – to keep his mouth shut!

6 Capricorn: Will Never Spend More Than A Dime


If you’re planning a party or hoping to go out to dinner at a ritzy restaurant, you’d better invite anyone BUT a Capricorn guy unless you’re expecting to foot the entire bill because this sign is as cheap as they come!

Capricorn men have spent too much time and effort working to get to where they are in life that they just don’t understand the idea of fun most of the time, and don’t really see the point in splashing cash on anything beyond the necessities. Don’t get us wrong, this sign doesn’t like to like cheaply. When it comes to big-ticket items or timeless pieces (think furniture or a suit), they’re willing to spend their hard-earned money on the best, but anything they might deem frivolous? These guys are total tightwads. Frugality can be a good thing in small doses, and while a Cap dude might be able to ease up with time and patience, don’t expect them to start picking up every tab just because.

5 Aquarius: Emotionally Expressionless


No, you’re not dating a robot, just a dude who doesn’t seem to be able to express his emotions – good or bad – because he’s an Aquarius! Guys born under this sign can’t seem to be able to tell others how they’re feeling, or even express their emotions through actions. That emotional aloofness can be really hurtful, especially if you feel like you’re the only one caring in a relationship, but trust us: the feelings are there, even if he can’t say it.

Aquarius guys shy away from emotions because it makes them uncomfortable. He’s a sign who thinks with his head, not his heart, and doesn’t really understand how to reconcile the two. It can come across as cold and distant, which is no fun to be around, but almost impossible to change. With time and a lot of effort and patience, however, you might learn how to pick up on his subtle cues that tell you how he feels, but if you’re hoping for some grand romantic gesture, this guy will only leave you disappointed.

4 Pisces: Other People Makes Them Uncomfortable


Pisces men are wonderful once you get to know them, but they have a crippling fear of other people. Shy and timid, this dude will never make the first move out of a fear of rejection, so you’ll probably find yourself taking the lead in most situations. Even after you’re an established couple, you’ll always have to be the one to step up in situations that involve him meeting new people or just interacting like a human.

Boldness is just not something guys born under this zodiac sign are comfortable with. When they were growing up, they were probably loners or maybe had one or two close friends. Most of their time was spent with their nose in a book and earbuds in their ears, the better to block out everyone else. Once you get to know the Pisces guy, you’ll learn that he’s super friendly and a ride-or-die type, but you’re likely to have a lot of hand-holding and comforting in your future because it’s such a part of who he is!

3 BONUS Leo: Demanding


If you’re getting with a Leo guy, you’d better be prepared to dedicate your life to him, because this is one demanding sign! He knows what he wants, how he wants it, when he wants it, and he’ll never settle for anything else. Leo men love to be pampered and admired and will go out of their way to seek it anywhere they can get it. Their need to be reassured and loved 24/7 can be exhausting, especially if you’re a sign that’s equally in need of some praise, but it’s not something they’ll likely ever get over. Being demanding and the centre of attention are woven into the core of a Leo, and it can make them seem like a real jerk most of the time! Even if they are self-aware enough to recognize this about themselves, though, it’s difficult for them to stop being the way that they are, because they don’t know how else to be!

2 BONUS Libra: Easily Offended


You’d think that for all their peace-keeping and insistence on compromise that a Libra guy could handle whatever gets thrown at them, but it’s actually the exact opposite! These men are known for having a pretty thin skin when it comes to criticism and rather than take someone’s two cents and use them to better themselves, they’ll instead close themselves off from whoever dared to offend their delicate sensibilities.

Since the Libra guy is forever the diplomat, the kind of person who chooses his words carefully so as to cause the least amount of ripples, they’ve come to expect the same from everyone else. Unfortunately for them, that’s not the way the world works and criticism – even the constructive kind – tends to hurt them more than it helps. Planning to take your Libra guy to task for something he did? You might want to take a page out of his beat-around-the-bush book to do it!

1 BONUS Aquarius: Snobbiness


Thinking with their heads and always wanting to be on the cusp of something new are excellent attributes to the Aquarius man, but his lightning-quick intellect and open mind can also mean that he comes across as snobby and full of himself. Thanks to all of his book-learning and travels, he often thinks he knows better than everyone else in the room and isn’t above butting into conversations with a perfectly-timed, “Well, actually….”

Aquarius guys are great to get along with and really easy-going when they’re among their “people”. However, take them out of a group of like-minded individuals and watch them flail. His snobbishness is a trait that is at its worst among strangers, and he doesn’t usually realize he’s behaving that way. Instead, he thinks he’s educating, informing, and entertaining. Fortunately, some gentle prodding should have him keep his snobby attitude in check, even though it’ll never disappear completely.

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Traits You'll Never Be Able To Change About Him Based On His Zodiac Sign