Top 12 Careers With The Highest Chance Of Infidelity

Cheating sucks. Being cheated on or doing the cheating, it’s a pretty nasty business that ends up hurting everyone in the long run. While you might think cheating is the stuff of major d-bags who don’t know how good they have it, or home-wreckers who just want to watch the world (and your favourite couples) burn, you might be surprised to learn that not only is cheating unfortunately fairly common (just look at that major Ashley Madison leak), but actually has a higher chance of happening if you work in any of the 15 jobs listed below!

You’ll notice that almost all of these jobs have the same things in common, which allows for the ideal environment for infidelity. Irregular hours, isolation, high-adrenaline occupations, and a tightly-knit group of coworkers all allow for cheating to happen on a near-constant basis, whether it be among married couples or those who are just in serious relationships. While we’re not saying you need to up and switch careers because yours has a higher chance of infidelity, we are saying you should do what is needed to keep your relationship solid and cheat-free: communicate.

12 IT Pros

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Sure, working in the IT sector doesn’t exactly sound sexy, but it's actually rated as one of the professions with a high degree of infidelity and divorce! With all that time spent on the Internet, you’re bound to discover more than a few things you wish you hadn’t, and thanks to social media, chat rooms, infidelity-encouraging sites like Ashley Madison, and online forums, it’s way easier to cheat online now than it ever was before, because of the anonymity that the Internet offers. Since IT workers spend more time online than anyone, it’s natural that they would end up finding themselves engaging in cheating behaviour more than regular office workers as well!

Another thing about IT workers is that they usually operate on a freelance basis, meaning that their time is their own, which is especially conducive to infidelity in a relationship, since they’re not confined by the regular 9-to-5 workday, and can enjoy their illicit trysts while their partner stays in the dark.

11 Stay-at-Home Moms

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The work of a mom never ends, even after the husband has come home and the kids are in bed. It’s a stressful, thankless job that combines the duties of a cook, maid, nurse, chauffeur, referee, personal shopper, accountant, and project manager. The stay-at-home mom usually has multiple balls in the air, which might be why they’re more inclined to, well, do things with other balls, if you will.

Putting in work within the home that goes unnoticed can lead to bitterness and resentment, which may start the seed of an affair, grown out of spite for the husband and children. Add to the fact that a stay-at-home mom usually has the place to herself for hours on end, and you have the ideal setup to start cheating. Unhappiness and loneliness contribute in a major way to affairs, as the cheater usually feels like they are not being appreciated by the person they are with, and so seeks validation elsewhere – like in the arms of a handsome neighbour.

10 Journalists

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If you’re working as a journalist, you're often interviewing or covering fascinating subjects that take you all over the world. Whether you work online or in print, TV, or radio, journalism is a profession that requires a lot of effort, dedication, and long, gruelling hours. Think of every movie you’ve ever seen that had journalism as the career choice of the characters: They’re usually stuck at the office into the wee hours of the morning, trying to get this story in before they get scooped, or struggling to find the research to back themselves up. Those crazy hours – plus the amount of travel required – can easily lead to infidelity, because it’s difficult to carry on a normal relationship in those circumstances. Add to that the potential of being in a high-octane or high-pressure scenario, and the sex appeal of the situation is palpable. As a profession that trades on words, it’s easy to see how journalists could quickly get caught up in the language of inappropriate love.

9 Pilots/Flight Attendants

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This gives a whole new meaning to the term “layover”! Another career that sees a lot of travel, pilots and flight attendants have been notorious for ages for their infidelity rates, which saw cheating cross countries and continents. Sometimes, they don’t even have to look outside the plane for it – pilots and flight attendants will hook up with each other! If they choose to look beyond their airline, though, it helps that pilots and flight attendants are miles away from their family and friends, and enjoy the anonymity of paid hotels (it's much easier to cheat in a Holiday Inn that in your own family home).

Being away from a family or SO for a significant amount of time can make it very difficult to adjust to life when you finally return home, which is why the divorce rate among pilots and flight attendants is higher than a lot of other professions. Plus, with all the crazy hours and jet lag, partying to stay awake is almost part of the job description!

8 Lawyers

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Some people might find a heated argument hot, but if you’re a lawyer and arguing is your job, those fiery arguments can transform into something much steamier. While lawyers get a bad rap for being considered unethical (pretty much everyone in the world has heard a lawyer joke at one time or another), there may be a reason for that: they’re big cheaters!

When there’s a significant income difference between partners, the one with the higher income may be more likely to cheat, out of a misplaced sense of superiority, because of the access their money offers them, or simply because they feel like they can. These all apply to lawyers, who might be raking in more dough, especially when compared to their partners. While the divorce rate is high among both male and female lawyers, it is actually higher for female litigators – and cheating may be one of the reasons why.

