'Toasted Coconut Hair' Is The Perfect Trend For Lazy Brunettes Who Want To Go Blonde

A new blonde/brunette hair-color trend is sweeping the nation. Toasted coconut, a favorite of Instagram stylists, is transforming staid brunettes into brondes, combining blonde and brown hues.

The color trend of the moment is all about mixing up a classic brunette tone with shades of blonde, hence the name toasted coconut. It’s essentially a 2018 version of ombré. "It's a very rich, dark root that softly transitions and melts into blonder ends," says Baltimore colorist Ami Rexroth.

According to Atlanta hairstylist Kayluh Stewart, to achieve toasted coconut perfection, you start off by dying naturally brown hair a deeper shade to add depth and dimension to the roots, making the blonde ends look even brighter.

Then, a lightener is painted on with a color-melting technique, seamlessly blending shades together without separation lines. Finally, after the bleach is processed, the blonde is toned down with a toner to create a contrast known as toasted coconut hair.

Natural brunettes are the best candidates for toasted coconut coloring because their roots are already dark, therefore, it is an easy way to add richness and dimension with bright tones to hair. Also, there is no need for root touch-ups since the color will simply become toastier as the hair grows.

For those with gray hair, toasted coconut is also a way to add coverage. The hairstylist dyes the hair with a base color first and then goes in with a lightener for blonde highlights.

Michelle Gonzalez, a hairstylist at Mimi's Salon in Belmar, New Jersey, says toasted coconut hair is a great color transition from summer to fall.

"Girls sit in my chair at the end of the summer and are conflicted if they want to be cool or warm toned, and this technique gives you both," says Gonzalez. "The warm brown at the root melts perfectly into the cool blonde on the ends."

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"A toasted coconut color is a good transition from summer to fall — instead of completely darkening your hair for the colder weather you can start by darkening just your root and dragging it down into your blonde to keep a seamless, dimensional, and high-contrast blend," Gonzalez adds.

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