Tips From A Masseuse: How To Impress Your Spouse

While it's very easy to be cynical and believe that all forms of romance are dead, we often forget all the small things we can do for our significant others to spark intimacy. The simplest things can very easily be the ones that help take our romantic relationships and encounters to the next level. It doesn't all have to be about expensive gifts and trips to an exotic paradise. While these are fantastic things to keep the spark going, they aren't necessary 100% of the time.

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On the contrary - our partners tend to appreciate simple gestures done on a daily basis more than big surprises that come once every full moon. Massages, for instance, are incredibly intimate gestures that can do wonders to a relationship. Few things establish a strong bond and build trust and intimacy like a sensual massage can. So, if you've been wondering just how you can do something to impress your significant other next time around, we leave you with ten tips from a masseuse guaranteed.

10 Setting The Mood

Much like everything, a good massage begins with setting the right mood. Of course, giving an unexpected massage will automatically make anyone feel happy, excited, and relaxed at the same time. But making sure that everything around you gives off the right vibes is the perfect way to start off on the right foot.

Think about what you would like for a romantic, sensual, and relaxing environment. Light a few scented candles that you know your partner will appreciate, dim the lights without making it complete darkness, and put on some ambient music. Nothing too strong, just enough to set the perfect mood.

9 Use Something Extra


Skin friction is a thing. You don't want your romantic night to end up being ruined by a skin rash or anything of the sort. In order to avoid this, make sure you get the help you need in the form of massage oil. And take your time choosing it, because this part is incredibly important!

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Any store you go to is sure to offer an enormous selection of massage oils. The key here is finding something that won't be ridiculously sticky or too slippery, since you want to maintain the feeling of skin contact, which is where the intimacy part stems from. Remember to heat it a little bit in your palms before applying it as well.

8 Take It Easy

Remember that this is not a race. Don't perceive the act of giving your partner a massage as a gateway to something else more sexual or exciting. More than anything, the act of massaging your partner should be about establishing intimacy and reinforcing the bond that already exists between you. It's an act of care, not something you give in order to receive a reward.

Take it very easy. Use this experience as a chance to get reacquainted with your partner's body, every inch of their skin, every tiny mark you hadn't noticed before. This is about relaxing for them, so don't rush it for ten minutes and call it a night. That's incredibly anti-climatic and takes away from what could be an otherwise beautiful moment.

7 Confidence Is Key

If you're reading this article, chances are, you're not a professional masseuse. So it might sound a little intimidating to give massaging your partner a try. What if they don't like it? What if you use too much oil, or not enough? It's more than natural that some of these doubts will haunt you for a bit. But this is where you have to remember that confidence is key.

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The simple fact that you are going out of your way to make your partner feel better, and preparing something special for them, will be enough to make them happy and excited. Don't think about making it perfect - rather enjoy the experience as much as you can. Second-guessing yourself will bring nothing good to the experience, so just relax.

6 Use Your Whole Hand

One of the things that make massages so incredibly relaxing is the act of applying pressure on sore and tired muscles. We've all experienced it to some extent, which is why you should be aware that applying this pressure must be something you do when giving your significant one a massage.

Especially if this is your first time doing it, you might be tempted to just use the tips of your fingers for fear of hurting them. But this doesn't really do much - make sure you use your whole hand around the skin and muscles to help them fully relax.

5 Start From Behind

This is obviously standard practice, but it doesn't hurt to remind you! When you're ready to begin, invite your partner to lay down on their stomach and take their shirt off. You can either choose to stand or sit, but since this is supposed to be an intimate moment, sitting somewhere below the lower back is advisable.

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Begin with the shoulders and neck, and take some time here, since this is where the most tension tends to accumulate. The slowly move to the back and keep going up and down between neck, shoulders, the sides, and center of the back.

4 Move It Down Lower

It might somewhat surprise you the suggestion of taking the massage a little further than just the standard back, neck and shoulders. However, if you want to make this a moment to remember, and make sure that your partner is fully relaxed, go ahead and massage other parts of the body.

Once you've spent a good amount of time catering to the three sections we've already mentioned, move it down to the thighs and calves. These muscles are also prone to be tenser and more tired, so give them some extra love. Plus, the more areas you massage, the better acquainted you get with your significant other's body!

3 Listen To The Body

It's very important that you relax and let yourself go a bit while you're massaging your partner. However, don't disconnect to the point where you're not paying attention to what the body is telling you. The last thing you want is your significant other screaming because you hit a bad spot!

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While you are busy massaging the muscles, listen carefully to how they feel. Spend extra time on those who feel tenser and harsher, and massage them carefully until you feel them completely relax. Also, pay attention to the reactions of your partner. Some deeper hums of pleasure are great indicators of what you should be doing more of.

2 Don't Neglect The Chest

Once you are done paying enough attention to the back, shoulders and neck, and after you make sure you paid the legs a visit, tell your partner to lie on their back. Remember - a sensual and intimate massage is about connecting with your partner's body, and the chest and stomach are part of it!

Plus, this is a great moment to get some eye contact going while you help them relax. Nothing screams love and intimacy harder than a few intense moments of eye contact, especially while you are giving them something so good. Slowly massage their chest area while staring deep into their eyes, and the sparks will come out flying.

1 Pay Attention To Their Face

Once you are about to finish the session, surprise them with something quite unexpected. Some of the most sensual and erotic zones on the body are around or close to the face. So, in order to take maximum advantage of this, end things with a couple of tricks.

With two fingers, press the temples softly for a few seconds, and then slowly move down to the cheeks while doing circular movements, all the way down to the jaw. When you reach that point, softly graze their lips, taking advantage of all the nerve endings of this area. The perfect ending for a beautiful experience!

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