This Is The Lucky Charm You NEED In Your Life, According To Your Sign

Lucky charms have been used for thousands of years to bring about good fortune. Often originating from various myths and legends, lucky charms are still as prevalent in our society as they were for the ancients. Though science tells us that some of the signs, numbers, animals, and objects we’ve held onto for millennia aren’t actually that lucky, there’s something that keeps us turning to them in times of need! A lucky charm is a lucky charm for anybody, but the traits of each zodiac sign mean that certain keepsakes are more fitted to them than others. While animals and numbers are all one sign needs, another sign could do better with a stone or a plant. What is super-powerful for one sign might be wasted on another, and vice-versa. Once you know which charm works really well for your sign, you can start to include it in your life, and see how quickly it takes to make a difference! Here is your own very lucky charm, based on your sign.


15 Aries Needs To Find The Key

There are many hard-working signs in the zodiac, but Aries is the resident go-getter. You chase what you want until it’s yours, and won’t be defeated by the obstacles in your way. That’s why your lucky charm is the key! The key represents who you are—somebody who can get herself into places that nobody else could. People rely on keys all the time, and since you’re the leader of the zodiac, other signs often rely on you for guidance and help. You’re the one who gets the problem solved, just like the key! Symbolizing luck in many cultures, the key has been a charm for thousands of years. Romans in particular saw the key as something able to unlock the door to the gods, otherwise known as the “Key of Life”. The key reminded people to remember the past and anticipate the future, and keys of silver were thought to be especially lucky, since they were sacred to the goddess Diana, who protected doorways and thresholds. Eastern European gypsies and the Japanese also hold keys in high regard, and believe that wearing keys can lead to health, wealth, and love.

14 Taurus' Lucky Number Is 7


If there’s any sign who should turn to numbers for good luck, it’s Taurus. You’re a practical sign, and you’re not the type to cling to a lucky charm just because it’s supposed to be lucky. For you, there has to be at least a little common sense or evidence that it’s important and powerful, which is why the number 7 is your best bet. The number 7 doesn’t appear as a symbol of luck in just one culture, but across many of them. Mathematically, 7 has very important properties, so much so that the Greeks called it the “perfect number.” Basically, 7 is the sum of 3 and 4, which are perfect forms because they represent the triangle and the square. A lot of important factors in society, even today, are anchored in the number 7. For example, that’s how many days of the week there are, planets which are visible without aid, and colors of the rainbow there are. 7 also appears frequently in Christian scriptures and Japanese mythology. You tend to love numbers and math anyway, so this suits you all over!

13 Taurus' Earthly Connections And Acorns

Being a Taurus, you have a strong connection to the earth and all its wonders. It makes sense that anything that comes from the planet will affect you more than it does other signs, so the acorn is a perfect bet! Norse or Viking culture is responsible for the notion of acorns bringing good luck, and in particular, they are traditionally put on windowsills to protect the home from lightning. There’s not much else you can do to protect yourself from lightning, so this sounds like the way to go! Oak trees, which produce acorns, attract lightning, so acorns repelling lightning strikes sounds a little confusing. But the Vikings saw the acorns as being favored by Thor, the god of thunder and lightning, since they came away from the tree unscathed. Next time you come across some acorns on the street, grab yourself a bundle!

12 Gemini Should Get A Fuzzy Dice


The fuzzy dice fad isn’t just about looking cool! Many people hang fluffy dice in their cars, even today, because they have long been known to bring about good luck. We think that oversized dice are the perfect charm for you, Gemini, because they are a symbol that has been on trend several times in the past, and will undoubtedly be so again. A natural social butterfly, you are one of the trendiest signs there is, and you like to do what everybody else is doing! You aren’t the type to adopt a new lucky token if nobody else you know is doing the same, so the dice is a safe choice. Plus, they evoke feelings of joy and excitement, and so do you! So why are fuzzy dice considered lucky in the first place? It started in the Second World War, when fighter pilots were constantly embarking on missions that were extremely dangerous. The chances of them returning home again weren’t high, so to improve their luck, they brought gambling items including cards and dice aboard their planes. After that, fuzzy dices to hang in cars were marketed, and the rest is history!

