Trading Paint: 20 Pics of Shania Twain & John Travolta Making Movie Magic

We were surprised when we found out that Shania Twain was going to be in a movie with John Travolta. It's not the first collaboration that would ever come to mind! The movie is called Trading Paint and it’s about a dirt-track racer who has been struggling with being on and off the track. It’s been a while since we have seen John Travolta in a really good movie. Just when we thought he was going to retire, he comes out with a new movie with an amazing co-star like Shania Twain.

Shania plays a school teacher in the movie which is a great role for her because she is naturally nurturing. If you're wondering where Shania disappeared to over the last decade or so and were missing her music, she had to take a break from her singing career because she was diagnosed with Lyme disease. It was a crushing blow for Twain who had to take a 15-year break from the industry and doing what she loves. So, it's good to have her back. Maybe a movie career is in the works for her?

Check out these 20 pics of Shania Twain and John Travolta making movie magic in Trading Paint.

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20 It Was John’s First Time Racing On A Dirt Track

via People

John Travolta may have raced cars in other movies but with Trading Paint he had no experience with racing on a dirt track. Movie producer Andrea Iervolino told People, “He put in the time to train and proved he was a natural. We put him out there with other professional dirt track racers as well for some of the scenes and he really held his own.

Talladega is an inspiring location to film and you can feel the history and grit of the track. It’ll inspire any driver who gets out on it.”

19 It’s Shania Twain's First Ever Movie

via IMDb

Shania Twain couldn’t be more excited to be in her first ever movie role in Trading Paint. Now that she has left country music, she may be looking to build a career on the silver screen. The film is due out on February 22nd and Twain wants everyone to see it.

“I can't wait for you all to see this Trading Paint," Twain tells fans, as Taste Of Country reports. She then explains, "I'm filming a movie called Trading Paint with some amazing actors right now. John Travolta's the lead. That's super fun and exciting, I'm having a blast. It's my first acting movie experience so I didn't know what to expect, I had no idea what this was going to be at all, but it's been really comfortable.”

18 John Has Supported Shania The Whole Way

via People

For someone who has never done a movie before, it can be nerve-wracking. But according to Shania Twain, John Travolta helped her out a lot during filming and it was instrumental to her work.

“John's such a great support. It's an elite group of people and I'm just learning from them and having a blast," she told Taste Of Country.

It’s nice to have actors who are willing to help out new people on set because not everyone has the kind of experience that Travolta does. It’s pretty cool that he was willing to be there and walk her through the process.

17 This Time She Is Impressed With A Guy And His Car

via People

In this movie, John Travolta is the race car driver and Shania Twain is his love interest. In her music career she once stated that guys with fancy cars “don’t impress me much,” but in this case, Twain loves the guy with the cool car!

In the movie, Travolta is the veteran racer who is no longer in the business. It’s his son who wants to be a racer instead. Travolta wants no part of it but we get to see him back in racing gear so something must happen to make him change, and maybe Shania's character plays a part in his change of heart. We can’t wait to see it!

16 Singer-Turned-Actor For Shania

via Stars Insider

We have to wonder if this is the first of many movies for Shania Twain. Has she decided to embark on a career that will take her down a very different road from singing? She has admitted in interviews that she went through a lot over the past years and maybe this is a way for her to turn it all around.

"It was definitely a mark in time, psychologically," Twain told Parade of turning 50 a few years back. "I reflected a lot on, 'Wow, 50 years have gone by.' It made me more thoughtful about where I'd come from and where I started more than about the actual number. Turning 50 was about taking the time to recognize where I've been and how far I've come."

15 Getting Some Direction Behind The Scenes

via K985

It’s always fun to see actors behind the scenes making a movie. We don’t always get to see this stuff but the more studios use social media, the more we get to see shots like this one. We see Twain and Travolta in a scene where she is fishing with her beau. Some people are wondering if this could be another straight-to-video release like some of Travolta’s most recent films but it could likely be saved by Twain who has a huge fan base.

Fans expressed their happiness at hearing she'd be in a movie, with MSN reporting one saying, "Can't wait to watch this movie for this precious and beautiful human, and only for her."

14 Shania Has Come A Long Way

via People

When Shania had her first child, she decided to take a break from her music career which was pretty huge at the time. What she didn’t expect was that her career would be put on hold for 15 years. She worried that her career was over because she started having issues with her voice and she was eventually diagnosed with Lyme disease.

“I had been working really hard and intense for over a decade, I just had a baby and I was ready for a break and then I was suddenly having voice issues,” she told 60 Minutes. “I just figured it was fatigue.”

13 It Turns Out She’s A Natural

via Twitter

Shania Twain plays Travolta’s girlfriend in the movie and many people, including the producer of the film, were surprised at how good Twain was in the role. Iervolino tells People that she brought a lot of heart to the project, saying,

“I couldn’t imagine anyone else up there next to him now and she’s made the role her own. Movies today need more prominent female roles and Shania really outperforms in this role.”

12 John Was Her Coach Throughout

via SlashFilm

The best thing that a new actress can ask for is someone to help them through the process. John Travolta was more than happy to step in and the two bonded over the project. It’s perfect when co-stars get along because it allows the project to move along nicely.

"He's a very sweet person. I've known him for several years now just on short little chats, but now [working on] this movie, we got to know each other a little bit better. I'm just lucky to have this film experience because he's been very nurturing. He coached me through it,” she told Sounds Like Nashville.

