Time To Give Up: 18 Celebs Who Are Trying Way Too Hard To Remain Relevant

Hollywood is a fickle business. One day there's a brand new shiny star who rises to fame and then crashes and burns, disappearing from the media's attention forever. Possible future dramatic return in a decade or two but it's not always guaranteed or successful. Other times, we see these little names pop up here and there till one day they're a big star and they keep it steady, staying calmly in the spotlight with a few minor mishaps till they retire at the end of their career. And then there are lots of in-betweeners who fall somewhere on the successful long-running career to the peaked-too-early and burned-out side of things.

It can be quite the hobby to watch the rise and fall of Hollywood's popular crowd. Some has-beens can reinvent themselves and make an epic comeback while others just won't give up—even with loads of signs screaming at them to retire already. Trying to remain relevant to a changing audience is a tricky business and, quite frankly, can be an exhausting job in and of itself. There are all these new fancy social media things like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and so many other new things to navigate and try to utilize in a way that makes us seem hip and cool. Some celebrities have it down and keep the ball rolling, throwing out something new every time they threaten to become old. But some just can't quite cut it and won't go away no matter how much we wish they would.

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18 Madonna: Please Don't Come Back

Hailed as the Queen of Pop since the ’80s, Madonna has certainly made a name for herself and controversy abounds as to whether or not it's a good one. She started out in dance and released her debut album in 1983 before getting her big break and launching more albums, going on tours and creating the Madonna image.

Then somewhere along the line, she went a little sideways and turned into a sultry image. Some of us still have whiplash. She also has six children, one of whom joined the Benfica youth football academy in Lisbon where Madonna stayed with him in a fancy palace. She's hit social media in a provocative way to tease new music for 2018 which has many fans excited and others bracing for impact, wondering how bad it could be.

17 Amy Schumer: No More Laughs

Amy Schumer is a standup comedienne who started her career in comedy in the early 2000s before appearing on Last Comic Standing in 2007 and has written, produced and starred in her own comedy show, Inside Amy Schumer. She wrote and produced her film debut Trainwreck in 2015 which she received two nominations for. She then wrote a nice little memoir. She starred in the comedy film Snatched and made her first Broadway appearance in Meteor Shower in 2017.

Her unique sense of humor and take on regular everyday things made her popular with audiences but critics are getting jaded and tired of the same old routine. Her new film, I Feel Pretty, is already facing backlash for not showing positive body images which is a hot-button topic in this era. She's been in and out of a few relationships and is currently dating a chef. Let's hope she's getting some fancy meals outta him.

16 Lady Gaga: Oh My Monster

Lady Gaga is a singer-songwriter best known for pushing the limits of creativity and provocative imaging in her designs, usually opting for the shock effect. She began her career with open mic nights and school plays before dropping out of college and pursuing her music career. After some trouble landing a recording company to back her, Gaga released her debut album in 2008, quickly rising to fame. She released several more popular albums and performed the 2017 Super Bowl half-time show to mostly positive reviews.

Gaga is active in charities and her foundation–Born This Way–which stands against bullying. She's turned heads with her increasingly outrageous outfits, most famously her raw meat dress. And her loyal fans fittingly call her Mother Monster and she calls them Little Monsters. In many ways, Gaga is still relevant but in others, she's trying too hard to outdo herself and could end up on the wrong side of fame.

15 Mariah Carey: A 2000's Wonder

Mariah Carey began her music career in 1990 with her debut album after signing on with Columbia records. She then turned out four more records in rapid succession. After her marriage to Sony Music's Tommy Mottola, she produced several more best-selling albums. She got into films in the early 2000s but this wasn't her chosen career avenue and didn't pan out quite the way she probably wanted.

After her divorce, she remarried and gave birth prematurely to twins who became her world. Since then, she's attempted to make a comeback—most recently with her 2018 New Year's performance—but who can say where she'll end up? With musical tastes changing like the wind, predicting who will pop and who will not is any man's game and often is the make/ break moment for many careers.

14 Tom Cruise: Mission All Done

Tom Cruise began his acting career at the age of 19 in Endless Love but is best known for his role of Ethan Hunt in the epic adrenaline-fueled spy series Mission Impossible. The first film was released in 1996 and Cruise is currently filming the 6th in the series, complete with his own incredible stunts.

But Cruise is 55 years old, not exactly what we'd call young anymore. Pushing himself beyond age-bound physical limits makes us wonder what kind of point Cruise is trying to make here. Cruise has been in and out of numerous relationships, married and divorced three times (much to the tabloids’ delight) and has three kids, two adopted and one biological. He's a strong supporter of the Scientology church. Perhaps it's time for Cruise to park the helicopter and retire.

