Tiny Homes Are Real And They're Amazing: 25 Small Homes We Want To Vacation In Next

Tiny homes are the newest trend right now, and they're some of the most amazing structures you'll ever see. Sure, they might be small, but these homes do an amazing job of squeezing everything you could ever want in a home into a cute little package. And even if tiny homes totally don't appeal to our readers, they're still really fun to look at. But hey, this might just be the moment of realization that tiny homes really are the way to go. And to be honest, there are tons of benefits. For one, they're cheap to make. This is huge in today's economy, where millennials struggle to even rent a place. All it takes is a few years of saving at the most, and suddenly you're in a position where you never have to pay rent or mortgage bills ever again.

That being said, tiny homes aren't for everyone, and they mostly appeal to people who love a sense of adventure, living in rural areas, and being completely off the grid. But the best part about tiny homes is that there's no need to live in them full-time. You can easily book a vacation in one of these online, or even choose to rent one out for months at a time. It's definitely a trend that's grabbing the attention of people all around the world, and these pictures prove why...

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25 A Musician's Dream


At first glance, this tiny home looks like it is simple, well-designed, spacious, and incredibly decorated. But as Country Living reports, there's a lot more to it than meets the eye. See that mysterious structure on the left, which looks a lot like a guitar amp? Well, that's exactly what it is; that is a guitar amp!

That's right, it can be plugged into musical instruments and the deck doubles as a stage.

Clearly, this tiny home was built by some seriously musically-inclined people! This is an obvious example of someone's dream come to life, a perfect combination of creativity and utility!

24 An Awesome Tiny Home Treehouse


Almost everyone had once dreamed of having the ultimate treehouse when they were kids, and this tiny home proves those dreams don't have to die — they can come to life! Yes, this is indeed a tiny home wrapped around a tree formation, and it's definitely one of the coolest we've laid eyes on.

The trees are actually used to add structure to the house, and one of the trees goes right up through the porch. Country Living reports that although this tiny home looks small, it's extremely spacious on the inside, boasting a large living room and an office area.

23 The Interior Of This Tiny Home Is Anything But Stifling


Although the outside of a tiny home is really cool to look at, it is often the interior that really knocks your socks off. These tiny homes have to be very smart and inventive when it comes to things like storage and use of space.

It's really a joy to see these tiny homes pull off this challenge!

You can see that a lot of thought and careful planning was put into this living area, which is also a kitchen. No expense was spared here, and as HGTV reports, the room features granite countertops, a mini stove, and some expertly placed windows.

22 This Tiny Home Is Just Too Cozy


As New Atlas reports, this is just one of the many variations of tiny homes made by a company called Roadhaus. This tiny home can be customized in many different ways, but all models tend to share that stunning roof which adds plenty of character to the home. Another key addition to this house is the open concept.

With plenty of massive windows and open space, this tiny home will never make people feel cramped. We just love the simplicity and modern aesthetic of this amazing house. Plus, with big open windows, lots of light can be let in, making the living space quaint but lively.

21 A Thoroughly Modern Take On A Tiny Home


We love the modern, cozy vibes we get from this tiny home, and the owner is now living the dream. Although this looks like a home even a millionaire would love to live in, it only cost the owner about $11,000 to make, according to Country Living. She now lives rent- and mortgage-free in her 196 square foot home.

And she is really is living the dream.

The walls are made from recycled wood, although the end result is modern and stylish. That means this home is reusing materials to make something completely new, functional, homey, and cute! When can we move in?

20 A Tiny Home For Those Who Love The Water


What happens when you roll a boathouse and a tiny home into one neat package? You get this unique creation! Made by a couple who clearly love the water, this house was assembled on land before it was placed the water on top of Styrofoam, flotation devices, and logs. Living on the water has never been easier with solar panels to provide electricity at night.

According to Country Living, Water is transported to the house each day via canoe, so this isn't for the faint of heart! It's definitely the type of house for a particular type of lifestyle: one that mixes adventure and the everyday!

19 The Interior Of This Tiny Home Is Stunning


When it comes to this incredible tiny home, there is just so much to love. While the exterior of this structure is certainly stunning, it really is the interior that really blows us away. That amazing, huge window you see on the side of this kitchen was once a garage door. And yes, it still works!

That means that it only takes the flip of a switch to turn this interior into a passage into the exterior.

The New Atlas explains that at a drop of a hat, the garage door window can be raised or lowered, opening up your room to the outdoors in a way that is sure to cure even the most persistent cases of claustrophobia!