11 John Brings Intense Chemistry To The Role

via GeekTyrant

Travolta has always been really good at being angry in his roles. He can be intense when he needs to be. The movie shows a father/son relationship that is fractured and we get to see how that develops. Iervolino told People that he was impressed with Travolta’s performance in the movie.

“Having someone as talented and driven as John on set really lends itself to the story,” he says. “He’s very powerful in his scenes and his chemistry with the other actors is so natural and effortless. It really makes this story come to life in ways we couldn’t have predicted.”

10 Shania Plays A School Teacher

via Instagram

Shania's just one of those people who you would expect to be very naturally maternal. Working hard for her is a must and she is very appreciative of all that she has had in her career.

“Later in my life, I'm going to look back and smile and be very fulfilled. I know that if I don't give it my all right now, I'll regret it later. That's very important to me, because I've worked all my life to have this.” We can’t fault her for that.

9 Shania Is Finding A New Path After Lyme Disease

via Twitter

It must have been devastating for Shania to discover that there was permanent damage done to her vocal cords after having Lyme disease. She was told by doctors that she had permanent partial paralysis in the nerves connected to her vocal cords. “It will heal to a degree but I will still have scar tissue, it can never heal 100 per cent,” she told 60 Minutes, as The Daily Mail reports. “It adds to my anxiety, it's a lot of pressure.”

It’s good to see that she has found a new path and more possibility in the industry.

8 Falling In Love With A Race Car Driver

via Zimbio

Anyone who has watched John Travolta’s career throughout the years knows that there have been some ups and downs for the actor. He certainly made it to the top and has had a successful career in the industry. But he hasn’t stayed on top, not in the same way that Tom Cruise has. He’s had some flops over the years but we have a feeling that this love story between his and Twain’s characters is one that will breathe some new life into his career.

This photo of them fishing together just fits for the two of them in a comfortable way.

7 John Travolta Plays A Veteran Racer

via Zimbio

In the movie, he’s just another guy that loves cars but his career is supposed to be over. But like in a lot of these movies, there is always a nemesis that comes out looking to rock the boat. John Travolta has to not only overcome this nemesis but also family conflicts as well. There is ego, resentment and competition and what more could you want from a racing movie.

We are sure that Travolta loved getting behind the wheel of a race car and showing that he still had it in him. We are so looking forward to the movie.

6 In Honour Of Racing

via Zimbio

We get to see John Travolta and producer Andrea Iervolino all dressed up as they attended the Ambi Gala In Honour of the movie Trading Paint. The two were there with other cast members and Travolta’s wife, Kelly Preston, was also in attendance. Iervolino is clearly a pretty big fan of Travolta’s and the two spent time discussing the project in September.

Publicity for the movie is always a big deal and once the movie is finished filming, it’s up to the actors to start promoting it. This is of course just one of many stops when it comes to promoting a movie. Soon we will get to see them on the red carpet for the movie premiere.

5 The Set Of Trading Paint

via Racing News

We always love to see how things get put together behind the movie scenes. This is a pretty cool shot of where they were filming the movie in Alabama. The race track is obviously a big part of the movie and it was also a great opportunity for fans to sit around and watch filming take place.

The social media page for the movie is filled with pictures of fans getting pictures taken with the actors and it’s always cool to see how gracious actors are with their fans. Travolta is not the kind of actor to send fans away without an autograph!

4 Shania Loves Being Out Of Her Comfort Zone

via People

Basically, starting a new career would put anyone out of their comfort zone but Twain seems to take it all in stride.

"Taking chances and being out of the comfort zone is really something that I’m enjoying," she told Billboard. "It’s the way I live my life. I know what it’s like to be rejected – I definitely had a hard time when I first started out. I just feel an inner strength and feel stronger when I’m taking on new challenges – I feel motivated by challenge. It’s exciting, it’s fun.”

We can’t wait to see if she continues making movies after this one.

3 It’s Been A Long Road For Shania

via People

Not only was Shania Twain battling Lyme disease but at the same time, she was going through a divorce with her husband. She found out that he had been involved with her best friend and that was the end of their marriage. So, it’s been a fresh start all around for the singer.

“I lost my sense of trust, honesty and compassion. I crashed down and became what I consider an emotional mess. I've never been so miserable in my whole life. I just wanted to go to bed and never get up.” We’re glad to see her on her feet.

2 Travolta Wants To Be Somebody

via Instagram

A lot of critics are comparing Travolta with his character in Trading Paint. They are suggesting that there are parallels that can be drawn between a veteran race car driver and an actor, who some would call washed-up. We have noticed some interesting choices for Travolta over the years and we saw him in Gotti and Speed Kills in 2018.

This year it’s Trading Paint and critics are suggesting that Travolta wants to be “somebody” again much in the same way that his character who states, it’s “been a long time” since he was on the track again.

1 Shania Is Taking Some Notes

via Instagram

This behind-the-scene pic has Shania Twain talking to the movie's producer and likely taking some notes on an upcoming scene. We love seeing her in her element and she says that she has had to step out of her comfort zone many times over the years and anyone that has done so can probably say it was the best thing that they ever did.

"I’ve done a few interesting things out of my comfort zone the last few years, like acting, and now with Real Country," continued the star. "I’m like, “Okay, I’m taking on this mission, and all I really have is passion behind it, and a great audience out there to connect with.”

Sources: Taste Of Country, People, Parade, MSN, Sounds Like Nashville, The Daily Mail, Billboard

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