13 Leonardo DiCaprio: Unsinkable Wolf

Leonardo DiCaprio began his acting career in the late ’80s as a young teenager in commercials before appearing on soap operas. He bounced around in several films before gaining international fame in 1997 in the epic film Titanic. Since then, he's landed some big roles, with his latest being the lead in Wolf of Wallstreet.

When he's not filming, DiCaprio is an active environmental activist and a vegetarian, traveling around to meet with high ranking people, attending charities and bringing attention to the environment, wildlife reserves and global warming—to name a few. He's been in and out of several relationships, mainly with stunning models, but never married and has no kids. He's only 43, though, so that could always change in the near future. He also owns his own production company. His next film is due in 2019.

12 Kris Jenner: Wannabe Somebody

Kris Jenner rose to fame from the position of a social nobody after her husband became famous as O.J. Simpson's attorney. For the last ten years, she's been co-starring on the reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians with her brood of children who include her famous favorite, Kim Kardashian.

Gaining criticism for trying to push her children into the spotlight for personal and financial gain as well as trying to appear as an equal rather than a parent to her girls, Kris doesn't seem to let much faze her and definitely shows no signs of stopping. She started 2018 with a new look–a blonde pixie cut which seems highly juvenile on the otherwise stylish 62-year-old and which confuses many fans when it was first revealed on social media.

11 A Reflection

Christina Aguilera made her break after recording the song Reflection for the Disney animated film Mulan in 1998. After that, she signed onto a recording company and produced several albums, some of which had some hit songs that topped the charts for a time. She then went on to dip her toes into the film industry and appeared on The Voice during six seasons.

Christina is also actively involved in charitable activities involving human rights, world issues and is a U.N. ambassador for the World Food Program. She has been married and divorced once, is currently engaged and has two children. She appeared as a voice actress in the animated film The Emoji Movie and was rumored to star in the film Zoe in 2017.

Her last album release was in 2012 and though she has teased and released a stray single here and there, she hasn't yet brought out a new shiny full album—much to her loyal fans disappointment.

10 Stacy Keibler: All Wrestled Out

Stacy Keibler made a name for herself in women's wrestling and is best known for her very long seductive legs. After her wrestling career ended, she poked into the television world and guest-starred on numerous TV shows, including Psych, What About Brian, George Lopez and How I Met Your Mother. She has also done some modeling as well with mixed success.

That wasn't enough adventure for her so she joined the cast of Dancing With The Stars and placed third at the end of her season. After her relationship with George Clooney ended, Stacy essentially dropped off the social radar. Tabloids wondered where she went. But she was fine. She started a lifestyle brand website, got married and had a daughter. She seems content to do her own thing for the time being which could work out well in her favor.

9 Kristen Stewart: That Twilight Girl

Kristen Stewart began acting as a child in 1999 but didn't get her big break till she starred opposite Jodie Foster in Panic Room. After that, she did a number of low budget family-friendly movies which included Catch That Kid, Zathura, Into The Wild and Speak. She is best-known for her breakout role of Bella Swan in the Twilight series which both launched and destroyed her acting career, stamping her into a character mold which she hasn't quite managed to shake off.

Since the series ended, she has dealt with critics and dipped into other movies, starring opposite Chris Hemsworth in Snow White and The Huntsman. She has also appeared in Still Alice, On The Road and Adventureland. Her last film appearance was Personal Shopper in 2016. She famously dated her Twilight co-star Robert Patterson and after her break-up with him, she has only dated women. She is currently saying Victoria’s Secret Angel model Stella Maxwell.

8 Shia Labeouf: Fashion Transformation

Shia Labeouf began his acting career on Disney's show Even Stevens and started catching attention with his role in subsequent films like Holes, Disturbia and Surf's Up before landing his breakout role of Sam Witwicky in Transformers in 2007. Since then, he has appeared in two Transformer sequels, the flopped fourth Indiana Jones film, Wallstreet Never Sleeps, Fury and Borg/McEnroe in 2017. He has bounced in and out of several relationships and had a commitment ceremony to Mia Goth in 2016.

Since his public meltdowns and controversy, Labeouf has kept his head down and limited his media appearances. He did make some fashion waves when he greeted the New Year in blue Crocs. His latest interest in fashion has been described as a sloppy just climbed out of bed casual look that hopefully won't catch on like some of his previous forays into the fashion industry.

7 Chad Michael Murray: Agent Has-Been

Chad Michael Murray is a writer, actor and former model best known for his role on One Tree Hill. After the show ended, he bounced around from title to title, starring in Another Cinderella Story, Freaky Friday and House of Wax. Known as a teen heartthrob in the early 2000s, Chad was off radar for a while before reappearing as war-scarred veteran Jack Thompson in Agent Carter.

