Totally Not Royal: 15 Pics That Prove Meghan Might Never Be An Acceptable Princess

When Prince Harry confirmed his relationship with and then engagement to Meghan Markle, the world pretty much exploded. Our favorite red-headed royal was finally settling down. And he wasn't settling down with some British socialite or fellow European royal. He was with a biracial American actress. How modern! It was a real-life Princess Diaries. Meghan was the 2018 version of Grace Kelly, the actress who became Princess of Monaco. And it didn't hurt that Meghan and Harry looked so beautiful together. They're both gorgeous and you can just tell how much they love one another.

But it's fair to say that Meghan is not an obvious choice for a royal bride. Not many in the British monarchy have gone outside of tradition. Will was scandalized when he brought home Kate, a "commoner" despite being brought up in upper-class England and attending the same school as Wills. But Meghan is in a whole different league. She's American. She's not white. And she's an actress. The monarchy has never seen anyone like her before. And if you ask us, we think the British monarchy could absolutely use some of Meghan's modern flair. Let's bring the royals into the 21st century. But of course, not everyone is so ready to accept Meghan Markle as their new princess. Especially not after seeing these photos...

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15 The Princess To Be Is Actually A Divorcee


Meghan is not only an American actress, she's also a divorcee. That's right! The princess in waiting was previously married. Meghan was married to Trevor Engelson from 2011 to 2013. So the duo was only married for two years, and five short years later, she'll be married to someone else. Trevor is a film producer and manager. Despite only being married for two years before filing for divorce, Meghan and Trevor actually began dating in 2004. They got engaged in 2010 and married in Jamaica a year later in 2011. So where did things go wrong? Apparently, Meghan's success on Suits didn't sit so well with Trevor. Meghan landed her role on the hit show just before the two were married and suddenly found herself relocating to Toronto and shooting for long days and nights. With Trevor back in LA, the long distance was too much for these two.

14 She's Filmed Some Scandalous Scenes...


Speaking of Suits, let's dive into Meghan's role on the show. On Suits, Meghan played Rachel Zane. At the beginning, her character was stuck working as a paralegal at the Pearson Spector law firm. She dreamt of being a lawyer but low test scores held her back. She finally persevered and aced her LSATs. Rachel began studying law at Columbia University, working part-time at Pearson Spector and, of course, falling in love with Mike (aka Patrick J Adams). And thanks to that love, we got to see Meghan in a number of steamy scenes over her years on the show. Now, this is nothing new for television. But these aren't the types of scenes we'd find a future British royal. Can you imagine if tapes of Queen Elizabeth engaged in on-screen make-out sessions existed? What a scandal!

13 ...Seriously, Scandalous!


Meghan began working on Suits in 2011 and finished up her filming just last year. So in seven years, it's natural that Meghan would film quite a few scandalous scenes. Meghan has even admitted that filming these racy scenes isn't her favorite thing in the world. When asked about filming a particularly steamy scene in the file room Meghan told reporters, "Of course it was weird!" So at least the royal family can rest easy knowing Meghan wasn't super excited about all of her hot and heavy scenes. But, since she's such a good actress, it's hard to tell when you watch these scenes on TV. At the end of the day, we still have lots of steamy moments of a future British royal kissing someone who isn't her soon to be husband.

12 Meghan Isn't Afraid To Show Off A Little Skin


Before being thrust into the spotlight as Prince Harry's girlfriend and now fiancee, Meghan Markle was just a regular woman. And, like many women, she would have no problem donning a skimpy bikini on vacation. How else are you supposed to tan and get a nice even glow? Meghan is a beaut, so of course, she wouldn't be hiding her body. Plus, she's on vacation! She isn't expecting to be filmed and photographed. But with all of the media attention on her relationship, it's only natural that the cameras will be following Meghan everywhere. So her innocent poolside lounge with a girlfriend is suddenly critiqued by those who don't like to see that much of their royals' backsides. We say, if you've got it, flaunt it! You do you, Meghan!

