21 Times Celebs' Social Media Pictures Were Absolutely Stunning

Are you following your favorite celebrity on social media? Let's face it — if you're anything like us, you're following more celebrities than people that you actually know IRL and we can't blame you. We love our favorite stars and keeping up with them is part of our everyday life, not to mention they serve as total inspo for our own little grids on social media, especially when we're trying to look just as glam. We love getting a sneak peek into all the behind-the-scenes moments and, of course, seeing all the stunning photos celebs decide to share.

Today, we're commenting and hitting the like button on celebrities who look absolutely gorgeous on social media, whether promoting what they're working on, or just posting a picture from everyday life, these stars are our daily feed inspiration and absolutely stunning, even if we're still waiting for them to follow us back... Either way, we like them and we think you will too.

From Selena Gomez, the most followed girl, to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, we've got all your favorites, even some handsome heartthrobs too, Liam Hemsworth we're looking at you. Read on to see some of the most stunning celebrity social media shots!

21 Kendall Jenner Is Modeling Airbrushed Skin And A Laid-Back Look


Kendall Jenner made headlines this week for ‘gramming a smooch with none other than her BFF’s brother! That’s right, she locked lips with Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid’s brother, Anwar Hadid, and people went crazy! Is she breaking a gal pal rule, or trying to become sisters with her famous friends?

We can’t say just yet!

Regardless, Kendall is underrated as far as the Kardashian-Jenner family goes.

She’s gorgeous, a model, and generally, keeps her private life pretty low key! We would be lying if we said her Instagram wasn’t total inspiration. From high fashion looks to her looking gorgeous here with a fresh-faced look!

20 Selena Gomez Always Comes Back To Us


According to Hollywood Life, Selena Gomez “still has very deep feelings for Justin [Bieber], despite everything that’s happened there’s a lot of love there.” An insider reported that it “stings” for Selena to see Justin back together with Hailey Baldwin, who we were hoping would be dating Shawn Mendes by now, but whatever!

The heart wants what the heart wants! Regardless of the sting, Selena might be feeling, what’s really sharp is her Instagram account. Selena happens to be the most followed person on Instagram, no big deal and we know why. With almost 150 million followers, Selena teases music video trailers, but also just generally looks like an absolute goddess and we’re here for it!

19 Lili Reinhart Supports Self-Love And Has A Stunning Feed


Lili Reinhart made headlines earlier this month when the tabloids suggested that she was pregnant. People magazine reports that Lili shut down rumors by saying: “It’s unfortunate that one unflattering photo of my stomach circulating the internet causes hundreds of people to think that I’m pregnant. Nope. Not pregnant.”

Since shutting down body-shamers, Lili has partnered with Aerie and took to Instagram to post a body positive message, along with a swimsuit photo.

She wrote: “Some days are harder than others to accept your body for how it is."

Lili’s feed is filled with gorgeous travel photos, pictures from magazine shoots, and some more casual photos of her everyday life, and we love it!

18 Khloe Kardashian Is Glowing...True!

Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram account is goals. Although she hasn’t posted much since giving birth to True and the allegations involving her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, we still love her feed.

From gorgeous pictures of flowers to her looking stunning with a cherry blossom background, Khloe has really come into her own on social media and we’re loving her body positivity, her modeling her clothing brand, Good American, and all the family photos!

According to E! News, Khloe is working to get her body back after baby. She shared: “It’s been so great being back in the gym with my trainer. I’m so motivated to get my body back and I’m feeling stronger every day.”

17 Zayn Malik, Looking In Our Direction


Zayn Malik is another celeb who is looking stunning on Instagram and honestly just in general and we think Gigi Hadid might agree with us on this one!

People have been wondering about the pair getting back together since their breakup this spring, and we, too, are wondering if they’re finally back on.

According to Hollywood Life, “Yolanda [Hadid] has been visiting her family in Holland, and she left Gigi and Zayn keys to her gorgeous farmhouse in the country. They’ve been having so much fun playing house together…Gigi’s been baking, cooking, and they’ve been taking long walks outside. It’s incredibly romantic, and it’s good for them.” What’s good for us? Following Zayn Malik and his currently purple hair on Instagram!

16 Beyoncé, We're Crazy In Love With This Natural Look


This week, Rumi and Sir celebrated their first birthday, and their first year was unforgettable. Beyoncé and Jay-Z are the power couple right now, especially with their On The Run tour. Not to mention, they recently let fans know that they had renewed their vows, in a ceremony including the twins and Blue Ivy.

