This Is The Type Of Person You Should Wait For, Based On Astrology (Him & Her)

Having a happily ever after romance really is possible, if only we allow ourselves the opportunity to get together with our perfect person.

There is a lot that we all wish we had known before starting a new relationship with someone. When things are new, everything they do is fascinating. But, then the relationship finds a way to make what once appeared adorable, irritating to you. So why do we always end up falling for the same types of people, only to end up heartbroken and alone in the end?

Instead of looking at our relationships with hindsight, why not focus on what astrology has to say. Love matches and compatibility are things that can't be seen, they can't really be touched or heard. As a result, we need to rely on the wisdom of the stars to help guide us toward finding our soulmate. There is a forever person for each and every one of us. If we can resist the urge to fall for the same mischievous boy over and over again, we just might be able to break through the love shackles that we have placed ourselves in and finally move forward. Having a happily ever after romance really is possible, if only we allow ourselves the opportunity to get together with our perfect person.

Though these are generalizations. There is a lot of value in finding a zodiac match when it comes to love.


24 Sagittarius Guy: Wait For Someone Who Shares The Same Joy For Life As You


Sagittarius men are practically allergic to negativity. As a result, when it comes to a Sagittarius man's romantic relationships, they really need someone who provides abundant joy and radiance in their lives. Always looking at life through the lens of a happy person, Sagittarius men should try to hold off on settling for anyone other than the person that they should be with for the long-term. This perfect person will possess qualities of happiness that allows the two of you to enjoy life together. For Sagittarius men, waiting for someone who shares your same enthusiasm for life is a guaranteed way to find your soulmate eventually. Sagittarius men never want to be around people who will dampen their mood. Therefore, Sagittarius men should avoid settling for anything less than what they deserve.

23 Sagittarius Woman: Wait For Someone Who Makes Life Lighter


Are you a Sagittarius woman on the hunt for your soulmate?

Sagittarius women should try and wait for the person that makes their life more comfortable and lighter. Being such positive people, Sagittarius women need a man who can share in life's little joys with them. Being reminded of how grateful a man is to be in a relationship with you is something that is essential for a Sagittarius woman in her romantic relationships. If you want to find someone who can eventually build a life with and settle down with a family, Sagittarius women should try and wait for the guy that is ready and willing to handle all life's crazy ups and downs with you. A real partner in crime is definitely what every Sagittarius women needs.

22 Capricorn Guy: Wait For Someone Who Gets Your Silly Side To Come Out


Are you a Capricorn guy looking to find your soulmate? Tired of settling for less than you deserve in relationships? Capricorn guys can sometimes be tightly wound creatures. That is why Capricorn men should only wait to be in a relationship with a person who allows the silly side of your personality to come out. If you really want to start enjoying life, every single Capricorn guy should let loose every once in a while. By having a partner who teaches you how not to take yourself so seriously you can actually begin to live a happier and more miraculous life. Look for someone who is a free-spirit, she will be able to balance out your more serious side. This combination is a beautiful match that can withstand the test of time!

21 Capricorn Woman: Wait For Your Ultimate Soulmate, They Will Meet You On Your Level


Capricorn ladies looking for love? Capricorn women need someone who can meet them at their level. They should avoid settling for anyone who can't keep up with their ambitious side. For most Capricorn women, they need a partner who isn't intimated by their drive and ambition. Capricorn women want to be the best that they can in all aspects of their lives, especially in their careers. That is why they should wait for the guy that supports their endeavors and doesn't make them feel bad for choosing to stay late at the office instead of making them dinner at home. There is always someone out there who will be able to meet the very high standards set by a Capricorn woman! All it takes is some patience.

20 Aquarius Guy: Find Someone Who Doesn't Coddle You And Never Let Them Go


The Aquarius man needs to wait for someone who doesn't always coddle him. While it is okay to want to be taken care of once in a while, it can take on an extreme with someone who caters to your every whim. Being such an independent spirit, Aquarius guys can't stand to be with someone who doesn't allow them to have their own space. Aquarius men crave the freedom and space to live life on their own terms. That is why they need to be with someone who understands this part of them. Instead of settling, Aquarius men must wait for the person that will respect their space. In the end, an Aquarius man will never be able to maintain a healthy relationship with someone who doesn't give him the space he needs to be himself.

