Trading Spaces And Paige Davis Are Coming Back To TLC

After a decade, the show that started the whole reno-vision craze is back with original host Paige Davis. The unscripted home improvement series Trading Spaces, which launched in 2000 and ran for 11 seasons on TLC, set the bar for renovation shows with its premise of pitting two neighboring families against each other by redecorating a room in each other's humble abodes.

When Davis heard that the show was coming back, she jumped for the phone and called TLC asking for her job back. To her relief, she got it. Now she's primed to get back at it with eight skilled tradespeople from the original cast that helped competing families in the first run of the series. One popular returnee includes renovator Ty Pennington, who went on to star in his own reality series, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on ABC.

Five new renovation experts will round out the lineup. The original premise will remain, except that each family will have a budget of $2,000 to work with, double what was offered in the earlier series.

“I knew that everybody would love it because people have been asking,” says Davis. “There are so many times when I get an email or a text or be on Messenger and I see, ‘Are they ever going to bring back Trading Spaces? When is it coming back?’ People are so excited!”


Davis hosted the show in the beginning until she was fired in 2005. The official line from TLC was that they wanted to continue the show without a host, although unconfirmed rumors were rampant that a tape of Davis was floating around somewhere in cyberspace. Regardless, when Trading Spaces continued without the effervescence of Davis at the helm, the show came across as more generic and almost indistinguishable from the copycat shows that cropped up. Two years later, Davis was brought back until the show finished its run in 2011.

While fans await the return of Davis and Trading Spaces on TLC April 7 at 9 pm., they might be taken aback that her wavy red hair is now darker and straighter. But once they hear that amiable and energetic voice kick things off, it'll likely sound like the show they've always loved. But viewers should prepare themselves, as not every show will end happily. One episode, according to TLC, will be disastrous when one renovation involves an excessive amount of eggshells.

For those who want to prep for its return by binging on the previous series, it's available online.


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