Times Change: 20 Celebs Who Look Totally Different Now Than During Their Peak

Ariana Grande. Miley Cyrus. Kylie Jenner. Dove Cameron. They're all young (and they're definitely enjoying the "peak" moment). Then again, Jennifer Aniston, Ellen DeGeneres, and JL0 are defying their age (while still staying at their peak).

When it comes to age, Hollywood is the one place that has more of a #ShelfLife than your grocery store purchases. When Julia Roberts agreed to be the face of Lancôme, she wanted to be "an aging model." Jennifer Aniston doesn't think life stops at 50. "If anything, it gets more and more exciting," she said.

There's that in-between moment, though. You know, where a celebrity is still kind of a major deal, but the face has just changed. There's nothing wrong with it – age is, after all, not exactly something you can control.

The 2000s threw us some major faces. Paris Hilton was the "it girl" of the moment. Lindsay Lohan was the tag-along party girl that came with a #unpredictable. Britney Spears was still in her 20s, so was Nicole Richie, and nobody thought much of the Kardashians.

Times have changed and it isn't just the girls here. Friends stars are now in their 50s, The Spice Girls are inching their way to 45, and everyone on The Hills is probably using anti-wrinkle cream. It's time to look at them. They might not be at their peak anymore, but they're still around. Here are 20 major faces who don't quite look the way they used to.

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20 Angelina Jolie: Six Kids And Three Divorces Took Their Toll, Beauty Never Faded

via: people

In 2009, Vanity Fair crowned Angelina Jolie with her "World's Most Beautiful Woman" status. The angelic features and cherub looks that turned Ange into a '90s and 2000s icon won us over (and Brad Pitt, and Billy Bob Thornton, and Johnny Lee Miller).

In 2018, Angelina made headlines for different reasons. That 2017 divorce from Brad Pitt landed Ange with a #MessySituation, although these two continue to co-parent their six kids.

More about the humanitarian effort and low-key lifestyle than the former rebel-girl years, Ange is now a 43-year-old mother who, yes, is showing her age. Still a stunner, though.

19 Britney Spears: #NoMakeUp Selfies At 37, Changed A Little But She's Still Got It

via: instagram

Britney Spears basically summed up the 2000s – admit it, you still sing along to "Baby One More Time" in the car. Itsy-bitsy outfits, lots of glitter, and not much sleep seemed to sum up Britney, the 20-something. Now aged 37, Britney is way more grounded than she ever was.

Speaking to Shape, Britney revealed that she's a total yogi. The "tacos, pizza, and ice-cream" that she shared with E! as treat foods also work out well– Britney is a mom to two boys.

18 Lisa Kudrow: Phoebe Buffay Got A Little Older (Still Our Lobster)

via: celebzz

In January 2018, Celebzz wanted to know why Lisa Kudrow was hanging out alone in her car at celeb hotspot, Craig's Restaurant. The Kardashians, Gigi Hadid, and JLo all eat here. Lisa was in a Porsche – wait, didn't Joey remind us "it's PorschA!"

At 55 years old, Lisa Kudrow has done something that's virtually unheard of in Hollywood. She's stayed the same, without a helping hand.

Phoebe Buffay on Friends will forever be Lisa's role. The quirky vegetarian who kept goldfish in her purse (and reminded Ross and Rachel that they're each other's lobsters) won't be forgotten. She's still our lobster.

17 Lindsay Lohan: Party Days Are #Over, Launching A Beauty Line, Looks Better Than She Ever Did

via: pinterest

Lindsay Lohan spent most of the 2000s stumbling out of clubs at 3 a.m. "Reintroducing Lindsay Lohan" was W Magazine's 2018 headline. Lindsay Lohan is back, but not as you knew her.

"The time that I really valued in my most recent years was when I just switched off on everyone in my life, and went on a limb to Turkey and just threw myself into understanding what was going on,"

she told the magazine. A beauty line is in the works. Lindsay's hotel ventures are set to turn into a Dubai "Lindsayland." At 32, she looks better than ever.

16 Matthew Perry: Struggled Throughout Friends, Concerned Tweets In 2018

via: gala

Could he be any funnier? Matthew Perry will forever own his Chandler Bing character on Friends. Behind the quippy remarks though, the actor was struggling.

"I don't remember three years of it," Matthew told The Daily Beast about his time on the show. "I was a little out of it at the time." With multiple rehabilitation stints to get himself back on track, Matthew continues to fight his demons.

If you're wondering about Matthew's 2018 hospital tweet, it was a gastric issue. "Three months in a hospital bed. Check," he tweeted in September 2018. Monica would offer soup. We'll do the same.

