Top 20 Dating Slang Words Of 2018 Finally Explained

Slang — what exactly does the word slang mean? According to dictionary.com, the definition of the word slang is speech and writing characterized by the use of vulgar and socially taboo vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. In English terms, it means words that people make up to describe other words, actions or emotions. For years, people have been coming up with new terms to represent cultural evolutions. Like the word LOL, which means laugh out loud, or the world IMO, which means in my opinion.

There is also the slang word DL, or down-low, which means to keep something quiet. For example, Danielle tells her best friend Jessica to keep the upcoming a party on the DL because she doesn’t want her parents to find out. There is also the slang term, straight fire, which means something is trendy or cool. For example, Danielle thinks that Jessica’s new Prada purse is straight fire.

And last, but not least, another example of a slang term is throw shade. This one I hear a lot. To throw shade at someone is to give them a dirty look. For example, Jenna threw shade at David when he was caught flirting with another girl.

Keep scrolling to find out the meaning of other slang terms that have become quite popular in 2018.

20 Breadcrumbing

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Jack is dating Mary. They have been dating for a few months now and everything is going great. Mary thinks she really found the one. He treats her like a queen, is amazing with her family, and is a hard worker, which she loves because he is independent.

Unfortunately for Mary, though, Jack doesn’t feel the same. In fact, he doesn’t see a future with her, but is just staying with her because she is sweet, funny, and great in the bedroom, and he doesn’t have anyone else just yet he is interested in.

Basically, he is leading her on and this is now called breadcrumbing. According to women.com, the definition of breadcruming is the act of leading someone on when they are not truly interested in that person.

19 Cuffing Season

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Ever hear of some people who cannot be alone? They are dating one person and always have others lined up incase their current relationship falls through. Well, there is also certain types of people that refuse to be single around the fall and winter times and want to be in a relationship with someone.

This is called cuffing, which is the time period between autumn and winter where singles want to be “cuffed” or in a serious relationship.

They want someone to spend the holidays with, to cuddle with on cold nights, and to have fun winter and fall trips with.

18 Benching


Haley has been dating Mark for a few months now. The thing is, she doesn’t really know if she wants to continue dating him because she met Jack recently and he is funny, smart, and a total hottie.

She decides to put Mark on the back burner for now and give Jack a chance. She knows that Mark will coming running back if she dumps him for now. He is completely in love with her. This is what the newer generation calls benching. Benching is defined as when someone doesn’t know if they want to keep dating their partner so they “bench” them.

17 Cushioning


So, Melanie has been dating Jim, but she's also been dating Leroy, Blake, and Fred on the side. One would say she is betraying Jim with all these different guys, which technically she is, but actually, it is now called cushioning. Cushioning is a dating strategy where a person is with someone but is also dating “cushions” on the side.

Basically, Melanie is dating Jim, but she is also dating other men on the side incase things don’t work out with Jim. This way, she always has a back up and is never alone.

16 Slow Fade

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Troy is a lady’s man. He is never with just one woman, has specific taste, and always jets after a few weeks so he doesn’t get tied down. Then he met Layla. She was gorgeous, had an amazing smile and always made him laugh. Before he knew it, his 3-month dating limit was over, but he couldn’t work up the courage to end it.

Then he realized he was falling for her. Not only did he stay faithful to her, but he loved being with her and wanted to see her all the time.

That is when he makes the decision to take a step back. He is not ready to be tied down just yet. So, he slowly pulls away, before he knows it, he rarely sees her, and he is back to his old ways. He is doing a slow fade.

According to women.com, the definition of slow fade is when someone starts dating another person and then realizes they have feelings for that person, which in turn results in them slowly backing away before disappearing all together.

15 Phubbing

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Jackie and Jenny are out and about running some errands and having lunch together. During lunch, Jackie is trying to tell her friend all about her weekend with her family at the lake house. Jenny, on the other hand, is glued to her phone and obviously not paying attention to what her friend is saying. She does manage to give an occasional “uh-huh” now and again though. This is call phubbing.

It is the act of someone looking at their phone constantly while someone is trying to communicate with them.

It is rude and trying to talk to someone who does it is like trying to talk to a brick wall.

14 Ghosting

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This woman named Jenny just met this guy online named Henry. Right away they click and decide to meet up and go on a face-to-face date. The day comes, and Jenny is excited to meet up with him. She goes out and buys a new dress, gets her hair and nails done, and even buy some new accessories. She gets there and it’s an amazing date. He is sweet, dresses nice, smells amazing, has a great smile, and even pays for their meal.

For weeks, they go on a few dates and she feels like she has found the one. Then all of a sudden, he stops responding to her messages and calls. This is called ghosting. According to women.com, the definition of ghosting is the act of suddenly cutting off all communication with someone that a person is dating, but they no longer wish to date.

13 Orbiting

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Orbiting is a lot like ghosting but with just with one difference — the other member who stops responding, still stalks their partner, or, well, ex-partner. According to women.com, orbiting is often mistaken with ghosting.

Ghosting is cutting off all communication with a person, while orbiting is when they cut all communication off, but still keeps an eye on the other person’s social media platforms.

So, in this case, imagine Henry blowing off Jenny and cutting all ties, but still stalks her to see how she is doing, where she is going, and what she is saying.

12 Submarining

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So, imagine the same story with Jenny and Henry. Jenny goes on a few dates, starts to think Henry is the one, and then bam, he totally ghosts her and disappears off the face of the Earth.

