This Is The Ugly Honest Truth About Your Zodiac Sign (Personality & Relationships)

All twelve zodiac signs have good traits about them that make them unique and make them shine, but with the good also come the bad and sometimes we have to face the bad traits, whether we want to or not. So, if you're wondering what your new boyfriend's bad traits are based on his zodiac sign, look no further. Or maybe you're wondering why your girlfriend has to have control all of the time or she loses it. Either way, you'll match some of the ugly and honest traits with each zodiac sign.

While you're reading these less-than-stellar traits, make note that there are always redeeming traits to each zodiac sign. For example, if your Cancer girlfriend seems to be too emotional sometimes, maybe it's better than dating an emotionally closed-off Aquarius. Then again, you can always thaw an Aquarius' heart with the right recipe. If you're feeling really curious then you can read about your own sign and even identify some of your bad traits that correlate to consistent problems in your life. Sometimes reading the hard, honest truth can be an eye-opening experience and help you fix certain issues that keep repeating themselves in relationships or environments. Try it out and just remember with these negative traits are also positive traits to counter them.

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16 Air Signs: You'll Never Be As Smart As Them (Or So They Think)

Shh, Gemini, Aquarius and Libra. There's not a dull moment around either of you due to your burning need to chat all of the time. But you can't help it due to your natural intellect. It's true that air signs tend to be more intellectual and intellectually-stimulated over any other element of signs, making you come off as superior and smarter. Yes, you may be smarter than everyone else in the room (and more charming to boot), but you don't always have to come off that way. Don't hide your smarts, but don't come off as arrogant or condescending. No one likes those traits and neither do you. Use your gift of natural intellect and chatter to engage those around you. You love mental stimulation so use it to your advantage, but in a nice, less condescending way.

15 Aquarius: You're Not Always The Smartest Person In The Room Or The Warmest

Aquarius, you have a great sense of humor and have much empathy for humanity, but you also can be quite narcissistic at times. This is not to be confused with Leo's narcissistic tendencies. Unlike Leo, you really have no insecurities hidden deep down. You know, for a fact (this is the analytical side of you), that you're more intelligent than others and this comes off right away when others meet you. You're blatant about your smarts in a sharp and direct way, which also makes you come off as cold and aloof. We know you probably have a million of acquaintances, but when it comes to close or best friends, you're far and few between, if any at all. You're personable without getting personal, Aquarius. While this is a great quality to have in your career, it's not great for creating and sustaining genuine, personal relationships. Make it a point, sometime in your life, to do so.

14 Libra: You're Too Boujee And It's Bad

You're no stranger to luxury, Libra. In fact, you're a hard worker to afford your fancy lifestyle and taste. So when you're in the presence of someone who is less than luxurious, you tend to come off as snobby and uppity. Not everyone can afford your champagne lifestyle, Libra, so it's important to remember than when you're in the presence of less-than-fortunate friends or acquaintances. Your sign is all about balance and justice, which is why you make a great mediator between friends or in your career, but when it comes to your personal preferences and lifestyle, you love to live on the glamorous side. Don't be afraid to head out of your comfort zone once in awhile to less fortunate areas and help out those who need it from time to time.

13 Gemini: Two-Faced, As In You're Probably The #1 Gossiper

Unfortunately, your sign has the reputation of being two-faced, Gemini. But just because your the sign of twins, doesn't mean you have to have a double, two-sided personality. At worst, you can be two-faced and come off as two different people. One moment you're best friends with someone and the minute they do something you don't approve of, you're talking behind they're back. But let's be honest, all signs are guilty of that at some point, yours just gets a bad rep for it. Be up front (see Capricorn) about your opinions with people to avoid looking like a gossiper or backstabber. Your air sign loves, loves talking, just don't let it be about other people...all of the time. Secrets don't make friends, Gemini!

12 Water Signs: Emotional Rollercoasters

Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces don't let your emotions rule your life. Your moods are affected by those around you and those around you are affected by your moods. It's not fair, is it? Instead of taking your loved ones on a roller coaster of emotions and mood swings, practice on stabilizing your emotions. Before you burst out into tears or shout in a fit of rage or shut down emotionally, ask yourself if there's healthier ways you can deal with your emotions? Loving deeply and intensely comes easily to your signs, which is something to cherish. But making sure you do so in healthy ways is essential to your well being and those around you.

11 Pisces: The First Step Is Admitting You Have A Problem

Because of your intense and in depth emotions, Pisces, you tend to not deal with them by masking them with other vices. When you're going through a break up, you may reach for that bottle of vodka over and over again until you forget who your ex was, and even yourself. Or when things go really deep you can turn to drugs or other dangerous vices for that need to escape reality. Don't let the addict in you get the best of you, Pisces. You have good intentions deep down and while it can be scary dealing with the trial and tribulations in life, you have to do so in order to move on--but booze and drugs can't help you. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?

10 Scorpio: Just Admit That You're An Obsessed, Control Freak

While you have a lot of admirable and endearing qualities about you, Scorpio, you also have some deep, dark and sometimes terrifying qualities, as well. Take for example your need and obsession to be in control all of the time. You love knowing everything and being able to have say in whatever decisions are made concerning you or those you love. When it comes to dating especially, you will not put up with any type of secrecy or shadiness in a relationship. You're all about loyalty and trust within relationships so if you sense otherwise, you're need to be in control and obsession for truth will have you solving any type of mystery. But sometimes it's OK to loosen the reigns and let others take control in situations you feel comfortable in. Not everything can be controlled, Scorpio. Remember that.

