New Year, New You: Foolproof Tips For Keeping Your 2019 New Year's Resolutions

2018 is winding down, and that means it is time to make some 2019 New Year's resolutions. Many people enjoy the idea of making resolutions each year. However, the majority of people who do make them, also break them after a month or two.

The fact is that it can not only be hard to stick to those New Year goals but people also tend to go crazy with them. Sometimes it is a matter of taking on too much at once. Thankfully, there are a few tips that, if followed, can help almost anyone stick to and achieve their 2019 New Year's resolutions.

First and foremost is to write down each goal for the next year. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. A journal will suffice. Some people prefer to get more complicated with a spreadsheet, goal date, etc. Now that is okay, but the purpose of writing things down is to have a guide that can be revisited throughout the year. It can be super simple.

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Next, it is essential to have a plan to achieve those goals. The plan needs to include specific steps to accomplishing the goal, as well as a way to measure it. At the end of the year, it should be easy to tell whether or not the goal was met.

Talk about resolutions out loud with other people. The more people that know about the resolution, the more people there are to help when it comes to accountability. Also, it is an excellent way to create a small support group of close friends and family.

The most important trick to keeping 2019 New Year is simply being realistic. As mentioned above people can go crazy with unattainable or too many goals for one year. It is best not to create resolutions that may be difficult to achieve but are possible. Also, try to limit the resolutions to about three per year.

Finally, and this is probably the most fun trick, celebrate those milestones. On the way to achieving those goals, there have to be milestones for accountability. For example, if a resolution is to lose 20 pounds, set a milestone that when 10 pounds are lost a celebration is in order. It doesn't have to be a big party. Go to the movies, have a nice dinner, buy a new outfit, whatever it is, do something exciting just celebrate.

2019 is almost here, are you ready to make those New Year's resolutions and stick with them? Let us know what your resolutions are in the comments!


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