20 Totally Inappropriate Scenes In Disney Channel Shows

There are growing concerns among parents that the Disney Channel is no longer a safe space for their kids. They feel the days when the jokes were clean and wholesome are long gone. These days the shows are filled with disrespect towards parents, adult innuendos, references to things children should not have the faintest idea about for years to come, sex and gender issues, as well as social justice at a level not seen outside the Berkeley campus.

Of course, there are those who defend Disney, saying the company is only reflecting our culture and responding to consumer demands - just like any other corporation. But maybe they shouldn't respond to the impulses of an immature demographic, and instead be a team player with wearied parents battling modern culture to instill principles of kindness, politeness, and respect of elders?

20 Gravity Falls - Browser History

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Who hasn't made a joke about someone's internet browser search history? In the season 2 episode of Gravity Falls titled, "Into the Bunker," the group of kids stumble upon a creepy room filled with cobwebs and graffiti. One of them comments that the room is creepy, and another replies, "Not as creepy as Dipper's internet history." This implies that the kid Dipper has been searching for adult content online.

19 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Weird Bushes

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In the show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, there was an inappropriate line that spawned several memes, conspiracy theories, and was featured on the former E! show The Soup, as a long-running joke. Basically, Goofy tells Mickey they have to find the "triangle bush." The inappropriate phrasing of the words indicates this is an adult innuendo, and the fact Goofy is saying it makes it even creepier.

18 Phil Of The Future - Naughty Maths

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In the show Phil of the Future, Phil's best friend once made a statement that he had the naughtiest dream the night before about an improper fraction. While the fraction part makes it a joke, the naughty dream part implies a hidden adult meaning for sure. Why would kids talk about naughty dreams on a Disney show anyway?

17 Jessie - The Bathroom Incident

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In one of the more suggestive moments on Jessie, both Jessie and Chesterfield are seen leaving a bathroom together in the episode "Glue Dunnit: A Sticky Situation." We hear a flushing toilet, and the pair agrees never to speak of what happened again. While the joke implies a bathroom incident, the implication takes on a whole new meaning as adults.

16 Boy Meets World - At Least He Learned Something In School

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In the Boy Meets World episode "Breaking Up is Really, Really Hard to Do," Shawn makes out with a girl at the restaurant Chubbies, and tells Cory, "Remember in health class, that section on the movement of blood? I understand it now." Clearly, the boy is stepping into the world of adulthood and just experienced an awakening.

15 Shake It Up - Bare Truth

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Clothes are apparently optional in the dialogue on Shake It Up. In the episode Start It Up, bare skin is mentioned several times. CeCe tells Rocky to imagine everyone unclothed and grins. She then pretends to be in the buff while auditioning and later talks to Rocky about the time she tipped the canoe over at camp, causing her top to come off. This was just one episode!

14 Wizards Of Waverly Place - Questionable Comic Book

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Alex is trying to describe her favorite comic book as, "girl pirates checking out his space rocket" and "a space monster knocking away the taco and eating the rocket instead." This makes it seem like Disney channel's writers deliberately tried to sexualize their stars. The comic book sounds like a bad adult film, rather than an actual children's comic book. Why make a teenage actress say those lines?

13 The Proud Family - Something Swordfishy

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The Proud Family has had a huge impact on pop culture. But one episode, in particular, involved an unnecessary scene. The episode "Penny Potter" shows Sugar Mama and Bobby watching the movie Swordfish. They watch it up to the point where star Halle Berry begins to strip out of her clothes, leaving nothing to the imagination. Why would an animated show for kids need to feature that scene?

12 Good Luck Charlie - No More Kids

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In one episode on the show Good Luck Charlie, the parents go out on a date and Teddy replies, "You two have fun, but not too much fun. We already have 3 kids." They didn't even try to hide that they're talking about adult activities that don't need to exist on a children's show. It's not funny to adults, but it is creepy knowing it's targeted at kids.