15 Tara Reid: Well, "American Pie" Was In 1999

via: thewashingtoninsider

Kim Kardashian actually follows an Instagram account called @dirty2000s. The account is filled with nostalgic 2000s pics of Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and yes, Tara Reid.

Vegas pool parties were where we mostly saw this American Pie actress spend her 20s. Something's changed since then. In 2018, The Mirror reported concerns over Tara's "shrinking frame" and "disheveled look."

With rumors of some suspect enhancements, Tara earns her slot on this list for doing what it says on the tin. Being a star (who's not quite at her peak anymore) and looking different.

14 Christina Aguilera: Still Confident

via: ok

Christina Aguilera will forever be a legend. With the most powerful voice around and a whistle register than can send shivers down your spine, the "Beautiful" singer is a force to be reckoned with. Now a judge on The Voice, Xtina is still big, but it's not Xtina, the 2000s.

"Liberating" is how Christina described her 2018 Paper cover – she ditched the warpaint and went makeup free.

Now in her late 30s, Christina is a mother. The makeup is still there. So is the confidence. There's a different look to her now, though.

13 Paris Hilton: Confident Enough To Keep The $2 Million Ring After Ending It With This Guy

via: hype

A huge part of Paris Hilton hasn't changed. The Simple Life star and hotel heiress spent the 2000s flaunting her Louis Vuitton trunks, chihuahuas, all-pink wardrobes, and platinum-blonde hair. That didn't go anywhere. At 37 years old, Paris is still #Fabulous (and clearly #Confident).

"It's mine." After splitting from fiancé, Chris Zylka, Paris is claiming that her $2 million engagement ring is "free."

TMZ didn't report this as a rumor. Paris straight-up told them, Fox News reports. Well, it wouldn't be Paris Hilton without a bit of an attitude.

12 Brad Pitt: Same Good Looks, But Not The Hollywood Hunk We Remember

via: gq

In 2017, Brad Pitt stared right down the lens of GQ's camera as the 53-year-old, "on-the-mend" guy who was finally prepared to bare all following his divorce from Angelina Jolie. The Mirror called his facial expression "haunted."

With Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Naomi Campbell as previous ladies, it's safe to say that Brad "the hunk" was as much in demand in the celeb world as the real one.

We remember Fight Club Brad as chiseled, pretty ripped, and the old-school version of Chris Hemsworth. While Brad's GQ interview was about becoming a better person, we're kind of looking at a different person.

11 Sarah Jessica-Parker: Same Blue Eyes, But Not The Carrie Bradshaw We Remember

via: pinterest

Frolicking the streets of NYC is how we remember Sarah Jessica-Parker on Sex and The City. The '90s fashionista 100% came back on the radar with 2018's return to '90s fashion, although SJP's SATC days are well behind her.

"I care less about other peoples' opinions," she told Harper's Bazaar. That said, people do have their opinions. In 2018, The Daily Mail reported people "mocking" SJP for looking "too old" at the Met Gala. Way to be cruel.

The icy-blue eyes are the same. The face? It's hard to tell. Perhaps it's had a helping hand. Perhaps it hasn't.

10 Cameron Diaz: Ditched The Hollywood Lifestyle (Still A Charlie's Angel)

via: pinterest

Blue-eyed, blonde-haired, and with the cutest set of dimples ever, Cameron Diaz was once the Hollywood starlet of the moment. The highest-paid actress of 2008 according to E Online, Cameron was all about the skintight dresses, baby-faced expressions, and high-profile parties.

Cameron seems to have embarked on a bit of an anti-Hollywood lifestyle — harem pants and baggy sweaters replaced the clingy minis.

"You can't play 25 anymore. You can't play 70," E Online quotes Cameron as saying. In her mid-40s, Cameron looks relaxed. Still #Charlie'sAngels, but looking different.

9 Donatella Versace: A Little Odd Looking, But The Clients Are Still A-Listers

via: pinterest

With more celeb clients than ever, Donatella Versace might be in her '70s, but she's still a major face. The queen of glam spent her 40s, 50s, and 60s donning her signature bleach-blonde hair and clingy, glittering gowns – clearly, that hasn't changed.

"My success comes from looking at young people and listening to them,"

Donatella told GQ in 2018. We could have guessed that one. Donatella now makes custom gowns for Kylie Jenner and Nicki Minaj. While the peak years saw Donatella as a party face, this designer is now more focused on her career than being the night's headline act.

8 Matt LeBlanc: Joey Tribbiani Is 51, Still, "How You Doin'?"

via: pinterest

Some men just get better with age. Joey Tribbiani was Friends' lovable flirt who was more about racking up the ladies than showcasing much of an IQ. "How you doin'?" was his phrase (and in a way, it always will be).

