Top 25 Hairstyles That Are Trending Like Crazy Right Now

Tired of doing your hair in that same old style every single day? Or maybe you love giving wings to your inner artist through your daily hair and makeup updates. Or perhaps the humidity outside is making you go absolutely bonkers, as it turns your smooth locks into a poufy ball of frizz. Whatever your reason for being here might be, we know you want a hairstyle makeover ASAP, and we've got just what you're looking for.

From cutesy retro curls and ponytails to dramatic braids and undone updos, there is definitely something for everyone on the following list of different and creative hairstyles. And the best part is, they all are trending like crazy right now.

So whether you want to chop away those tresses and go blunt bob, or add some extensions and go full-on Rapunzel, there’s a chance your preference has already been sported by your favorite public figures. And who doesn’t want to look like their idol? (And I mean, really, if you had the chance to look like Rapunzel, would you not take it?!)

So here are the top 25 hairstyles that are trending like crazy right now. Which one are you going to try first?

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25 “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Long Hair”


There’s nothing more feminine than a head full of healthy long locks that hit your waist or beyond. And though massive tresses can be a menace to manage, especially during the summers when the temperatures are flying high, no other simple hairstyle has the ability to stop people in their tracks and make them give you a compliment. So yay!

And the best part is you don’t have to wait for years to grow them out.

All you've got to do is get some snazzy hair extensions and you will go from girl next door to Disney Princess in just a few hours.

24 Not So Blondie


The saying says blonde and beautiful. And while we would never disrespect a woman’s intelligence by shallowly equating it to her hairstyle, the full blonde look has been around for too long to evoke wows beyond the first few days.

Well, Selena Gomez did us all a favor by dying her tresses blonde but leaving the roots dark. Now you can sport that two-toned ombre hair and still retain some of your natural colors. Trust us, it’s the ultimate way of telling people that you love yourself just the way you are but are adventurous enough to try new things too.

23 Fake Bangs For Those Who Can’t Commit


Love those bangs on your best friend but can’t commit to the cute but vision-obstructing hairstyle? Well, then you’ve got to try those fake bangs!

To get this look, grab the top half of your hair from ear to ear and then tie it into a ponytail.

Then flip your ponytail over your face and lift it up midway to your desired length for your bangs. Spread your hair until it covers ear to ear, then use bobby pins to pin your hair into place. You can twist the bunched up bit of your ponytail into a bun or pin it down and cover it with a wide cloth hairband.

22 When Blunt Met Bob


The long bob can rest in peace... because styling your hair in the blunt bob is all the rage this season. Plus, the changing trends through the years have taught us to be more bold and fearless in our fashion choices. How else will we keep up those Instagram followers and be that fashion influencer we always wanted to be?

Thus, the blunt bob that hits just at the end of your earlobe or slightly lower than that.

Pro tip: If your hair isn’t naturally straight, use a flattening iron to prevent waves and curls from ruining this look and then seal everything in with a hairspray.

21 Rock Those Natural Curls


There was a time when naturally curly hair would bring out insecurities in the person who owned them. But not anymore. Now curls are in fashion, in any style or length! So whether you have loose ringlets or tightly coiled locks, you are encouraged to wear your 'do loudly and proudly.

So if you have a mane of thick, curly hair, let the lion in your soul roar!

Pro tip: Comb out those snarls with a wide-toothed comb when your locks are still wet. Then style them with some styling cream to prevent frizz and the weather from mucking up your proud look.

20 Deep Side Part: For The Serious Fashionistas


Tired of your long locks that look beautiful but do pretty much only that? Well, the deep side-parted hairstyle can be a total game changer.

Just align your hair's part with the arch of your eyebrow on your "good side" (you know, the side that gives you better selfies), and then comb everything to the other side.

To prevent your tresses from shifting back to their natural parting over time, rub on some styling cream so the look stays put. There's so much you can do with straight or long hair, so why not give this chic look a try?

19 Name Of The Game: Retro Curls

Visual Makeover

A lot of vintage hairstyles are making a comeback this year. And the retro curls happen to be one of them. (We are so glad they are!)

To get this look, work some volumizing mousse into your wet locks after a shower.