19 Aquarius Woman: Wait For The Guy Who Makes You Feel Heard And Understood More Than Ever Before


Aquarius women love talking! Every Aquarius women should wait for the guy who can have meaningful conversations with her. Someone who values the things that the two of you have in common but also appreciates your differences. This balance is what makes for a happy and healthy romantic relationship between two people. Being such loyal creatures, Aquarius women need a man who brings that same loyalty to the romantic relationship. Someone who doesn't give the Aquarius women any doubts about their trust and love. While you need to be independent, Aquarius women will also be the first to admit that want someone who actually acts like a partner but also gives them the opportunity to be independent creatures. In the end, love is out there for absolutely everyone!

18 Pisces Guy: Be Patient And Wait For Your Sidekick, They Will Be The One Filled With Surprises


Pisces guys love surprises. It's why they are the most patient of all the zodiacs. But that also means that they have to be patient and wait for the person who will never run out of surprises when it comes to finding a genuine soulmate and partner in crime. Always wanting a break from the monotony of life, Pisces guys crave the element of surprise in their romantic relationships. Pisces guys should avoid any partners that provide any sort of routine or predictability, this undoubtedly will never satisfy the Pisces man and cause him to grow resentful of a partner who doesn't offer the surprises in life that he is looking for. Ideally, if you just so happen to be a Pisces guy, you should look for partners who are vivacious, bright, and exuberant! They are bound to bring some color into your life.

17 Pisces Woman: Your Forever Person Is The One Who Makes You Feel Like You Have A Partner In Crime


For most Pisces women, having a partner in life is something that they crave. With all the passions that a Pisces woman has, she needs a partner who supports those endeavors. That is why a Pisces women should always try and learn to wait for the guy who wants to experience new adventures with you and be a reliable partner in crime! There are sensitive and compassionate guys out there. Pisces women should remember that they never have to settle for anything less than they deserve. Being the very best person that you can be is vital for a Pisces woman which is why waiting for someone who pushes you to be the very best version of yourself is essential, if not critical! There is someone out there for the Pisces woman, she just has to be patient!

16 Aries Guy: Wait For The Person That Brings Excitement Into Your Life


Are you an Aries guy who can't seem to find your forever person? You should try to wait for just the right person! Someone who can complement you and provide you with a fantastic love life. If you are an Aries guy, you need a woman who is very happy to let you lead the way. The girl that runs towards the unknown with you. Finding someone that enables you to be yourself is essential for an Aries guy. With his need to be the dominant partner, an Aries man should wait for the woman that gives him that luxury in life. Where she can be submissive when he wants her to. This is a recipe for some essential relationship goals! If you just so happen to be an Aries guy, wait for the perfect woman to fall into your lap!

15 Aries Woman: Wait For The Guy Who Is Ready For An Adventure With You


Are you an Aries woman struggling to find the right guy? It might take some patience, but your forever person is out there! Aries woman, you need a guy who can skip through the small talk and delve deep into conversations! That's because intellectual discussions are a massive turn-off for any Aries woman. When it comes to maintaining a relationship, an Aries woman needs someone who really loves just as unapologetically as you! You really do need someone that you can be comfortable with. Unafraid to tell them how you feel or shower them with affection. You should wait for the man that loves your confidence and sense of adventure. You ultimately need a man who loves your desire for adventure and strong-nature! Finding this person will eventually lead to a fabulous romance.

14 Taurus Guy: Wait For The Person That Makes You Feel Like Home


Are you a Taurus man on the hunt for the perfect woman? Patience is your friend. For all the Taurus men out there, you need a woman who can appreciate your warmth instead of taking advantage of it. The woman that makes it impossibly easy to trust her with all your deep, dark secrets and desires. A woman who never lets you down is a surefire character trait that will entice any Taurus man. While you are always so busy taking care of others, you need a woman who can help to take of you. Think about the sensitive and nurturing Cancer woman as an excellent match for the Taurus guy. This is a couple that is meant for a lifetime of happiness and endless love!