9 Cancer: You Have More Mood Swings Than The Phases Of The Moon

Cancer, it's no use in trying to hide your feelings. Under that hard shell you sport, there's a tangle of emotions waiting to unravel. Because your ruling planet is the moon, it's no wonder your moods change with the phases of it. You are one of the moodiest signs of the zodiac. You are highly affected by others moods around you, as well as the environments you're in. So, if you're unhappy in any relationship or setting, good luck trying to hide your emotions. Some cancers are really great at hiding their feelings, but in the end it comes pouring out any way. So, while you're ruled by your emotions either in hiding them too much or letting them out too easily, those close to you never know what they're going to get. Either happy, go-lucky you or moody, cranky you. It can be frustrating and annoying to deal with such moodiness, but at least you always keep things interesting!

8 Earth Signs: You're Too Predictable And Mature For You're Own Good

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are earth signs who are the most grounded of the zodiac. Stability is in your nature and you three signs seem to have it put together most of the time, if not all of the time. But sometimes you get too caught up in the details and forget to have fun. Take some notes from fellow fire signs to let loose and let your hair down some days! While it's important to be responsible and reliable--two traits you're known for--it's OK to act your age, as well. If you're too predictable and too mature 100 percent of the time then not only will those around you get tired of you, but you'll start getting tired of yourself.

7 Capricorn: Dial Back Your Opinions Because You're Not Always Right

While sugar-coating opinions is not your go-to delivery method of response, sometimes it should be. Your sign values honesty, loyalty and stability. In fact, you're one of the most stable signs of the zodiac, but you're also one of the most frank signs of the zodiac. It's true that you don't speak first and then think. You carefully articulate your words before spilling them, but you also don't take in others feelings before speaking either. Your dry humor and opinions can get you in a lot of trouble with friends. It's probably safe to say that your friends don't vent to you willingly unless they're looking for a lecture on what they're doing wrong in life. Try to be more sympathetic to others in life, Capricorn. You are very aware what right from wrong is, but you don't have to be so blatant about it all the time.

6 Virgo: Step Off Your High Horse, It's OK To Act Human Sometimes

It's OK not to have it together 100 percent of the time, Virgo. We know you love to come off as if you have the perfect life and can handle everything and anything that comes your way, but the truth is that's just not human. Feel free to act human from time to time, Virgo. Also, everyone has different values and goals, so be aware that while you hold yourself to extremely high standards, not everyone feels the same. Give people a break sometimes and don't be afraid to show your less put together self from time to time. You'll come off as less annoying and less type A. People tend to come to you with their problems due to your impeccable problem solving skills, but it's OK to put yourself first sometimes.

5 Taurus: It's Called Compromise And You Should Learn It

As the sign of the bull, you are stubborn in nature. You love it when things go your way and you absolutely hate it when they don't. In fact, unless someone is willing to get with your program, they can go a different direction. You don't love compromise and find it hard to do so. This can be a main cause of issues in relationships, especially romantic ones. So, it's important to learn compromise and practice it. While it's hard to change your mind once it's already been made, try to be more flexible in situations that deserve it. You don't have a lot of bad qualities within your sign, Taurus, but your lack of flexibility and stubbornness is definitely one of them.

4 Fire Signs: Talk About A Short Fuse

Drama, drama, drama! Aries, Sagittarius and Leo--we know you're not one to shy away from the theatrics, but sometimes you should for the sanity of others and your own. Practicing patience is a life long lesson for you, as well. Your passionate and driven nature will always have you front and center as the star of your own life, but it's OK to let others take the stage once in awhile. While drama keeps things interesting, it doesn't always keep things positive. Remaining patient and understanding is going to get you farther than overreacting and yelling. Practice being proactive over being reactive. Your fire can drive to you success or into flames. The decision is yours!

3 Sagittarius: Good Luck Working Through Your Peter Pan Syndrome

Your adventurous sign hates seriousness and too much routine. In fact, you wish you could travel the world and never settle down in any type of traditional sense. If Neverland actually existed, you would live there, Sagittarius. But at some point, you'll realize that a little routine and stability never hurt anybody. Growing up doesn't mean you have to be boring or less adventurous, but taking on more responsibility is part of that package. While we probably won't find you in a controlled 9-5 office setting, it would behoove you to find some stability in life. Partying 24-7 and shelling out the big bucks to travel to far away places won't keep you young or lucrative forever. Eventually your Peter Pan Syndrome will catch up to your bank account, health or close relationships.

2 Leo: Not Everyone Is In Love Or Lust With You... All Of The Time, At Least

Yes, we know you're the royalty of the zodiac, but not everyone sees you that way, Leo. Let's be honest, it's no secret that you can be vain, selfish, narcissistic and attention-seeking, but there's more to those bad traits than just what meets the surface. You can be all of those things (and sometimes more), but it's due to a glitch of insecurity that hides deep down within you. Sure, we all have insecurities, but, Leo, you deal with them by seeking approval and attention in more obvious ways than other zodiac signs. And, while it's true you do have insecurities, you still have that undeniable self-confidence that can come off as annoying to others. Honestly, just keep doing you, Leo. If others don't love it, then who cares? You sure don't!

1 Aries: The World Doesn't Revolve Around You

Your naturally independent, Aries. You are an alpha and it's easy to see that. No one can tell you what to do and you aren't afraid to put yourself first. But this can also make you come off as selfish. And sometimes you actually are. You're passionate, driven and ambitious and you don't let anything or anyone get in the way of your goals. Even if it means pushing someone aside. Your fiery signs lends you a short temper and paired with your goal driven attitude, it can cause some miscommunication as to your intentions. Some may see you as out for yourself and only yourself, at worst. It's important to stop and pump the brakes once in awhile to show those around you that you care for them and others. Unless you really don't care, then keep going!

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