Then blow dry them until they are around 80% dry. Then grab those rollers, quickly roll up those tresses, and let your hair dry out completely in the air. Once dry, remove the rollers and brush out your hair to get those bouncy retro curls.

18 Braids Were Never Out


They have been around for more than two centuries and they don’t plan on going out of style any time soon, either. Oh, the classic braids. You truly can never go wrong with this simple yet elegant look.

Braids can be styled for so many different occasions because you can dress them up or wear them more casually. Why would you spend hours on perfecting a complicated look you saved from the internet when all you've got to do is shift the lot over one shoulder, part them three ways, and swiftly twist them into a beautiful braid that would instantly get you all the attention you deserve?

17 The Slicked-Down Pixie Cut


Not so keen on chopping off your hair just an inch short of being a buzz cut but want to try something bolder than the low-maintenance midi cut this summer? Well, the slicked-down pixie is the one for you.

And it doesn't take nearly as much effort to pull off as you might think. 

Your hair will be a lot longer than the spiky pixie in this look, but once you dab on some pomade and slick the whole lot back with a fine-toothed comb, that’s when the magic of this hairstyle really happens.

16 Messy Cropped: Bed-Head Never Looked So Chic!


There’s something distinctly rebellious about this style. After all, when everyone is busy de-frizzing their hair and trying to tame those tresses, wouldn't you rather just grab a pair of scissors and just, well, chop away?

To perfect this edgy style, your hair should come down to about the edge of your earlobe or just a teeny bit beyond that. This look can truly never fail you.

Plus, this hairstyle goes really well with the air-dried trend. (But more on that later.)

15 The Classic Hairband Look


Think hairbands are just for preppy schoolgirls? Think again, because this year the hairband is back and for all the right reasons.

From simple cloth and twisted metal bands that hold your hair back, to elaborately embellished pieces or loud scarves that add an extra punch to your outfit, these bands are a must-have accessory this 2018.

Not only are they cute, they're super practical!

In the summer heat, why let hair get stuck to your face when you can have it held back by a pretty hairband? We'd recommend the jeweled one. It's all the rage right now!

14 The Low-Maintenance Midi Cut


Long locks are a menace in summer. But what if you aren’t brave enough to pixie it up or go bald like all those new age hipsters? Well, the midi cut is the look made just for you.

All you gotta do is get yourself to your local hair salon and then ask your stylist to cut your hair short to the level of your collarbone. And then it’s freedom from elaborate hair care and styling for the next many months (depending on how fast your hair grows).

13 Rein It In With A High Pony

While long, long locks might be the fashion statement of this year (or perhaps this decade), they are notoriously difficult to manage when the temperature outside is high and excessive humidity in the air is making you sweat from places you did not even know could sweat!

What do you do then? You gather up those long locks and tie them into a high ponytail!

And slick them down with some hair gel for good measure while you are at it. That will prevent stray strands from sticking to your skin and making you want to grab garden shears and lob off the whole lot in one go!

12 Perm Without The Permanence

First of all, this look isn’t for every day. (Unless you have a few idle hours on your hair each morning, but really, who does?)

However, if you want to rock those tight retro curls without paying a hefty sum at the salon for a permanent perm, then this look is the one for you.

Just grab your curling iron and curl up all your tresses into tight curls for this 80s-inspired look. Trust us, your boyfriend won’t be able to take his eyes off of you when you walk in with this mighty mane for your date night.

11 Unleash Your Inner Mermaid With A Fishtail Braid


This is a classic summer look. But then again, the fishtail braid has been around for centuries, worn by women in all seasons. It's easier than it looks, and is simply beautiful.

So you might as well introduce this style to your diary of go-to hairstyles!

While it might take a little bit to teach your fingers how to style this look, you can always start by making a side fishtail when you are still a beginner. Or you can call your best friend in and style each other’s hair like you used to do during those slumber parties back when you were kids!

10 Pixie It Up

What the most-popular hairstyle during the summers? The pixie cut, of course! But why slick it back and look all goody-goody when you can work in a pump of hair gel and then spike up the whole lot?

Well, the punk-rocker pixie says aye to unleashing your inner rebel. And it does so with suave and unleashed passion as you run your fingers through your hair and bunch it up every which way.

Plus, no two days will ever look the same!