13 Taurus Woman: Wait For The Guy That Acts Like The Rock You Deserve


Every Taurus woman needs a guy who knows her from the inside out. Remembering every little thing about you is something that a Taurus woman needs in a man. Taurus women are not the type to jump into a new relationship. They actually look for someone who has similar interests and value as them. Finding someone with the same or similar life goals propels a new romantic relationship to a higher degree. Solidifying this type of connection is necessary for the Taurus woman who requires a partner who is both loving and caring all at the same time. Being able to find a man who isn't going to push you into a relationship. Finding someone who actually wants the same things in life as you is essential for any Taurus woman!

12 Gemini Guy: Wait For The Person Who Understands You For Who You Are


Are you a Gemini guy in need of the perfect woman to love? Gemini men need women who are perceptive. In fact, if you happen to be a Gemini guy, wait for the woman who can always tell when you are trying to act okay but really are not. The woman who allows you to feel safe enough, to be honest with her is someone that is definitely worth the wait for any Gemini man looking for love. Gemini men know how they can behave social and confident one second and then introverted and insecure the next. That is why that need a partner who understands this quality in them and appreciates them for it. Accepting you for who you are is critical for any Gemini guy to have a successful and healthy romantic relationship.

11 Gemini Woman: Wait For The Guy Who Wants You To Be Yourself Around Him


Are you a Gemini woman looking for love? Gemini women are known to be some of the more interesting people to date. That is why it should come as no surprise that they need to wait for someone who understands them. In fact, a Gemini woman rarely settles for anything less than she deserves. Being patient enough to wait for someone who allows her to be her goofy self in front of him is someone worth waiting for. Since Gemini women tend to be complicated creatures to understand, they need a man who can handle their mood swings. Finding that one person who entirely and absolutely gets you is worth the wait. It may seem endless, but there is plenty of hope and magic at the end of the tunnel.

10 Cancer Guy: Wait For The One Person Who Helps Alleviate Any Anxiety You Might Have


Anxiety is the Cancer guys biggest enemy, and he knows it. Cancer men have a tendency to get anxious about a lot of different things. This glaring weakness is really something that they feel massively insecure about. As a result, their insecurity increases because they worry about what a potential partner will think. This cyclical thinking is something that can be damaging to their love lives. That is until they find someone who gives them the opportunity to alleviate all of their anxieties. Finding a partner that brings calm, peace and serenity into a Cancer guys life is definitely something that is worth waiting for. Therefore, if you happen to be a Cancer guy looking for love, wait for the woman that helps to alleviate your anxiety.

9 Cancer Woman: Wait For The Guy Who Allows You To Feel Understood When It Comes To Your Emotions


A Cancer woman needs a man who is in tune with her emotions. In fact, since relationships are so essential and vital to virtually every Cancer woman, they need a partner who understands the significance of family and romantic relationships. Cancer women need men who know how they feel without needing to explain it or even say anything for that matter. Silence is quite often golden when it comes to being in a relationship with a Cancer woman. Cancer women need guys who can help to cheer you up when you are down and lift your spirits when they need some lifting! Wait for that person that can bring calm and peace into your life. This will allow you to open up and be vulnerable which is a recipe for a healthy romantic relationship.

8 Leo Guy: Find Someone Who Can Match Where You Are At In Your Life


Leo men love to live life in the fast lane. For Leo guys, putting their head down and grinding away in all aspects of their lives is essential. Leo men are notorious for never wasting their time and energy on things that they don't care about. As a result, they are known for their patience. Leo guys should try and wait for love as well. Finding someone who can match your preferred pace in life is something that will serve a Leo men very well in the long run. When it comes to romantic relationships, Leo guy's think that no one can measure up. However, when they find just the right women, they will instantly know it! Leo men need a woman who can keep up with them.

7 Leo Woman: Be Patient, Wait For The Guy Who Keeps You On Your Toes


Leo women need a guy who isn't afraid to tell them what they need to hear. Being known for their stubborn nature, Leo women should wait for the guy that is just as motivated and driven as they are. Settling for someone who is lazy will not be beneficial to the Leo woman who is strong, fierce, and passionate. Ideally, a Leo woman should never settle for anything less than she deserves. That is why she should wait for the guy that can keep up with her hectic life. A Leo woman should never settle for someone who can't maintain the lifestyle that she has set for herself. Otherwise, she will be brought down to a level that doesn't make her sparkle. In the end, it is best to keep that passion and drive alive by waiting for a guy who meets all your expectations and then some!

