20 Totally Inappropriate Scenes In Pixar Cartoons

Since Toy Story, Disney Pixar has been known as the forefront foremost penultimate source for animated kids movies, and they've been making them for decades now, and with each movie that comes out, kids across the world are delighted to watch movies geared only towards them. It's quite a money-making business for the greedy, but at least the kids have something to watch

But, just because these movies are made for, geared for, and marketed to kids, that doesn't mean everything about them is kid-friendly. There's often a lot that isn't exactly appropriate, things we as the children who saw them missed, perhaps even the parents who saw them missed too. Let's look at some inappropriate scenes in Pixar movies.

20 Nice...Ascot

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Barbie and Ken are destined for each other, they were literally made to be together. So, naturally, they flirt up a storm when they see each other in Toy Story 3, and Barbie complements Ken's outfit, saying she likes his ascot, but a long pause is left between the syllables, making for an inappropriate joke.

19 Excited To See You

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When Buzz first sees Jesse in Toy Story 2, he falls in love with her instantly. In fact, he gets quite excited. And certain parts of his anatomy spring into action, stand at attention, rise to the occasion, if you will. It's his wings. His wings spring open when he sees her. We all know what that means.

18 I'll Take A Bloody Mary

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The mosquito Flick meets at the bar in A Bug's Life, a classic Pixar film, has some real-world woes and sorrows, so he orders a bloody mary and proceeds to get blind drunk off of it. This scene, while realistic and revealing about society, perhaps might have been a bit too mature for some of the audience.

17 Pollinate With A Real Bug

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The ladybug in the movie A Bug's Life actually identifies as male, and this is often joked about in the movie. Especially in one scene, when one of the flies at the circus jeers at what he thinks is a woman, saying she needs to know what it's like to pollinate with a real bug. This is harassment, and it's not appropriate for any age.

16 He Did What In His Cup?

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Lightning McQueen begins raving about how the Hudson Hornet has one so many Piston Cups in his career, and Mater, in his classic Mater way, spits out his oil and says, "he did what in his cup?" and it's a bit crass for small children to have to hear, at least for some parents. It is funny though.

15 Nobody Takes My Wife's Mouth

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"Nobody takes my wife's mouth but me!" exclaims Mr. Potato Head during a scene in Toy Story, and this is a pretty funny scene, but the double entendre, likely to go over most kid's heads, is a pretty explicit one, one that if the kids understood wouldn't be age appropriate at all.

14 Super-Pervert

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This tabloid headline is pretty self-explanatory, and it made its appearance in the first movie of the Incredibles franchise, where for the astute kids who could read fast were able to read this clearly. I could when I watched it for the first time, and there's no hidden meaning here, meaning any kid who read it knew what it meant.

13 If I Don't Love It, I Don't Swallow

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This one really doesn't hold back on what's appropriate or what's inappropriate. The way he says this line in Ratatoullie, he's talking about food, of course, as a food critic, but we all knew what we were thinking, even some kids, and that's just not appropriate for a kid's movie.

12 Someone Else Can Watch The Sheep

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It's a fact that Woody loves Bo Peep, and vice versa. They have quite a romantic love story, one that warms the hearts of people across the nation. But, when they are particularly cuddly, Bo says that they should find someone to watch the sheep while they, well, you know. Gross.

11 The Shorter Tentacle

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Scientifically speaking, cuttlefish have a tentacle that is indeed shorter than the rest. To put in in G-Rated terms, let's just say that for males this tentacle isn't actually a tentacle at all, it's something much more personal. And while Pearl is a girl in the movie, there's no way the animators and writers didn't know about the science behind such a joke.

10 Shark's Alcoholic's Anonymous

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These sharks, as kids, were kind of funny to watch get up on the stand and profess how many days it had been since they had eaten a fish. It's all a big stand in for Alcoholic's Anonymous, and while it was kind of funny as a kid, the jokes weren't entirely age-appropriate.

9 Lemon Snow Cones

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This joke was definitely age appropriate for us kids, and it was hilarious to see the great big snowman offer lemon snow cones. We all knew that they weren't actually lemon, but something much more inappropriate. Well played, Pixar, well played.

8 Check Out ElastiGirl

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As a kid watching this movie, you think about ElastiGirl as your mom, too, because you identify with the kiddos as the main characters. But, that didn't stop Pixar from putting in an uncomfortable scene where ElastiGirl checks herself out in the mirror, forcing all the kids to look, too.

7 The Top Down Truck Stop

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If there's any doubt as to what "Top Down Truckstop" is supposed to mean, the sign underneath of it dispels any kind of doubt. It reads "fully convertible waitresses," which is in no way kid appropriate. Apparently things in the Cars universe are steamy.

6 Weirding Out The Pedestrians

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Never rock the boat, as they say, and when the car's a rockin', don't come a knockin'. In this animated short from Pixar, they play on this phrase quite inappropriately, when the car malfunctions, it sends the car in a rocking fury, and a pedestrian walking by turns around and goes the opposite way. You know why.

5 I Have A Little. . .

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There's a lot for adults to enjoy and find entertaining in the movie Ratatouille, some of which isn't exactly appropriate for children. One of the not so kid appropriate scenes is when Linguini is describing a little tiny something he has, and Colette glances downwards below his belt, with a disgusted and confused expression on her face. As an adult it's quite funny.

4 Almost Swearing In Nemo

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The fish break the fish tank, they allow it to get filthy. One of the fish who is a bit of a clean freak, finally snaps and exclaims that he's had enough "swimming in our own sh--", when another character conveniently interrupts to say "Shhh.' Talk about a close call to something inappropriate.

3 Too Scary For Kids

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There's no doubt that Sid's toys in the first installment of the Toy Story franchise are quite a demented sight to behold. These toys are almost too scary for little kids to have to see, and there's even one that could be called a "hooker", with long lady's legs and a hook.

2 Pinstripe Tattoo On Sally

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There are actually a number of inappropriate Cars scenes in the Pixar movie franchise Cars, as this article has pointed out and highlighted to you, the reader. One of them is when Lightning spots a tattoo on the back fender of Sally Carrera, the lead female. It's a little too provocative, to say the least.

1 We're Your Biggest Fans!

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The term is called "flashing your headlights," and in the car world it means strobing your high beams to get attention of other drivers. In the Cars universe, though, apparently it means something a bit more raunchy, as these twin Miatas flash their biggest fan, Lightning. Not exactly age appropriate?

Sources: Pixar Planet, Disney Meals & Looper

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