9 The Slicked Back Is...BACK!


Hate elaborate hairstyles that consume hours of valuable time? Have two left hands when it comes to getting artsy with ‘em fine locks? Don’t like frizz? Well, the slicked-back look is the answer.

Just grab a straightening iron and flatten out those long locks.

Then follow it up with a healthy dose of hair gel all over your tresses while combing everything backward with a fine-toothed comb. It’s the perfect way to look like you just got out of the ocean without getting sand and salt everywhere.

8 Braided Bun: Cute Doesn’t Cut It


The messy bun is still in, but there’s a new trendsetter in town – the braided bun. Because why not look this fabulous every day?

To get this look, part your hair down the middle and then braid each side. For a neater look, braid your locks under each other rather than over. Finally, grab these pigtails and wrap them round and round to get that braided bun look.

Want more inspiration? We suggest heading over to Pinterest or YouTube for more awesome styles.

7 Cinched Ponytail: Look Like A Unicorn

Another hairstyle for those with long, long locks but who don’t want to go out with the same old Rapunzel hair all over again.

To get this look, start with a high ponytail and some hairspray to lock in the look and prevent frizzing.

Then grab a bunch of hair elastics and start cinching up the ponytail from root to tip, according to how large or small you want your bunches.

Pro tip: Use narrower elastics if your hair is naturally thin, or thicker ones if you've got hefty locks.

6 Retro Ponytail For A Simple-But-Beautiful Look

Getty Images

Another classic old-school hairstyle doing the rounds about town this year is the retro ponytail for midi cut hair. Because plain old ponytails are too schoolgirl (and boring).

To get this look, start by bunching up your hair into a high and tight ponytail. And then tease out the hair over your head gently to give it that classic retro pouf. You can even sneak in a volume-boosting hair sponge underneath your tresses before you make your ponytail for an even bigger pouf.

5 An Undone Updo

The look that has been taking the wedding circuit by storm over the past few months isn’t just for bridesmaids or the maid-of-honor. In fact, the romantic and slightly messy undone updo is something you can rock on casual outings and summer backyard barbecues as well.

Just bun it up well, then tease out those locks until you get that soft, effortless look.

Want to add an extra punch to this style? Pair it with a spaghetti-strap summer dress and then pin in a summer flower in your hair to turn up that romantic air.

4 The Severe Sleek Bun


This look can also be called the look of the librarian who has a fun side behind that strict demeanor and bold, full-rim glasses. Trust us, it’s the perfect look for any formal to a semi-formal event where you want to drive in your personal power when you walk into the room.

How to do it? Just part your hair down the middle, slick it up with hair gel or styling cream and then twist the whole lot into a tight bun. Use plenty of bobby pins to keep stray strands in place and you are set for the night...or day.

3 Half Up-Half Down Top Knot, AKA Fabulouspalooza!

You have heard of the half-up and half-down style. And you definitely know the top knot. Well, this look combines these two classic favorites and turns them into one unforgettable hairstyle – the half-up-half-down top knot. Quite a mouthful, that one!

It’s perfect for both casual and semi-formal events, so we are definitely digging it.

Just make sure you run your hair through the dryer sheet or rub on some anti-frizz product before you start styling.

2 ‘60s Flip, Minus The Pouf


This retro look has been exploding all over the place ever since Rihanna sported it at the Fenty Puma Coachella 2018 party. And for all the good reasons.

I mean, what’s not to love about this classic retro look from the 60s, when skirts were getting shorter and fashion more fun?

All you gotta do is use a 1.5-inch curling iron to curl those shoulder-length locks outward and then slick the partings behind both ears. Firm it all in place with a strong hairspray like the Aqua Net Professional.

1 Air-Dried Locks: The Ultimate Summer ‘Do


If you truly are a new age hipster with tons of raw crystal points and clusters at home, a large mandala wall hanging, and some herbs growing in pots on your windowsill, then this trend will definitely fulfill that naturalist in your soul.

Yup: this trend takes the least amount of effort of all!

Plus, why waste precious energy by using a hair dryer when you can cut down your carbon footprint using the abundant ambient light and heat of the sun? It’s the perfect way to get that wild and free soul look without looking like something the cat dragged out of the woods one day.

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