18 Times Walmart Employees Just Stopped Caring

Since being founded way back in 1962 - before the age on online shopping would take over the world and leave the rest of retail in its dusty wake - Walmart has grown into a global empire. Throughout the USA alone, as of July 2019, there were a whopping 4,759 stores, with 90% of the population living within 10 miles of one.

With that many stores scattered across the country, it's inevitable that some employees are going to go rogue before too long. As you'll soon see, whether it's due to laziness, a low IQ, or simply a desire to see the world burn, some of these staff just couldn't care less about doing their jobs the right way.

18 Well That's Your Ferst Problem

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Well then, that's a humorous juxtaposition if we've ever seen one. If you've set foot into a Walmart in the US anytime during the last few years, then you'll likely be of the opinion that the employees there, well, let's just say that they're not in the running for a Nobel Prize. This, right here, is a prime example of that.

17 Not The Ideal Target Market

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As we've seen already, it seems as though caring, as well as a high level of education, isn't exactly the first thing listed on the Walmart job description. In case this one doesn't jump straight out to you, the issue is the correlation between the 'delicious for Chanukah' sticker and the ham. Religious Jewish people don't eat ham.

16 In Case Of Fire, Panic

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Most of the things we'll see today are comical, lazy, or stupid. This one here, well, it's flat out dangerous. If someone was careless enough to mess up the placement of these stickers, then we wouldn't be surprised if, as a result of their IQ, they made the entire warehouse burn down. Not the best look, is it?

15 When You Gotta Itch, You Gotta Itch

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Let's just start off by mentioning that THIS IS THE MAN WHO SCANS YOUR FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AT THE CHECKOUT WITH HIS BARE HANDS. Okay, now that we've cemented that gross image in your head, let's take a moment to consider which grocery store we'll be heading to instead next time.

14 **Facepalm**

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Nothing quite says I care about you than your favourite cake customised with decorated icing letters. In this particular case, the customisation didn't really go as planned, in fact, they even left off the name. This will be a birthday that little Timmy would probably prefer to sweep under the rug.

13 Need A Hand With That?

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Raise your hand if you've ever been bored at work? *Raises hand*. Now, keep that hand raised if it's covered in $9.97 Walmart price tags. Exactly. As you can clearly see, this employee couldn't have given a rat's booty about his actual role and responsibilities. We wonder what happened when his manager saw it...

12 Bargain!

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Was there a grape-eating black hole that snuck into Walmart during the night? Of course not. In reality, there was a careless, likely idiotic Walmart employee who, despite flunking 2nd-grade English, was given the task of printing out labels for all the fresh produce. This place never ceases to amaze, does it?

11 Wow, What A Discount!

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We all love a good bargain! From Black Friday to Boxing Day, we flock to the stores in the hope of saving a few extra bucks on the latest PS4 game or Barbie doll. However, when we rock up to Walmart to find that the discount is, in fact, a 300+ percent INCREASE, then someone's about to get fired.

10 FYI, Peter's Friends

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This careless employee mistake is particularly hard to fathom - it actually took a significant amount of extra effort to get this one wrong than it would have been to get it right. Well, look on the bright side - at least everyone at peter's party knows to keep him away from the peanuts.

9 Best Before Today...Wait No, Tomorrow...Wait No, Next Week

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First of all, if anything sounds less appetizing that a 'yeast donut', then please, point us in the direction of it. As you can tell by the layers of stickers slapped onto this pastry box, instead of discounting the product for rapid sale or simply throwing it out, the lazy employee just extended the best by date. Is that even legal?

8 When The Designers Stop Caring

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Okay, we need to ask ourselves, what the heck is actually going on here? Was this a simple printing mistake that was actually supposed to say 'fist bumping', or has the designer literally given up? Either way, the fact that this actually ended up on multiple Walmart shelves is nothing short of extraordinary.

7 You Done Passed Yur 3nglish Ex@m!

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Seriously, what is going on with the cake and baking department over at Walmart? Granted, this one could actually well and truly have been the fault of the person who handed over the instructions of what to write on the cake. But surely an employee who gave a damn would have done something about it, right?

6 Would You Watch This Film?

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Could Harry Potter and the D be the long-lost 9th film in the magical series? In what can only be assumed to be a crossover between the world of Hogwarts and the R-rated 50 Shades of Grey world, this DVD shouldn't be on display. Also, who even buys DVD these days anymore? Get it together, Walmart.

5 We'll Give Our Two Cents On The Topic

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There's no way that an enormous discount lke this will last long - quick, people, drop what you're doing and get these Zooms, ASAP. Who are we kidding? This is yet another example of how the staff at Walmart, for whatever reason, just decided to stop caring. The sad part is that people probably fell for this 'sale' as well.

4 We Are Confused

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Dear Walmart, it looks as if whoever is manning the calculator at this particular branch needs to be fired - last time we checked, 21 hours and 24 hours were not interchangeable. Was this someone's attempt at humour, a simple case of carelessness, or do you think that a staff member genuinely forgot how to count?

3 Define Those Eyes Girl

Does anyone else feel like they're being watched just a little bit? As much as we'd love to straight-up declare that these googly eyes were the result of a staff member silently protesting against actually doing any productive work, it could have just as easily been a couple of teenage pranksters running amock.

2 (Un)Designated Naptime

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Look, we're no experts on the Walmart employee code of conduct, however, if it's anything like literally every other retail store on the entire planet, then rule number one should be no sleeping on the job. As you can see here, one Walmart worker decided to take his break in the worst possible spot.

1 C'mon, Shane

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Shane, whoever and wherever you are, thanks for giving us a bit of a laugh with your care-free approach to your shift. This actually isn't the only time that 'Shane' has messed around at work, he's also notoriously late and often messes with the customers just for the sake of it. Clearly, he's bored with the job.

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