They released video clips during their tour of the gorgeous ceremony. In the clips, Beyoncé wore natural-looking hair and makeup and basically looked bey-utiful. With over 100 million followers on Instagram, Beyoncé knows how to get a like, especially considering her pregnancy announcement for twins, Rumi and Sir, was one of the most liked Instagram posts of all time, we’re not jealous or anything.

15 Spotted, On Vacay Without B, Wait It's Actually Blake Lively


Blake Lively gave all of us a panic attack when she basically deleted every Instagram ever while promoting a new movie, but we can all breathe now because she’s back, as well as an archive of all of her old photos, from fashion shots to celebrity BFF photos, and of course her pictures of her daily nail and purse details. Blake’s Instagram is goals.

She’s beautiful, obviously, but is also living her best life with fresh manicures, cute clutches, and her handsome and hilarious husband.

Her caption game is strong, and she is Serena Van Der Woodsen stunning. Blake and Ryan’s back and forth comments are the most beautiful part of their Instagrams, including last week when Blake and Ryan joked about Ryan’s “twin brother,” Blake admitted that she had the hots for Ryan’s fake twin and we’re still laughing about it.

14 Hilary Duff Is Glowing And It's Not Just Her Pregnancy News!


Hilary Duff made headlines last week when she announced that, surprise, she’s pregnant! Her and boyfriend, Matthew Koma, are expecting a baby girl together. It will be the first child for the couple, and the baby girl will be joining Hilary’s son Luca in the Duff household.

We think Hilary looks stunning, she’s absolutely glowing on the ‘gram and this was even before her pregnancy announcement! According to Daily Mail, Hilary said she was “so nervous beforehand because I thought for sure I was going to have a boy…My sister has girls and I feel like I’m really girly. But obviously, for the past six years, I’ve bought, like, monsters and trucks and planes.”

13 Kourtney Kardashian, Keeping Up With Her Gorgeous Pics


Kourtney Kardashian is living her absolute best life, sorry Scott Disick. She looks incredible, she has a cute young boyfriend, her home was recently featured in Elle, she launched a collaboration with Kylie this year, and took on Washington! Wait, what?

According to People, "Kourtney lobbied to reform the laws that regulate ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products in the U.S."

Does this make Kourtney Kardashian a regular Elle Woods?

We'll wait for the verdict on that one, but one thing we know for sure in that her Instagrams are absolutely stunning. Look no further than any of her summer shots, from vacation pics to modelesque poses, we're here for it!

12 Liam Hemsworth And A Puppy, You're Welcome


We'll give you a minute to print this one out and frame it. Liam Hemsworth is gorgeous enough, not to mention that Australian charm and accent. But seeing him cradle a puppy? This is what dreams are made of, at least our dreams anyway. Liam Hemsworth isn't just our top web search, but he's also Miley Cyrus' man.

Us Weekly reports one of Miley's close friends said this about the private couple: "They're such a great combination. You can be around them and do absolutely normal, dorky things. Trying to figure out where we're going to eat tonight and what's on Netflix."

11 We're Craving Chrissy Teigen's Look

Chrissy Teigen recently welcomed a second baby, Miles, and she and hubby John Legend seem the happiest they've ever been.

When Chrissy isn't posting absolutely gorgeous photos of herself, she's posting family photos and videos of behind-the-scenes, real-life moments.

Chrissy took to Instagram this week to feature John singing to baby Luna while changing her diaper. According to Today, John said this about parenthood, "I don't think Father's Day needs to be a big deal, but it's nice to feel appreciated a little. I do think Mother's Day is a bigger deal because — let's face it — being a mom is harder." How sweet is he?!

10 From KKW Beauty To Kim Kardashian Being A Beauty


Kim Kardashian is all over social media. And recently, she has even made headlines on the news. According to Bustle, Kim went to Washington D.C. to seek a pardon for Alice Johnson, and she was actually successful in doing so.

The power couple has gotten a lot of attention since Kanye's album release and since he took to Twitter with a new ad campaign for his Yeezy lineup, featuring multiple Kim Kardashian look-a-likes.

9 Maybe She's Born With It, Maybe She's Gigi Hadid


Gigi Hadid is obviously a supermodel and her Instagram is absolutely gorgeous; we love Gigi's aesthetic on social media and her fashion shots, of course.

However, we definitely love cute pics of her and on-again-off-again boyfriend, Zayn, the most.

According to Hollywood Life, the couple reached a new compromise in working out their relationship. The magazine writes: "They made a commitment to put their relationship first this time around, they both really want it to work. One thing they have agreed to do from now on is to have total transparency. They both get jealous at times so they've now agreed to share all passwords and give each other the right to check any messages on social media, phones, whatever."