11 She Was A Briefcase Model...Not Exactly A Royal Job


In 2006, Meghan Markle was a struggling actress in Los Angeles. She had never met Prince Harry and couldn't even dream that 12 years later she would be marrying the man and becoming part of the British monarchy. Nope! At that time, Meghan was just trying to nail an audition and make it to her next paycheck. So, she took a job that wasn't exactly acting but was close enough. Meghan worked as a Briefcase Girl on the reality TV game show, Deal or No Deal. Yes, Meghan was one of 24 models who stood on the steps and opened their briefcases when Howie Mandel told them too. It's hard to imagine the Meghan we know and love as just one of 24 girls in matching tiny tight dresses, but we all have to start somewhere!

10 Yoga Poses In A Barely There Bikini Might Not Fly With The Queen


Every Instagram influencer, fitness model and yoga enthusiast has a photo just like this one on their social media pages. It's the iconic "I'm in a gorgeous location and I'm also super good at that one yoga pose. I better combine those two things! And even better? I'm barely wearing any clothes!" We can't fault Meghan for posting this shot. The background is gorgeous, her body is flawless and that yoga move looks seriously impressive. It's a little basic, but aren't we all a little basic from time to time? But is it a shot we thought we'd see of a member of the British royal family? Absolutely not! We're betting the Queen spit her tea clean across the room when her advisors showed her this photo of Meghan. Or maybe the Queen is cooler than we thought and is asking Meghan for yoga tips right now.

9 Skin Tight Leather Is Far From What She'll Wear In Her New Life


In 2015, life was looking pretty good for Meghan Markle. She was a few years out of her failed marriage. She was starring on a hit TV show. She had an awesome group of friends and co-workers. And she had just signed an endorsement deal with the clothing company Reitmans. Reitmans is known for their leather goods, which often happen to be skin tight and revealing. Obviously, this isn't the most royal behavior. Can you imagine Queen Elizabeth taking an endorsement deal for Harrods or Marks and Spencer? Or how about Kate and Will showing off matching leather pants for a bus ad? Yeah, absolutely not. But now we have those very shots of Meghan. And even though it isn't the most royal thing she has ever done, we do have to admit she looks amazing!

8 Saucy Photo Shoot Is Not What People Expect Of Their Royals


Now, this shot is seriously steamy! Meghan is stunning and it's so obvious to see why Harry is in love with her. On top of being a talented actress and a great human with a big heart, Meghan is beautiful. This photo with her understated hair and makeup totally proves that. But it also shows off Meghan's more sensual side. While she probably is wearing something, it's very hard to tell in this photo - and that's the point. As a model/actress and gorgeous Hollywood woman, this photo isn't anything out of the ordinary. But as a royal? Yeah, this is pretty out there. Remember how crazy the royals went when photos of Kate sunbathing were leaked? And now we have Meghan releasing the same kind of photos on her own Instagram page!

7 Meghan Got Her Start In Soap Operas With This Endearing Head Shot


Like so many actors and actresses, Meghan Markle first got her start on screen as a soap opera star. Meghan appeared on the soap General Hospital, but only in one episode back in 2002. Meghan struggled in Hollywood before finally booking her big part on Suits. She explained in a 2015 interview, "I wasn't black enough for the black roles and I wasn't white enough for the white ones, leaving me somewhere in the middle as the ethnic chameleon who couldn't book a job." Luckily, Hollywood finally wised up and cast Meghan as Rachel Zane on Suits. And then Harry wised up and cast her as his wife! Meaning she no longer has to rely on endearing headshots like this one to make a buck.