18 A Tiny Little Watchtower


Aside from the awesome shape of this tiny home, the best part about this structure is its name: the "Yolo County Cabin." According to Country Living, the structure was inspired by the water towers in the area around this farmland locale. In fact, the tower provides some stunning views from the top.

For all of us who have dreamed of one day living in a castle, this tower is not a bad alternative to that fairytale ending. I mean, just imagine shouting, "I'm the king of the castle" down to all of the people below! What a thrill.

17 For Those Who Are All About The Porch Life


There's something about this tiny home that seems extremely charming. It just has such a welcoming vibe to it, and you can really sense that this is not just a house, it's someone's home. And as Country Living reports, there's a truly heartwarming story behind this amazing structure.

The original house that belonged to these owners was destroyed by the detrimental effects of Hurricane Katrina.

So, they downsized to this cottage of about 576 square feet.

You can still see the original house's staircase, but the defining feature of the new house has got to be that incredible porch that overlooks the stairs!

16 The Interior Of This Tiny Home Is Way More Spacious Than We Thought


There are some seriously futuristic vibes coming from this tiny home. While the exterior of this house looks pretty futuristic, we're truly immersed in its advanced nature when we step outside. Just look at all that open space!

It looks almost like something you'd see in a Star Wars movie, and it's the perfect place to set up a home or business. This office space is clean and neat, looks out onto a natural landscape, and is simple and to the point.

As New Atlas reports, it's called the Wikkelhouse, and it takes only a day to assemble. It's also only 500 kilograms and costs a modest $35,000.

15 A Tropical Hawaiian Tiny Home


So far, we have seen tiny homes that are mostly situated in a forest or in more temperate environments. But how would a tiny home exist in a tropical atmosphere? Well, look no further than this amazing house, which was built all the way out in the tropics of Hawaii!

As you can see, it's picture perfect, providing the perfect jungle bungalow for the makers of this masterpiece.

And the best part about this tiny house is that you can rent it out! According to Country Living, it's just a short walk away from one of Hawaii's best surf spots.

14 Could This Tiny Home Get Any Cuter?


Log cabins are the quintessential cozy little home that we all dream of. This tiny home has an amazing look, and we're totally sold by those incredible wood panels that decorate the house's walls. It has a very "cottagey" vibe to it, and it reminds us of a little of a Hobbit Hole!

As HGTV reports, the house is built on the frame of an RV, but you can't just move it around anytime you like. It's designed to stay put. It's called the Nest, and it's made by a company called Nest. We're not quite sure why, but we find this tiny home incredibly charming.

13 Another Gorgeous Tiny Treehouse


If this tiny home looks exactly like a childhood dream, don't be surprised. As Country Living points out, this home was very much designed for kids.

It has got to be the absolute dream for any kids that are outdoorsy and like to spend their time climbing trees and chilling in hammocks.

Located in a kids' summer camp in Wisconsin, this amazing treehouse home is the perfect hangout spot, complete with blankets, swing sets, and even more goodies inside. The tiny home might not be available for just anyone to live in, but it is definitely very inspiring, and it shows us what's possible with these tiny homes.

12 This Tiny Home Even Has A Fireplace


If there's one thing that tiny homes do well, it's the whole "cozy" vibe. And what better way to amplify that feeling than a perfectly situated fireplace?

Just imagine curling up on the couch and watching those artificial flames crackle away.  And seriously, what could be better?

As the New Atlas explains, this room is just one part of an amazing tiny home called the Retreat, which measures a mere 10 meters in length. But there are so many amazing additions packed into this tiny home, including a stunning loft bedroom. All you have to do is climb the ladder to reach it!

11 A Luxury Tiny Cabin


Looking at this tiny home, we want to move in right away. Clearly, this cabin is one of the most high-end tiny homes we've ever seen.

It exudes modern and stylish vibes all around.

This might look pretty expensive, but it was built on a large RV — meaning this 392 square foot home is actually mobile, as it sits on wheels and can be uprooted at any time!

As Country Living reports, the spacious and open interior features a fireplace and many other additions. This home can also be rented out for those who want a taste of tiny home living!

10 A Tiny Modern Masterpiece Nestled In The Wild


Sometimes, having a good tiny home is all about picking the right spot. And to that end, the people who made this one have certainly excelled. As you can see, the rock formations really add to the deck, providing a neat feeling that fuses the natural with the chic and modern. Nestled right in the woods of Chappaqua, New York, this home is 300 square feet of perfection.

According to Country Living, the design team who made this house chose the wood and colors very carefully, so that it would perfectly blend into the nature around it. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow the day's light to transcend the boundaries of the domestic space.