8 Rihanna, Go On And Take A Bow For This Look


This is a public service announcement: Rihanna is making new music and that's music to our ears. According to Express, "Rihanna has confirmed she is working on new music at the moment." Yes! How talented can one human being be? From her super successful makeup line, Fenty Beauty, to her new movie, Ocean's 8, and now this?!

We're obsessed, not to mention Rihanna is absolutely gorgeous. We'd be lying if we said we didn't hit that little heart on all her pics! Apparently the Ocean's 8 cast hearts Rihanna, too! Anne Hathaway, in particular, opened up to Ellen about Rihanna giving her a little confidence boost. How cute!

7 Ariana Grande, Let Us Love This Super Blonde Look!


Okay, we have a lot to talk about when it comes to Ariana Grande. Yes, her Instagrams are absolutely gorgeous because she is absolutely gorgeous, but she's also engaged?!

We're living for the timelines of her relationship with Pete Davidson, considering they both recently got out of long-term romances with other people.

According to People, the pair started dating in May, later that same month Pete talked to a jeweler. People reports the jeweler said this, "Pete called me at the end of May and said, 'Look, I'm getting a ring. This is what I want...' He didn't tell me who it was for but told me to keep it a secret." Did Pete even know who it was for?!

6 We Love Drake's Handsome Pics, Even If He Only Loves His Bed And His Momma, We're Not Sorry


We only love our bed and Drake, and we're not sorry. Drake has some very handsome pictures on social media. But lately, he's made headlines for more than just his good looks! He apparently is a dad, he just did a tbt to Degrassi in a music video, and he helped Kanye write a song on his new album.

According to Pop Sugar, "The 31-year-old rapper reportedly has a son...and has been 'financially supporting' him since his arrival." So Drake allegedly has a son, but we didn't even mention that we only learned about him because of, basically, a rap battle between Drake and Pusha T. Is Drake's son as cute as him? Only time will tell!

5 Miley Cyrus Has Got The Voice And The Look


Miley Cyrus is yet another celeb who is looking absolutely stunning on Instagram. Miley definitely keeps it real, posting everyday photos of what she looks like.

But recently she's upped her game with gorgeous glamour shots, like the one above.

According to Vogue, the star is even giving back, "The singer debuted a special Converse capsule collection dedicated to Pride 2018 earlier this week, continuing her ongoing collaboration with the brand. With all proceeds going to LGBTQ youth organizations." We're loving Cyrus' new look and the fact that she's trying to make a positive impact on young people!

4 Bella Hadid Models A Dewy Fresh Face Look And We Love It


Bella Hadid is a model, literally, so it's no wonder that she looks absolutely stunning in every Instagram she's ever posted. She has perfect skin, an insane fashion sense, and a girl squad of our dreams!

But Bella is a real person, just like you and me.

She opened up to Elle recently and said: "I visited my friend on her boat...recently and had a bowl of the most delicious pasta, but I was so tired that I fell asleep...I had a nap in the sun wearing my Christian Dior bikini so now I've got CD burnt into my back! At least I'm on brand..."

3 Give Our Hearts A Break, Demi Lovato Looks Stunning In This Sundress


Demi Lovato's Instagram is GOALS. Demi is clearly living her best life, from sultry vacation photos to her rocking athletic wear, the star looks amazing!

Demi has always been pretty open about her personal struggles, especially in her documentary 'Simply Complicated'.

Recently, Teen Vogue reported on her officially giving up dieting: "It was important to me to share that with my followers because there are so many people who feel pressured by society and diet culture, and I feel like someone has to speak out and say that you don't have to force yourself to lose weight, or to look a certain way."

2 Kylie Jenner, The Calm Before The Storm, Leopard Print Roars


Motherhood has been good to Kylie Jenner. Do you see that glow? The celeb has always been absolutely stunning, but motherhood seems to have really made her the happiest Kardashian Jenner of them all, and there's a lot of them!

Unfortunately, it seems as though we won't be seeing any more stunning pics of the adorable baby, Stormi. According to Elite Daily, "Jenner revealed on Monday, June 11, that she'd no longer be sharing pics of her baby." This comes after accusations that Stormi's father is really an old bodyguard of the family's. Kylie, of course, has denied these allegations.

1 Justin Timberlake, Man Of The Woods, And Our Hearts


If you didn't have a poster of JT hanging on your bedroom wall for the entirety of your teenage years, we can't be friends. Justin Timberlake is stunning, on and off the 'gram.

What makes Justin Timberlake even more perfect? Fatherhood.

According to ET, Justin said this about being a dad: "I've never felt more inept in my life. My 3-year-old's already running our house. My wife and I, when we have a night off and we get him to bed and we sit down and watch a movie or something, we're like, 'What did we do before this?'" Justin, we're still waiting for you and an NSYNC reunion.

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