Matt admitted that he was already gray-haired on Friends. "They started to dye it," he said on The Late Late Show. A little later in his career, but 100% the silver-haired fox, Matt has starred in Episodes (as himself) and hosted Top Gear.

Looking this good in your 50s? You don't see that every day. Ultimately though, this guy will always be Joey.

7 Madonna: More About The #Motherhood Than The #Glam

via: pinterest

It's hard to place a date on when Madonna peaked. The pop icon who never stopped reinventing herself dominated the '80s, the '90s, and a fair chunk of the 2000s. Conical bras, provocative poses, and in-your-face album covers gave this star a #GotThereFirst on Kim Kardashian, but Madonna has toned it down.

"I was so selfish," Madge said about motherhood "mellowing" her, The Telegraph reports. Madonna has a total of six biological and adopted children.

"It was a very 'me-me-me' universe," she said about her former years. Louis Vuitton Supreme is the most glam you'll see from Madonna these days.

6 Megan Fox: Mother Of Three, Glam Looks A Little #Polished

via: instagram

Megan Fox may well be the comeback queen of 2019 we never saw coming. With a Travel Channel series coming, the Transformers actress is back in the news. Then again, Transformers takes on a meaning of its own when you look at Megan.

Beautiful? Yes. Still a bit of an Angelina Jolie lookalike? Yes. Possibly a little on the polished side? You decide.

Megan has the kind of face that photographs well from any angle. It's when she takes a selfie, though, that we wonder if makeup that's a little less harsh would do her more favors. Look this girl up from 10 years ago. She's changed.

5 Johnny Depp: Captain Jack Sparrow Changed A Little

via FM96 London

Pirates of The Caribbean brought us Johnny Depp, the eyeliner king. Seriously, you're looking at the one guy in Hollywood who pulled off wearing more makeup than Kylie Jenner.

The Amber Heard divorce is over. "I couldn't take the pain every day," he told Rolling Stone.

Just after Christmas, Johnny donned his Jack Sparrow outfit once again to visit kids in a Paris hospital, The Daily Mail reports. As to his looks? Well, everyone ages. With fears over a somewhat gaunt frame in recent years (followed by the opposite), Johnny hasn't had it easy.

4 Jessica Simpson: Baby #3 On The Way, Priorities Have Changed

via: dailymail

Dixie style used to describe Jessica Simpson. The Dukes of Hazzard actress was known for her denim cut-offs, tight tanks, and all-American college girl look. Now a mom of two (with a third on the way), Jessica isn't the party girl we used to know.

"Having two kids back-to-back was hard on my body," Jess told In Style in 2015. That said, with her decision to have a third, it looks like Jess has taken the family priorities seriously.

The glam? It's still there. The 20-something we once pictured Jessica as is no more, though. Nothing wrong with it. Just the way things roll.

3 Kendra Wilkinson: Motherhood Can Change A Girl

via: instagram

From one blonde party face to another. Kendra Wilkinson was The Girls Next Door face who came with lots of swimwear, not much covering it up, and a #Party wherever she went.

Over a decade later, we got Kendra On Top. The reality show followed this girl's life as a mother and wife to Hank Baskett, although the couple called it quits in 2018.

Kendra's Instagram is the biggest 180 ever. The kids are all over it. The Disneyland trips are a solid #Family deal, and we have to say, Kendra looks sensational. Less (makeup) is more is definitely worked for this girl.

2 Pamela Anderson: We Just About Recognize Her

via: hawtcelebs

Pamela Anderson will forever be a household name. To give you an idea of when Pamela peaked, bear in mind that Joey and Chandler used to tune into Baywatch in the early seasons of Friends.

Pamela is now 51. While she's more covered up than she used to be, something about her face is throwing us some questions. "Aging is something we all deal with," Pamela told W in 2016.

"If I do all these things to look younger – the creams, the classes, the supplements, the procedures – I'll be more accepted by my kids, my friends, men," she said. Okay, that made us sad.

1 Mariah Carey: Well, You Can't Force A Girl To Change

via: dailymail

#MoreGlamThanYou was always how Mariah Carey rolled. 100 doves, 20 kittens, and confetti-shaped butterfly are The Daily Mail's report of Mariah's hotel arrival requests – when this diva arrives, she does it in style.

Mariah's angelic voice and whistle register dominated '90s and 2000s charts. Every Christmas, they return to #1 with "All I Want For Christmas."

Mariah isn't one to take aging with a back seat. The leathers, low-cut dresses, designer shades, and platforms are still here. Then again, look up how this star looked in 2001, and you'll see a difference.

#ThrowbackTime. Hit share on Facebook and give someone a jolt. These celebs just aren't the same.

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