9 This Tiny Home Features A Gorgeous Dining Room


One of the things that really dissuades people from going down the tiny-home route is the sense that they will be losing some degree of luxury in their new, scaled-down house. People may tend to feel claustrophobic just thinking about downsizing.

But just take a look at this gorgeous dining area.

Let's be honest, this is better-looking than many of our own houses!

It might be small, but it's simply stunning, and it's somewhere that many of us would be happy to eat dinner every night.

As New Atlas explains, this is part of a tiny home model called the Escher. We wouldn't mind having one!

8 A Gorgeous Tiny Home With A Breathtaking Roof


If you think tiny homes will make you claustrophobic, just take a look at this amazing structure. That roof is more than just a beautiful addition on the outside. It also adds some truly incredible 17-foot ceilings in the interior, totally removing any cramped feelings within.

According to Country Living, this tiny home is made by a company called Wheelhaus, and it's based on an RV, similar to the tiny-home we looked at earlier. And it's definitely not as tiny as some of the other homes mentioned so far, a square footage of 400 feet, but it's certainly as stylish and cozy as many of the others!

7 Sustainability And Beauty Rolled Into A Tiny Package


Although this tiny home takes cues from old farmhouse designs, it was built with a modern, sustainable mindset.

The house is made almost entirely from a sustainable and recycled material, making it a positive impact on the environment.

According to Country Living, this prefab structure is 250 square feet and is made by a company called Broadhurst Architects. And the best part? If you get tired of your surroundings, simply dismantle the house set it up somewhere else! This is definitely one of the best options we've seen so far.

6 This Tiny Home Actually Expands Out When You Park It


One of the trickiest challenges there is when it comes to making a great tiny home is figuring out how to maximize space. This might strike you as an obvious obstacle to be faced when downsizing significantly. But when you look at some of the best tiny homes on the market, they use all kinds of ingenious methods to make the most out of the small amount of square footage their working with.

This is an awesome picture of the interior of the "Aurora" tiny home, which actually expands out when you park it. As New Atlas reports, the tiny home expands to about 375 feet and can run off the grid with solar panels.

5 Color And Style — Everything We Want In A Tiny Home


One of the best things about having a tiny home is the amount of personalization that is possible. This may sound strange considering how limited your space becomes when living in a tiny home. However, the sky is the limit when it comes to the colors that you use, the shape of your house, and just about every other detail you can imagine.

There are no pesky neighbors to complain about your choices, and the house can be a complete reflection on your own personality.

Such is the case with this jaw-dropping tiny home, and as Country Living reports, the owners simply connected two mobile trailers and built on top of that.

4 Gardeners Dream Of Tiny Homes Like This One


Even if you have a tiny home, that doesn't mean you have to have a tiny home. Indeed, one of the many benefits of tiny homes is the fact that you can get a lot more usage out of your land. But what if you want a greenhouse? Well, this home has got you covered.

This ready-made house is sold by Olive Nest Tiny Homes and is known as the Elsa. And as Country Living reports, it has an attachable porch and greenhouse, meaning you can grow your favorite foods all year round — a must have for people who are trying the whole "off the grid" thing.

3 This Tiny Home Comes Equipped With A Beautiful Staircase


The whole notion of a second floor poses a unique challenge for a lot of tiny-home builders, and it's something that a lot of these houses avoid entirely. But with the right approach, a tiny home can have a cozy upper floor, just like any other normal, full-sized house.

There are many different approaches, with some simply adding ladders for people to access lofts.

But for this tiny home, beautiful wooden stairs were added.

As HGTV reports, these stairs also double as storage, and these features are found in a tiny home called the "hOMe," built by EcoCabins.

2 A Tiny Home For Those Who Want To Hide In The Woods


For many people, the whole appeal of tiny homes is being able to get away from it all. And this tiny home definitely delivers for those people. If you were looking at this house from a distance, you probably wouldn't even know it was there.

That's because the house is completely shrouded in beautiful pine trees, and the builders have incorporated the forest aesthetic into their home. And as Country Living reports, this house is made from tons of reclaimed wood and recycled material. By the way, we love those egg chairs hanging out front.

1 There's Something Really Charming About This Cute, Simple Tiny Home


This is definitely one of the most stylish tiny homes we've seen. If this looks like it was built for an artist, that's probably because it sort of was.

This tiny home was thought-up when designer collaborated with a music student to build the perfect home to live in while attending school.

As HGTV reports, it was made using eco-friendly methods and materials, and also boasts a stunning interior. (Are you even surprised, though? Look how modern and chic the exterior is!) Everything about this tiny home suggests that a lot of thought was put into it, and that's what makes it so visually stunning.

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