6 Virgo Guy: Patience Is Key, Wait For The One That Can Be Open With You


Virgo men have an incredible inability to deal with people who are unwilling or unable to open themselves up. It can be extremely challenging for the Virgo man to maintain a healthy romantic relationship with someone who is incapable of opening up to them, physically and emotionally. That is precisely why a Virgo man needs to wait for the woman that has no problem opening up and sharing their emotions and feelings with you. Since you also struggle with being emotionally vulnerable, waiting for the person who can allow you to share yourself with them is someone who is definitely worth waiting for. Ideally, a Virgo man needs to be with someone who inspires him to be his best self! It may be scary, but it is entirely worth it!

5 Virgo Woman: Wait For Your Soulmate, He Will Be The Guy Who Is Unafraid To Be Completely Open With You


Find a guy who is confident enough to tell you how he feels, and you will be golden. Virgo women need men who don't play any mind games. Therefore, Virgo women should wait for the man who is always ready to be their sounding board. A man who makes you feel like you don't have to be anyone but your fabulous self. This feeling of being able to open yourself up emotionally is the real sign of a healthy romantic relationship. It will come if you wait for the right guy! When you find someone who allows you to say what you want in whatever way you want to say it, instead of thinking about people-pleasing everyone all the time, you'll know you have found your forever person!

4 Libra Guy: Wait For Someone Who Pushes You To Be The Very Best Version Of Yourself


Libra men are often very likable people. In fact, they are some of the most extroverted guys in the entire zodiac. Libra men need women who push them forward. With an uncanny ability to make virtually anyone and everyone your best friend, Virgo men are social butterflies who need a partner who is unafraid to be in the spotlight with them. It would behoove a Libra man to take his time in romance and wait for the woman who can push him to his limits and allow him to reach for his dreams. What a Libra guy should avoid is a partner who holds him back from reaching his full potential in life, whether it's career or romance. If you happen to be a Libra guy on the prowl, take some time to wait for the perfect person before you jump into a relationship that doesn't serve you.

3 Libra Woman: Wait For Your Person, He'll Be The One Who Never Makes You Feel Like You Have To Dull Your Sparkle


A Libra woman is someone who shines so brightly. That is why she needs a man who embraces that instead of dulling it. Being such a social butterfly, the Libra woman typically has many friends and close relationships. She needs a man who allows her to maintain these relationships and build new ones as well. A Libra woman should wait for the guy that has the confidence and is secure within himself to allow her to be the extroverted goddess that she is. A Libra woman should definitely wait for the guy who isn't intimidated by her charm and confidence. In the end, honesty is vital for a Libra woman which is why she must wait for the man who is able to be completely honest with her instead of always trying to impress her.

2 Scorpio Guy: Wait For The Woman Who Will Match Your Intellectual Prowess


Are you a Scorpio man looking for a healthy love life? Scorpio men love to be challenged. When it comes to romantic relationships, most Scorpio men want a partner who can match their intellectual prowess. Instead of jumping into a relationship with someone who may not stimulate your brain, wait for the person that does. Even growing up, Scorpio guys were usually always ahead of everyone else in their class. That is precisely why so many people are intimidated by the intellect of a Scorpio man. Ideally, to have a healthy love life, Scorpio men should consider waiting for someone who is on the same level as them intellectually. You want to be comfortable going up against your partner head to head in a trivia match!

1 Scorpio Woman: Wait For The Guy Who Never Makes You Feel Bored


Scorpio women need some adventure in their romantic relationships. A boring love life is not something they desire. Scorpio women should always try and wait for the guy that comes along and brings some spark and adventure into their lives. There are guys out there ready to appreciate life's little joys with you, wait for that person instead of settling for someone who doesn't excite you! Consider waiting for a man who reminds you of all the wonder and beauty of life, even the littlest things. That is the person that you will be able to call your soulmate or your forever person. He is out there. Feeling supported is extremely important to a Scorpio women which is why she should wait for a guy who allows her to succeed at whatever she tries by encouraging her to pursue her dreams.

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