19 Tinder Profiles We’d Swipe Right On…Just For The Laughs

Tinder has become one o the most popular dating apps over the last few years. It gives users a way to quickly go through lots of potential matches and communicate only with those that they are actually interested in. The only problem with this is that you only have a very limited amount of time to stand out from the crowd and get people’s attention with your profile. One way that some cheeky individuals do this is by creating hysterical pages that are sure to make everyone laugh

Managing to straddle the line between being funny instead of just plain old weird is a tough task, but these people have all managed to do it very effectively. Maybe you might even find some ideas to spice up your own dating profiles.

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Duck Taco
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19 Duck Taco

Duck Taco
via imgur.com

It is no wonder that this guy’s family think he is a bit weird. The fact that he has a duck taco costume in the first place should raise some eyebrows. There’s no denying, though, that such an image is bound to capture the attention of anyone who comes across it.

18 Animal Shelter Hero

Animal Shelter Hero
via pinterest.com

Surely, no one could resist 25-year-old Reid. The bloke not only looks great, but has the added benefit of being a bona fide hero. Just look at him courageously saving those poor animals from an animal shelter that is burning down in this genuine and authentic image. True heroes aren't born. They're made. 

17 The Ultimate Man

The Ultimate Man
via imgur.com

According to Casey’s profile, he is an all American hero who can ride a velociraptor while shooting an automatic weapon. Not only that, but he could also give Chuck Norris a run for his money when it comes to exceptional displays of strength and power. The man is probably allowed to skip the queue at Disney World as well.

16 A Real Celebrity

A Real Celebrity
via uberhumor.com

Anyone lucky to match up with this user will not only find themselves with an impressive looking young woman but also with a genuine celebrity. That’s if her profile can be believed of course. Although we can’t see anyone lying about being the second-best flower arranger in the South East.

15 The Texan Batman?

The Texan Batman
via imgur.com

There is a lot to take in with Vincent’s profile. Whether it is his strange diet or the slightly odd taste in women, this person knows exactly what he does and doesn’t want. Although he doesn’t confirm that he is actually Batman, he certainly makes a good point that he could be.

14 Becky Likes Her Balls

Becky Likes Her Balls
via thechive.com

Becky gets straight to the point with her profile. Not only does she state exactly what she likes in her bio, but her picture also helps to illustrate that point very well. The colorful picture is sure to attract a lot of attention and there are definitely going to be a lot of people who like what Becky has to say.

13 Not Quite A Night In Shining Armor

Not Quite A Night In Shining Armor
via imgur.com

Petar doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to letting everyone know what he is looking for. He wants somebody who probably has a little less self-esteem than he does so that they have lower standards and give him a chance. Not exactly the knight in shining armor that many girls will be looking for, but who among us is?

12 Finding Waldo

Finding Waldo
via thechive.com

Finding Waldo is never an easy task so matching with him on Tinder should be seen as a real achievement for anyone who manages to do it. The character is definitely grateful for the company, so people who come across him will probably add him just to try and stop him for being so lonely again in the future.

11 The Best A Man Can Get

The Best A Man Can Get
via funny-memes.us

20-year-old Heather only gives away two pieces of information in her bio apart from her name and age. These are declarations that prove she is a definite catch for anyone who matches will her– but also a warning that she isn’t to be messed with. Probably best for those who like to live dangerously.

10 Everything A Guy Could Want

Everything A Guy Could Want
via reddit.com

What isn’t to like about Kaity’s profile? The 26-year-old is a dream thanks to her love of everything geeky like dinosaurs and Harry Potter. The fact that she is also fond of food makes her the perfect partner for cheese lovers, as well, as she might even grab you some on the way back from the kitchen.

9 Not Christian Friendly

Not Christian Friendly
via reddit.com

Christian Mingle is exactly like Tinder only it is far more focused on the religious lives of users. We don’t know what Courtney did to get kicked off that service, but it is surely good news for all those on Tinder and a loss of to all the Christians out there looking for a date.

8 Rapper’s Delight

Rapper’s Delight
via twitter.com

There are a lot of reasons why someone might want a boyfriend. They might want some company, a person to go on adventures with, or just someone to have a cuddle with on the couch. In the case of Sydney, she just wants someone to sing the backing vocals on a rap track so she can give a flawless performance in the gym.

7 Chin Up

Chin Up
via tumblr.com

Mahlon, a 17-year-old, is not one to deny that he doesn’t have any flaws whatsoever. He freely admits that he doesn’t have a chin, but still proudly displays his face for everyone to see. If you want someone with chiseled features, he may not be the best person for you, but his confidence is second to none.

6 Free Food

Free Food
via reddit.com

If Rachel’s profile gets her a match with enough people, she might be able to get enough free food to ensure she never has to buy a meal ever again. At least she is honest about exactly why she is on Tinder and what she wants from any potential match.

5 Small Packages

Small Packages
via reddit.com

They say the best things come in small packages. If Stephanie is to be believed then she is what you will find inside of those packages. There’s nothing wrong with being a bit flirty as well as funny and the 24-year-old nails it perfectly. She is sure to match up with plenty of people on Tinder as a result.

4 A More Sophisticated Freak

A More Sophisticated Freak In The Bed
via imgur.com

A 21st century updated version of a very popular saying. The only problem is that the comments section underneath articles could well be far worse than any freak could ever be. One thing that is certain is that someone will have a great time with Layla if they match up on Tinder.

3 Listing All The Stats

Listing All The Stats
via twitter.com

Lauren knows that people want someone’s whose stats are as high as possible. Here she lists all of the most important ones, as well as a figure that most people don’t list—the number of arms she has. At least that way there will be no hidden surprises and everyone knows exactly what they are going to find.

2 Handy Nurse

Handy Nurse
via reddit.com

This woman knows just how practical her profession is and how helpful she could be in certain situations. She definitely makes use of it for her Tinder profile, showing off her uniform and rightfully letting everyone know that as well as looking good she is also ready for a laugh.

1 Grandpa Help

Grandpa Help
via reddit.com

Obviously, this grandfather doesn’t think his granddaughter is capable of making good enough decisions about her partners on her own. It isn’t clear what Cheri has done to deserve such treatment, but it can’t hurt for her to have the extra help when it comes to finding a partner can it?

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