11 Cancer Loves A Ladybug

Being a loving and nurturing sign, Cancer deserves a lucky charm that is actually alive! You work well with other living creatures, and you tend to have great respect for animals. Ladybugs are thought to be one of the luckiest creatures there is, across a wide range of cultures. In fact, in German, they are literally known as “lucky bugs” or “glueckskaefer”. The deeper the red of the insect, the luckier they are thought to be. It’s not advisable to catch and imprison a whole bunch of ladybugs (not that a Cancer like you would do that, anyway!), but you can benefit from them by simply allowing them to land on you without brushing them off. This is said to free you of your daily problems, brighten your day, ease your burdens and give you patience. It is thought that if a ladybug lands on you when you’re sick, they heal you. However, you’ll want to be careful around these little guys, since killing a ladybug (even accidentally) is said to bring serious misfortune. But being as loving as you are, you don’t have to worry about that!

10 Cancer And The Lucky Bamboo


Chinese culture places a high importance on the power of bamboo, which is commonly referred to as lucky bamboo. That has to be a good sign! When you’re given this plant as a gift, it is said to be luckier than if you went out and bought it yourself, so maybe write that one down on your Christmas list! Once you receive your bamboo, it’s customary to put it in the eastern part of the room. Doing this is said to improve your energy or chi. As a Cancer, your energy might get weighed down with all your emotional woes, so a good energy cleansing will definitely do you good. All relationships are extremely important to you, and bamboo is said to bring particular luck to friendships. It’s a match made in heaven!

9 Leo And Their Precious Gemstones

Each month has its own gemstone that brings luck to all those born during that time, but some gemstones are just lucky for everybody. Leo is the one sign who is better suited to gemstones than any other because the stones represent everything a Leo is: shiny, glamorous, bold, and adored. You don’t mind being the center of attention if you’re a Leo, and wearing a pretty gemstone or two is going to make you feel good while bringing you luck, so it’s really a win-win! There are a few gemstones that are considered to be especially lucky, and one of them is amber. Many believe that amber actually contains some of the sun, and thus has power beyond anything on this planet. It can give off sparks when rubbed, and the word “electricity” actually comes from the Greek word for amber, “electron.” Another lucky stone is sapphire, which has been highly regarded since ancient times. In the ancient Arab world, sapphire was thought to have special powers, while the Greeks thought it invited favor from the gods. No matter which gemstone you rep, it will suit your inner-Lion perfectly!


8 Virgo Feels Safe With The Evil Eye


The Evil Eye is the ideal lucky charm for careful Virgo. Unlike other lucky charms, wearing the Evil Eye itself doesn’t give you luck; it protects you from the bad luck derived from other people giving you nasty energy. It is thought that such bad vibes usually occur when one person is jealous of another, and being Virgo, you happen to be the type of person that many are jealous of! Virgo is known for having many skills and being talented in more than one area, which is sure to attract a bit of envy upon occasion. Others might wish they could be as organized or put-together as you, so you’re going to want to get a bit of protection from all those evil eyes by wearing the Evil Eye. Many cultures believe that when people are jealous of you, they can unintentionally cause you suffering, so it’s better to be on the safe side! Evil Eye charms can come presented in a hand with an eye in its centre, or green and blue beads with pupil dots. They’re easily found nowadays, so grab yourself a few bracelets or necklaces with the Eye.

7 Libra Feels Balanced With Triangles

Triangles are considered to be significant and lucky in many cultures. In ancient times, they were believed to represent the life cycle, from birth to maturity to death, and to represent the relationship between humans and gods, or this world and the next. In their essence, triangles are all about balance and stability, which works for you, Libra, because you are too! You are known for being extremely diplomatic, taking all sides into account and favoring moderation instead of one extreme or the other. So you and triangles were pretty much made for each other! The ancient Egyptians had a soft spot for triangles, still obvious today from the great pyramids which are thought to be good luck charms too. Members of other ancient religions used to create jewelry and amulets in triangular shapes thanks to their mystical significance and power. There are lots of ways for you to bring triangles in your life, and they represent many cool things in our modern society. They appear all over pop culture, and they also happen to be the standard serving shape of pizza, so you know they’re good luck!

6 Scorpio Is Classic With A Horseshoe


More than anything, Scorpio needs a lucky charm that isn’t subtle. You’re not the kind of gal to pin some little charm to the inside of your shirt or hide a stone in your bag where nobody can see it—if you believe in the power of something, you want to shout it to the world. A big, loud and proud symbol of luck is the horseshoe, which is more associated with fortune than it is with horses! Various legends claim to explain the luck behind horseshoes, and one is that because they were originally made of iron, they used to keep away mischievous spirits and faeries which could not touch the element. Another legend names St. Dunstan as the man responsible for giving horseshoes their luck: he was commanded to make a horseshoe for the devil, but nailed the shoe to the devil’s foot instead. He agreed to remove it when the devil promised he would bypass any house that had a horseshoe hanging on the door, and they’ve been popular items ever since! When hanging a horseshoe, make sure it faces up and it looks like a U, so that it can fill up with luck!