Except, in this case, he doesn’t disappear for long and contacts her months later acting like he didn’t do anything wrong and wanting to know how she is, what she has been up to, and if she wants to go out again. This is called submarining. Submarining is an act someone does when they disappear for a long period of time and then randomly resurfaces months or weeks later.

11 Stashing

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Lindsey has been dating Joe for a while now. He is smart, funny, always brings her yummy treats when he comes over, and has a good job that brings him home some good money. Only thing is, he refuses to introduce her to any of his friends or family. This is called stashing.

Stashing is when someone is in a relationship with someone else who refuses to introduce them to their friends and family.

It is almost as if they are embarrassed by them or they are the side piece that the other person doesn’t want anyone to know about.

10 Breezing

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According to women.com, breezing is what it is called when a person doesn’t care about the rules of dating, playing games, or gender roles. This means that they do not see gender specific when dating someone. They date them for who they are, not their gender.

For example, Leroy is dating Tom and Selma. He is not queer but does not like to limit himself to a specific gender, nor does he like to limit himself to one person.

Breezing means a person does not play by the normal dating rules. They date whoever they want, when they want, and do not like to play childish games. If the other person is not up for it, then they could walk away.

9 Love-Bombing

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Sandy is dating Charles. They have been dating for a long time now. Sandy is the type that likes things to go her way a lot. Whenever Charles would resist and not go with what she wanted, she would use her feminine ways to get him to change his mind and do what she wanted, be it buy her something nice, take her somewhere, or clean up the house. This is called love-bombing. Love-bombing is when someone uses their affections to build trust in their relationship in order to gain control of the relationship.

8 Draking

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Taylor and Lilian have been dating for a few years now, since their junior year actually. They even both got accepted at the same college together and were now in their senior year. She was sure that he would propose to her after graduation, they would get married, have kids, and live a great life. Things all changed, though, when Taylor dumped her out of the blue.

Taylor’s reasoning behind the whole thing was that he outgrew their relationship and found someone else. The sadness Lilian is feeing is overwhelming. This is what they now call draking. It's when someone is being very emotional, often because they are sad or missing their ex.

7 Catfishing


Ever see that MTV show called Catfish? Well, for those who haven’t seen the show, it is about these two guys who go around the country helping people who are in online relationships with people that refuse to meet them in person or even video chat with them.

Typically, most of the people they meet turn out to be completely other people. This is what is called catfishing. It's someone who fabricates their online identity to trick people into relationships.

They create a fake profile with fake information and steal pictures from other people and then lead people on with the intention that they want to be with them, but in reality, they have no intention of meeting up or anything like that

6 Kittenfishing

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So, earlier the slang word catfish was explained. Catfishing is when someone portrays themselves as someone else with fake pictures, name, and other information to lead on someone else and bait them into a relationship with no real intention of allowing them to see the real person behind the screen.

Kittenfishing is almost the same thing with one difference — they use their own photos and information and tweak it a bit.

Kittenfishing is when a person presents themselves in a positive way, but as a lie. For example, they might be lying by heavily editing their pictures, changing their age, saying they don’t have children, or making up life accomplishments.

5 Slow Texting


Cell phones have become a huge part of people’s lives. They are basically glued to us now. Children as young as toddlers are now walking around carrying them. There are few things people do with phones that can be super annoying.

One thing is constantly being on it when someone is trying to talk to them, or what is now called phubbing. Another could be when someone is trying to talk to someone through message and they get one-word responses back. I for one cannot stand when people do this.

Another annoying thing is slow texting. According to women.com, slow texting is when someone is waiting for a response from a friend, a co-worker, or maybe a family member for a long period of time.

4 Bye Felicia

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There are many different ways to say goodbye to someone. Either with different slang terms, or even in different languages.

One saying that has gotten big this year is the phrase “bye Felicia.” This phrase was first created back in 1995. It all started when the movie Friday first came out. In the movie, the actor Ice Cube is seen shutting down another character in the movie named Felicia. Somehow, this year, that phrase became a new way to say goodbye to someone or something unimportant.

3 Hatfish

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Ever see those videos of the women wearing makeup and they are gorgeous, then they take the makeup off and they look completely different? Nowadays, people can do amazing work with makeup. They can completely change the look of a person, cover up wounds, or skin issues, and now, there is a term for it. Hatfish is when a person looks attractive while wearing a hat, but when they take it off, they look like a completely different person. Kind of like catfish— someone says they look one way, but behind the computer, they look completely different.

2 Haunting

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Earlier, the slang word ghosting was defined. For those who forget, ghosting is when someone is dating someone for a while and then basically drops off the face of the Earth without a goodbye text, a message saying they want to break up, or even a voicemail or call.

The slang word submarining was also defined. Submarining is when someone who ghosted someone comes back into their lives and tries to get another date with them out of the blue. As if that's not enough, another word for submarining is haunting. It has the same definition, which is when someone who ghosts another person tries to come back into their life after a long period of time. It's just a different slang name.

1 Zombieing

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Ghosting, haunting, submaringing — they all have the same thing in common. They all involve a mean, inconsiderate person who leaves another person without a single word and just drops off the face of the Earth without a goodbye. So, what does zombieing mean?

According to women.com, zombieing is when someone ghosts another person, and then comes back into that person’s life after a long period of time with a lame excuse as to why they did it. They try to justify their actions in attempt to get back together with their ex-partner.

The name is suiting. When they are ghosted, it is as if they died, then they come back from the dead like a zombie.

Sources: goodhousekeeping.com, women.com

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