6 Selfies In Your PJs? Not For A Royal!


Here's another photo that seems so totally innocent until you remember that Meghan is about to become a member of the royal family. Here she simply snapped a selfie in her pajamas. It looks like she's staying at a hotel that's covered in mirrors. She's rocking a bit of a styled bedhead look with makeup, so maybe she just got home for the night. And she's wearing a really cute pajama set. It's kind of tough to tell if she is wearing bottoms, but the photo is still really cute. If she were just Meghan Markle the actress, we wouldn't blink twice at this one. An actress in a hotel looking cute in her pjs - what's the big deal? But Meghan Markle the royal is a totally different story. I can't recall ever seeing a photo of Kate in just a pajama top!

5 We're Betting Meghan Wishes She Had Turned Down This Role...


Listen, Meghan had a hard time making it as an actress when she first started out in Hollywood. Most Hollywood actors and actresses struggle when they first start out. It's tough to book a good job! So you take whatever you can get and you shut up and smile about it. Which is exactly how Meghan found herself playing Maria Perez, a maid forced to wear lingerie while she worked, on an episode of CSI: New York. Meghan's character Maria became a suspect in the episode when her employer was found dead. But eventually her name was cleared and she could go back to cleaning. Sadly, this photo of Meghan still exists. And even though we know she was just acting, we still have a shot of the almost-royal in almost nothing!

4 Imagine If Kate Posted A Selfie Like This? Never!


At first glance, there's absolutely nothing off about this image. It's two pretty ladies clinking glasses. This is Meghan and her co-star enjoying a glass of wine together. What's wrong with that? Absolutely nothing. No one is saying Meghan shouldn't hang out with friends or have a glass of wine. And as far as celebrity photos go, this one is far from scandalous. But as far as royal photos go? Yeah, this is problematic. Just imagine if the tables were turned. Can you imagine Kate Middleton posting a selfie with her sister Pippa where they're both holding glasses of wine? The press would go wild! All of the tabloids would go on about how Kate has a drinking problem, is promoting alcohol, is a bad mother and a bunch of other nonsense.

3 A Sushi Bikini Top Doesn't Exactly Scream Posh


At first glance, this is a really fun photo of Meghan. Her face is kind of blurred by a sunbeam and her sunglasses, meaning she didn't need to put on a ton of makeup or do her hair to be photo ready. In fact, she could be totally au naturel and no one would be able to tell. And to infuse a bit of her fun personality, the shot also shows us that Meghan is wearing a pink bikini top with sushi all over it. So cute! It's a funny bathing suit and definitely something a lot of girls would want to get their hands on (myself included!). But it's still a risky shot for a soon to be royal. In fact, the rumor is that royals can't even eat certain types of seafood, let alone wear them all over their body. Can you imagine the Queen wearing a sushi bikini? No thanks!

2 Sultry Magazine Photo Shoot With The Princess To Be


Many of these snaps were taken before Meghan Markle began dating Prince Harry and even dreamed about becoming a future royal. So it's not her fault she decided to do a role or pose for a shot - she was just an up and coming actress! But some shots, like this one, were taken recently and while Meghan and Harry were already pretty serious. Despite knowing that she and Harry were together and that she might become a royal herself someday, Meghan still continued to live her Hollywood life. And that life includes posing for sultry photoshoots. Meghan posed for Lifestyle Magazine in New York and was not afraid to show off her legs. It isn't the most revealing photo she has ever shared but it was pretty daring considering who she was dating.

1 So Many Of Her Smooches Have Been Caught On Camera


It's not only her role on Suits that had Meghan deep in the embrace of another man's arms. Meghan has also appeared in a number of TV shows and movies where she has had to kiss and do other intimate activities with men who aren't Prince Harry. Of course, Meghan and these men were just acting. But still, it can't be fun to watch your fiancee smooch another man so passionately. In Hallmark's TV movie Dater's Handbook, Meghan played the lead role of Cass. Cass was a successful businesswoman who hadn't found any success in love. She lived her life by a rule book. But once she threw out the book, she found the man of her dreams. And soon after Meghan wrapped filming on this movie, she found the man of her dreams in real life!

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