5 Sagittarius And The Traditional Rabbit’s Foot

Many charms have their roots in religious traditions, but a furry rabbit’s foot originates from hoodoo magic. Since Sagittarius is spiritual and open-minded, a seemingly outlandish tradition might be just down your alley! In the original version of the legend, it is said that the left hind foot of a rabbit can protect you from evil magic when caught at nighttime in a cemetery. Obviously, we don’t recommend that you lurk in cemeteries until dark and hunt down rabbits—faux, store-bought options still carry all the same significance and are just as good as the original version, or you can make your own rabbit’s foot out of felt. But being a friendly Sagittarius, you’re not the type to kill an innocent animal anyways. Many people put the faux feet on their keychains and carry them with them wherever they go. As a Sagittarius, you also have a tendency to travel, so bringing a rabbit’s foot along will protect you from the dangers you might stumble across on an international adventure! Nice and subtle, this is the perfect lucky charm for you.

4 Capricorn Feels Right With A Four-Leaf Clover


There are a few reasons why the famed four-leaf clover is an ideal token of luck for Capricorn. Four-leaf clovers are thought to bring faith, hope, love, health, fame, and especially wealth, which is an area that you usually prosper in. Considering your taste for the finer things, it’s a good idea to get as much support in accumulating your wealth as possible, even if you do a good job of covering that area on your own! Capricorns also tend to feel right at home amongst nature, so something from the earth like this, which is still in its pure form and hasn’t been tampered with, is something you will treasure. Originally, the Celts believed that four-leaf clovers could help them see spirits and faeries and to avoid their mischief, which is how the leaves earned their adored place in Irish culture. There are many clovers which have four leaves but aren’t actually the lucky four-leaf clovers, annoyingly enough! The lucky versions come from the white clover plant, and one of their leaflets is always smaller than the others. One in 10,000 plants carry them, but if anyone can find them, it’s you.

3 Capricorn The Mother Of Dragons

Some people might not view dragons in a favorable light, but in some cultures, they are said to be extremely lucky. Trying to find a real-life dragon isn’t necessary to benefit from the power of this mythical creature—all you have to do is get yourself a dragon charm or statue. These are said to give you strong leadership skills, among other things. Dragons are well suited to Capricorns in particular because they help you to advance career-wise. Not only do they help you advance your skills as a leader, but they help to stabilize your work position. We know how important work is to a Capricorn, so you should get yourself a dragon charm or statue!

2 Aquarius Listens To The Crickets


If you’ve seen the Disney movie Mulan, you’ll know that crickets have long been thought to be a source of good luck. It is believed that the chirping sound of a cricket offered companionship even in prehistoric times, and since then, crickets have been one of the world’s most beloved bugs. In Asian countries, crickets are viewed as guardians, since it is believed that you can tell there is danger afoot when a cricket stops chirping. This is the very reason that the cricket is luckiest for an Aquarius: being so carefree as you are, you could use a guardian to keep an eye out for you! You generally don’t want to live life being so careful, and would totally appreciate something there to warn you that all is not okay. It is considered extreme bad luck to kill a cricket, just as it is a ladybug, so you won’t want to be too carefree around them! We can understand not wanting to actually keep a cricket in your house, but you can include pictures of them on your jewelry to get the same effect.

1 Pisces The Dreamer And A Dreamcatcher

There is only one lucky charm that is perfectly suited to the dreamer of the zodiac, and of course, it’s the dreamcatcher. Appearing like a net or web, dreamcatchers are decorated with feathers and beads, and are believed to catch bad dreams before they enter your head. By doing this, they leave their owner feeling happier, more rested, more balanced, and even luckier. Dreams are super-important to you, so anything that’s going to help you filter out the nightmares and focus on the good ones has got to be worth it! You can hang one by your bed to catch your dreams, or you can even wear them as earrings to ward off bad luck and bring good luck along with you. Hanging up a dreamcatcher in the workplace is also thought to bring positive energy. As a Pisces, you like to dream when you’re awake as well as when you’re asleep, and can spend time each day fantasizing about your desires and goals. Someone like you wants to keep their brilliant mind as clear as possible from negativity, so bring in a dreamcatcher ASAP.


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