He has bounced in and out of several relationships with co-stars before settling down with one and getting married in early 2015. Their first child was born later that year and a second in 2017. He also co-authored a book, American Drifter, in 2017. That was his last brush with society and he has since kept himself to himself, focusing on his family. A comeback is always an option but with such a nice career that didn't rock too many boats, it could save face, in the long run, to leave Hollywood on its own for a while.

6 Katy Perry: Roar Like A Lion

Katy Perry grew up singing in church and initially moved to pursue a career in gospel music but when her first album, Katy Hudson, was a commercial failure, she headed to L.A. to pursue a secular career. She adopted the stage name of Katy Perry and signed on to Capital Records in 2007. She rose to fame with her second album the following year which contained such hits as I Kissed a Girl and Hot 'n Cold.

Ever since, she's turned out several albums, including Prism in 2013 which contained Roar and Dark Horse. Her fifth album in 2017 broke streaming records on Spotify for most downloaded album by a woman in 24 hours. When she's not making music, she supports charitable organizations that, in particular, focus on helping children. She was named an official UNICEF ambassador in 2013 with the goal of reaching out to young people.

5 Bouncing Beyoncé

Since her rise to fame in the late 1990s, Beyonce’ has made a name for herself in the music world. After her band, Destiny's Child broke up in 2006, Beyonce’ went solo and earned the crown of Pop Queen through her talent and hard work. But now, even though she still turns out the occasional album, Beyonce's world revolves around her husband and children—which is good for them but not necessarily for her celebrity status points.

She married her musically talented husband Jay-Z in 2008 and gave birth to their firstborn (after a miscarriage), Blue Ivy, in 2012. And in 2017, Beyonce’ had twins, a girl named Rumi and a boy named Sir. Her marriage is a private affair and she dotes on her enchanting children, using them as song inspirations and flooding Instagram with their pictures. When one is already Queen, why not take a break to enjoy one's, little family?

4 It's Time For Drake To Wrap It Up

Canadian rapper Drake began his career in fame on the teen drama Degrassi: The Next Generation before breaking off in 2007 and releasing his debut mixtape to launch his rap career. He made two more albums before getting his big break and signing onto a record-producing company in 2009 which saw the birth of several more record-breaking albums.

His newest release, God's Plan in January 2018, broke streaming records on Spotify and other platforms and showed a new style after his worn-out previous hits. He has also dipped his toe into producing, designing his own clothing line, promoting the Toronto Raptors, opening his own restaurant, signing a streaming deal with Apple Music and designing his own brand of whiskey bourbon. But despite all his accomplishments, it might not be enough to keep him in the spotlight for much longer.

3 Kelly Rowland: Been There, Done That

Kelly Rowland rose to fame alongside Beyoncé in their band, Destiny's Child, and when it split, she too produced some solo albums. But her musical career never took off like Bey's so she tried out films and television—eventually becoming a judge on The X-Factor USA for the final season. She has also appeared on Empire and co-hosted The Voice Australia and The Voice USA.

Kelly married her manager in 2011 and they had a son in 2014. She's kept busy but hasn't made a lot of waves recently beyond rumors of a new album and her parenting book release. Trying different things is all fine and dandy but when one is a celebrity, sometimes it’s a sign that the chosen career path is going in circles and something new is required to spice things up again.

2 Believe: It's Over

Canadian singer Justin Bieber first caught the attention of the world in YouTube videos his mother uploaded when he was 12 and singing in his squeaky boy voice. After a talent hunter spotted him, he was signed onto a contract and produced several record-breaking albums as his name was splashed across the tabloids and fan girls went wild.

When his voice started to change and deepen with puberty, he had a vocal coach and pulled through—mostly. It was around that same time that his career began to violently nose-dive, ending with a DUI and an arrest. Since then he's sort of kept a low profile and hasn't produced a new album in some time. He does continue to pop up in the social media world in connection to his on again-off again relationship with Selena Gomez.

1 Miley Cyrus: Rebranding Gone Bad

Miley Cyrus began her career as a child actor on the Disney channel in Hannah Montana, which launched her as a goody girl image into the media spotlight. After that, she began releasing fairly popular albums and going on tours. She later broke away from Disney and tried films and music on her own terms, even appearing as a vocal coach on The Voice.

In the early 2010s, she rebranded herself and became a fashion icon with a taste for pushing the limits. After her controversial role as host on MTV, Miley has fairly kept her head down. Her career is at a tipping point where she could redeem it or flush it down the drain. In her spare time, she's visited sick fans in the hospital and aided various charities. She isn't tied to one, in particular, seems to bounce wherever she feels needed and focusing primarily on children.

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