Tonight’s Episode Marks A First In Bachelor History

Tonight’s episode of The Bachelor will be a first in the franchise history!

The Bachelor is making waves, particularly with tonight’s groundbreaking episode. Major spoilers ahead, so beware! Monday’s The Bachelor finale will definitely be a shocker.

According to ET’s sources, Arie Luyendyk Jr. who is the current bachelor, proposed to one woman. However, he then broke up with her and is now in a current relationship with his initial second choice. Yikes! We can already imagine host Chris Harrison having a field day with this!

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The source at ET claims the franchise is switching things up in order to project the real-life events that just unfolded with Arie and his shocking decision. It has been revealed that for the first time ever, the finale will feature unedited scenes, tearing down any separation between the show itself and the audience, allowing them to be at the center of the drama.

“This is an unprecedented and extremely unusual move for the franchise. The show will include completely unedited scenes just as they were shot, with both cameras visible at all times to show every word and every moment of an incredibly emotional moment,” says a source at ET.

This airing is the first time The Bachelor will be making such a drastic move in its 21 seasons of being on air. This new format will deliver any and all scenes in their rawest form, and will contain no music, no jump cuts, no editing at all... just a lot of awkward pauses and painful silence.

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According to ET, the woman that Arie initially proposed to and then broke up with had no idea it was coming. “She felt totally blindsided,” said ET. Lucky for us, not so much for her, we will be able to see it all unfold before our eyes as it happened!

Along with their use of raw footage, The Bachelor will also be changing up their typical finale schedule. As of now, Monday night's episode will be three hours long, followed by a live two-hour After The Final Rose on Tuesday where the next Bachelorette will also be announced.

Arie will be there to answer any and all questions the ladies have for him, and we’re sure the ladies are readily waiting to grill Luyendyk about what went down. Grab the popcorn, a glass of wine, and enjoy what is expected to be the most intense and dramatic episode in The Bachelor history!

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