Tie-Dye Hair Looks Stunning For Summer

Ask anyone who's ever tie-dyed t-shirts, especially hippies from the flower-power era, about the possibilities of doing the same process on hair, and the you might get some strange looks.

Seriously? Who would want to pinch and swirl their locks into a ball, which could be potentially painful? And then tying that excruciating swirl into a tight ball, before dipping it into dye (remembering that your head is still attached to that hair)? That's crazy talk!


Well, in what could turn out to be the biggest hair trend of the summer, St. Paul, Minnesota resident and stylist Kelsey Pebler has come upon a far less agonizing way to create the same effect as those psychedelic tees. For openers, instead of twine to bind your tresses together, she uses tape, lots of it. This ensures a better definition of the layers when she goes for the multi-colored look. Bonus? No stress on the follicles. If anything, it makes more sense to call her process tape-dye hair, but obviously, it doesn't have the same ring to it.

Pebler discovered the pattern quite by accident when she was trying some ideas that were more linear, using Southwestern prints as inspiration. Instead, after putting in the color, what turned up was a tie-dye pattern. Presto! A trend was born. Or a trend that has a possibility of catching on this season. If so, it would be emblematic of the designs prominent during the "Summer of Love", albeit more than four decades later.

Besides her hair training, Pebler credits the results to Lime Crime's Unicorn Dyes for the messy part of the creative process. Jars labelled with such cryptic shades as On Mute, Sext, Shook, Juicy and Tweet seem to do the trick with other dyes with picturesque monikers like Bubblegum Rose, Strawberry Jam and Neon Peach. For the final finish, Pebler relied on R-Co products that include mousse, blow out balm, and three different hairsprays (detangling, flexible, and strong hold). This sounds like quite the process.

Whether tie-dye hair catches on remains to be seen. But from all accounts, at least Pebler had a lot of fun creating it.

Would you try this trend for summer? Let us know in the comments!


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