The Trailer For Season 16 Of Keeping Up With The Kardashians Promises A Lot Of Drama

The trailer for KUWTK season 16 is out and it promises drama

The trailer for season sixteen of Keeping Up With The Kardashians has dropped, and it is promising to address all of the drama that has been going on these past six months. The KarJenner klan started filming the upcoming season in August last year, and the shooting wrapped at the beginning of March, and anyone who is keeping up with the famous family on social media knows that a lot has gone down during that time. The trailer showed snippets of a lot of very emotional footage, tears, fights, and confessions, and a lot of questions will most likely be answered.

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In season sixteen of KUWTK, there will be a mix of positive news, such as the announcement of Kim and Kanye's fourth child, and business deals going well, but there will of course also be a lot of upsetting scenes mostly revolving Khloé. According to the trailer, viewers are going to get a lot more intel on the Revenge Body hosts relationship with Tristan Thompson, and it seems as if they are also showing Khloé reacting to the whole Tristan and Jordyn Woods cheating scandal. The mother of one is seen crying, pleading her fans for understanding and compassion, and at one point going off at someone over the phone screaming 'liar'.

The trailer for Keeping Up With The Kardashians season sixteen is here and it addresses all the drama
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As reported by People, there is also a bittersweet sequence where the entire family is gathered around a dinner table, and Kris is raising her glass proposing a toast to Kylie and Jordyn, celebrating their makeup collaboration for Kylie Cosmetics. Seeing as the former BFF's are reportedly not speaking since the scandal broke, it must be hard to relive for everyone involved.

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In what appears to be her addressing Tristan's cheating, Khloé is heard saying that he might love her, but he has no respect for her. It is not clear if she is referring to Tristan's infidelity in April last year just days before Khloé gave birth to their daughter True, or the more recent incident involving Jordyn.

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All Kardashian fans will be tuning on Sunday the 31st for the first episode of season sixteen, and even though everyone has been kept up to date with all the drama since the last season of KUWTK, it will be interesting to see things that have gone down as they played out.

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