11 Good Luck Charlie - Parental Advice

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Gabe has his first crush and goes to his mother for romance advice. When she tells him to listen to her, he asks if that's what dad did, and she replies they didn't have a lot of time for talking. When he tries to find out more, she says they were playing checkers, but her wording and worried look make it obvious she was talking about some other adult activities.

10 Boy Meets World - Peepshow

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In Boy Meets World, Eric Matthews, the hilarious goofball who made everyone laugh, revealed something creepy. During the wedding planning episode of season 7, he is angry that Cory picked Shawn over him as best man, and in typical Eric fashion, decides to get back at him by trying to woo Topanga. However, when doing so, he revealed that he once saw Topanga undressed through a peephole.

9 Bunk'd - Get Physical

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On the show Bunk'd, the episode "Get Physical" involves a conversation between two kids. The boy says they need to get physical, and the girl replies, "Whoa, I don't like you like that." This seems like a very adult joke to be telling on a children's show. Considering her reaction, what else could that phrase possibly mean?

8 Girl Meets World - The Talk

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The spin-off to Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World features an episode where the now adult Corey realizes his daughter likes a boy and wants to give her the talk. This embarrasses her because the class is filled with students, and when he realizes this, her best friend Maya responds, "Yeah, give her the talk. Let's see what you know," implying Maya already knows more than a kid should.

7 Brandy And Mr. Whiskers - Pulling Hats And Rabbits

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On Brandy and Mr. Whiskers, Brandy is talking to a character named Ed, who is surprised when she tells him she and Whiskers have a kid at home, but then reveals it isn't theirs. Whiskers thinks this is magic and that he could "pull a rabbit out of a hat, or a hat out of a rabbit, but that wouldn't be appropriate for children." Yet they still made the joke!

6 Dave The Barbarian - Monkey Business

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On Dave the Barbarian, the character Storm the Slayer makes the joke, "Obviously you've never touched a monkey. It's kind of addicting." Clearly, there's an innuendo there, as "monkey" is a well-known nickname for a part of the male anatomy and he's hinting at the act of "self-loving." While the joke might be funny, it doesn't belong in a children's show.

5 Jessie - Innuendos All Over The Place

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Jessie constantly comes up in parental groups due to its use of innuendos, adult humor, and suggestive material. In one instance, Luke takes the moon from Emma's solar system display. When she tells him to give it back, he says, "I'll show you the moon," and unbuckles his pants. In another episode, a tentacle grabs Jessie around the waist, and she replies, "At least buy me dinner first."

4 The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody - Questionable Chef

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In The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, the character Chef Paolo makes the joke, "Olive oil, virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, olive oil with a questionable past..." This implies that the last oil is one that has gone through some very adult and mature things in its life that makes its status as a virgin questionable at best.

3 Gravity Falls - Goodbye Childhood

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On one episode of Gravity Falls, an adult catches the main character "creepily spying on girls." It's time for the birds and the bees talk, by reading a book called "Why Am I Sweaty?" The adult explains the complexities of the body, and points to the Pituitary Gland, saying it has "big plans" for him. It ends with explaining where children come from and leaves the child saying, "Goodbye Childhood."

2 Dog With A Blog - Hot Dogs

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In the episode "Stan of the House" on the show Dog With a Blog, Stan the dog says, "And now a treat for my own!" When he says this, the dog then hops onto an internet site for "hot poodles," implying that the dog is viewing what is essentially the equivalent of an adult-themed website for his own pleasure. Way too adult for a children's show!

1 That's So Raven - Jumping To Freaky Conclusions

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In the hit show, That's So Raven, two of Raven's friends were practicing salsa dancing. Raven assumed that the duo was actually kissing, and when they said they were going to "do it" on stage, Raven said, "My dad runs a clean and respectable business!" Clearly, Raven thought they were about to do the deed. It's a children's show, why would she say that?

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