7 Bartenders/Servers

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Well, what do you expect when alcohol is involved? If you’re working in the service industry as a bartender or server, more likely than not you’ve been witness (or participant) to some type of cheating behaviour. When you’re working late nights and odd hours, it’s easy to see how a job could devolve into an act of infidelity. Add to that the fact that many bartenders and servers choose to have a few drinks and party to blow off some steam and you have a cheating cocktail at the ready.

In addition to the alcohol and odd hours, when you work as a server or bartender, chances are you’re somewhat attractive, with a bit of charm to boot, because you’ve gotta make those tips somehow! The flirty nature of the job and the fact that most working in the service industry are in the prime age for cheating (early twenties to mid thirties) means that this no-brainer is definitely a major contender for infidelity.

6 Massage Therapists

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I mean, you are touching naked people’s bodies all day, so who can blame you if you’re getting a little more handsy than you should? According to the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, the divorce rate among massage therapists is a whopping 38.22%! When you’re surrounded by people who are stripped naked and are opening up to you about their lives because they feel relaxed enough to divulge the details, it can quickly lead to emotional and sexual infidelity.

In fact, a massage therapist was identified as the main reason for the split between actress Paula Patton and singer Robin Thicke back in 2014, and massage therapists have regularly been pointed to as the reason for the breakup of a wealthy marriage or relationship. While it definitely takes two to tango, you can’t ignore the evidence that massage therapists are one of the professions that are more likely to cheat.

5 Military

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When you’re spending so much time away from home, infidelity is a constant threat and temptation. When you’re working as a woman in the military, you are surrounded by men, and so the thought of cheating on your SO back home with a guy you’re constantly around is a very real issue. Military relationships have gotten a lot of flack for residing in one of the least faithful professions, and it is true that women and men alike have given in and cheated while in the military. The intensity of training and the close quarters allow for a physical intimacy unlike a lot of other careers, and the fact that many military men are in excellent shape adds fuel to the infidelity fire. If only one member of relationship is in the military, that disconnect between them can be very palpable, and make it easier for a woman to fall into cheating instead of trying her best to remain faithful.

4 Police Officers

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With their irregular hours, high-adrenaline atmosphere, and position of authority, police officers are given a prime opportunity to cheat on their partners. The high amounts of stress experienced by police officers can lead to them looking to decompress in ways that aren’t exactly beneficial to a solid relationship, and so police officers are one of the top six professions most likely to lead to infidelity!

While male police officers often bear the brunt of this designation, female police officers aren’t immune to it, either. The culture of the job ensures long hours working with a few select officers, and seeing certain disturbing situations can make it difficult for police officers to open up to their partners about it, so they instead turn to their professional partners – and soon emotional intimacy can segue into physical infidelity. Cheating is a part of life when it comes to working in law enforcement, similar to how lawyers have a higher rate of cheating when compared to other professions.

3 Entertainers

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When you’re surrounded by adoring fans, it can be difficult to refrain from taking advantage of what is being thrown at you. Working as an actor, model, or dancer requires reliance on good looks and a body that’s in tip-top shape. Additionally, these jobs require plenty of physical contact, whether it be in photoshoots, on the set, or on stage. Getting up close and personal with a costar can lead to real sparks flying when the cameras aren’t rolling, and that is why careers in the entertainment industry require plenty of open communication among partners to ensure that jealousy doesn’t drive them apart.

If you look at those who work in entertainment, there are multiple occasions where relationships have been rocked by cheating on all sides, simply because they are surrounded by too many beautiful people. That much money, beauty, and ego make for a toxic combination when it comes to maintaining a solid, healthy relationship.

2 Athletes

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Similar to entertainers, athletes are also surrounded by fans who praise their talents. Another extremely physical career choice, female athletes face the same temptation to male athletes, with being on the road, on TV, in magazines, and all over the news on a regular basis. With multi-million dollar major contracts, female athletes can be in the spotlight as much as their male counterparts (although there are fewer of them and further between).

The adrenaline that comes from playing sports, plus the need to keep the body in peak physical condition, can lead to an increased chance of infidelity and divorce. According to the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, alongside entertainers, those who work in sports have a 28.49% chance of divorce. However, that only accounts for those who have already married. In regards to relationships that haven’t signed on the dotted line, infidelity still manages to run rampant in the field of sports.

1 Finance Workers

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Hey, when you can basically buy your way in anywhere, it can get pretty difficult to hear the word “No”. For men, it has been determined that the more power they are given, the more likely they are to cheat, simply because they feel like they can without consequence – and the same can be said of women. The feeling of invincibility that comes with working in a high-powered job can contribute to the power-hungry, ego-centric persona that encourages a cheater.

Additionally, since these jobs require so much time and effort, it may be difficult to maintain a solid relationship outside of the office, and so cheating provides an emotional and physical outlet for stress, as well as a bit of an exercise in authority and power-tripping. Across the board, professionals in the financial sector have been pointed to as the occupation most likely to lead to divorce and infidelity. We suppose that love does cost a thing, then!

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