This Is Her Spirit Animal, Based On Her Sign

We all have a particular animal that resonates with us. Maybe we were that animal in a past life, maybe that animal is guiding us from afar, or perhaps we’re just that animal’s real-life human counterpart. In any case, we all have a spirit animal.

Some people just know what their spirit animal is, especially if they’re in tune with their natural instincts and gut feelings. Others wouldn’t have the faintest idea, and that’s totally fine! We have compiled a list of spirit animals based on the twelve astro signs, as well as the four elements of fire, earth, air, and water. As the different signs and elements have different personalities, wants and needs, their spirit animals are of course going to be influenced by the stars.

The fiery signs resemble loud, proud, and strong creatures, while the mellower signs are usually aligned with animals that are quieter and intelligent. The signs that have big hearts are similarly matched with animals that are naturally kind and compassionate, and the introverts are conveyed by solitary animals who are content to live life independently.

Keep reading to find out what the spirit animal of each sign and element is, and as a bonus, what pet each element should adopt!

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20 Fire Signs: Lion


The spirit animal that suits the fire signs as a group would be the majestic lion. There are a few reasons why Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are human lions, and one of them is that, you guessed it, they’re fiery.

It doesn’t take a lot to get a rise out of these signs and get them growling about something.

At the same time, they’re naturally happy personalities and like to play as much as they like to argue. Lions are social animals, just as the fire signs feel the most energized when they’re around other people. More than anything, the fire signs and the lion are proud creatures.

19 Aries: Wolf


The spirit animal for Aries is undoubtedly the wolf! Wolves are pack animals, but Aries would be the leader of the pack, just as she is the leader of the signs. There are several things that this fire sign has in common with a wolf, one of them being that she’s extremely intelligent and sociable. She’s also loyal to those she loves and is someone you can always rely on to be there for you.

Wolves can be aggressive, and so can Aries, but only when she’s provoked. She’s the alpha and doesn’t like anybody to think otherwise.

18 Leo: Grizzly Bear


Of course, you could argue that Leo’s spirit animal is the lion. But since we see a lion rising in all of the fire signs, Leo’s personal spirit animal would be the grizzly bear. First and foremost, both Leo and grizzly bears are easy on the eyes. But if you get too close and overstep your boundaries, they’ll probably attack.

Leo can have a fiery temper just like the grizzly bear, but more than anything, she likes to have a good time and be cool with everyone.

A grizzly bear is the kind of animal that people can’t take their eyes off, and Leo, being the star of the astro world, is very much the same.

17 Sagittarius: Wild Horse


Though still as fiery as can be expected of a fire sign, Sagittarius is probably the least uneven-tempered of all the fire signs. You definitely don’t want to get on her bad side, but she’s more concerned with her own life than chasing up other people and holding grudges against them.

More than anything, Sagittarius craves freedom. She loves to travel, visit new and different places, and surround herself with people who can teach her something new. For this reason, she’s a wild horse that can’t be tamed. Those who try to control Sagittarius will quickly learn that it’s impossible.

16 The Pet Fire Signs Should Own: German Shepherd


Fire signs are dog people, through and through. When it comes to the type of dog, all people are different.

But generally speaking, the fire signs are well suited to a big dog that is super loyal and smart.

German Shepherds are a great choice for fire signs for many reasons. They require exercise and attention, and the fire signs love to play with them and get outdoors. Both German Shepherds and fire signs have a lot of energy to burn! These dogs also make great guards, and when paired with a feisty fire sign, are an unstoppable force.

15 Earth Signs: Pig


As a group, the earth signs are embodied by the pig. We know what you might be thinking—pigs aren’t hygienic, so how can they be the spirit animal of the cleanest signs? It’s actually a myth that pigs are all about that grime. They’re very hygienic animals and only roll around in the mud because they don’t have sweat glands.

Aside from being clean like the pig, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are highly intelligent. These signs are often among the most successful because of their tendency to work hard, but also because they’re extremely smart.

14 Taurus: Beaver


The defining factor that makes the beaver Taurus’s spirit animal is its fantastic work ethic. The hard-working beaver may be played up in stereotypes and across pop culture, but beavers really do work hard to build their dams and live their little beaver lives. These guys don’t mess around!

Taurus, symbolized by the bull, is one of the hardest working signs and will stop at nothing until she’s completed her metaphorical dam.

Although Taurus loves to play just as much as she loves to work, she’s extremely disciplined and won’t let loose until she’s achieved what she needs to.

13 Virgo: Eagle


Virgo’s spirit animal would be the eagle, soaring high in the sky. Both this earth sign and the eagle are good at paying attention to the small details, which ultimately helps them prosper in life.

The eagle doesn’t have to come close to the ground to notice prey, and similarly, Virgo is always watching and noting things, even if you think she’s not. It’s this kind of attention to detail and fantastic memory that helps Virgo to never miss a thing and hardly ever be surprised. While Virgo does have a playful side, she can come across as quite reserved and stony, just like this bird of prey.

12 Capricorn: House Cat


There are quite a few things that Capricorn has in common with her spirit animal, the domesticated cat. For one thing, both Capricorn ladies and kitties love to be pampered and treated like VIPs.

Though Capricorn may deny it, she loves to be treated to the finer things in life, exactly the way a cat does.

Cats can be cuddly and social, but they’re not needy and don’t rely on other people to do anything for them. They’re quite independent animals, which aligns well with Capricorn’s personality. Both Capricorn and the house cat can fend for themselves when they need to, and don’t kiss up to anyone.

11 The Pet Earth Signs Should Own: Fish


While the earth signs can be loving and affectionate, they’re not really animal people. Even if they do love and appreciate animals, they usually don’t have time for high-maintenance pets in their busy schedules.

These signs have goals and priorities and just don’t have room for the kind of pet that takes a lot of time and effort. Fish are the ideal pet for the earth signs because they don’t make any mess, although it is necessary to clean out their tanks. They also require minimal work and improve the overall look of the house. The earth signs are homebodies and would enjoy watching their fish without having to take any time off work to look after them.

10 Air Signs: Crow


Naturally, the air signs relate most to an animal that can fly with the wind. The crow is Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius’s spirit animal because of the kind of life she leads.

These signs would love the chance to be able to fly and love to see and experience as much of life as they can.

The other similarity between the crow and the air signs is that both are intelligent. The air signs—especially Gemini—may not have very long attention spans, but they are very smart. They often use their intellect to help them thrive in their work.

9 Gemini: Fox


Happy Gemini’s spirit animal is a fox, for a few reasons. They often say that Gemini has two personalities, and both of these tend to have similarities with behavior that’s typical of a fox. On one hand, Gemini is super curious about everything and loves to explore and make new discoveries.

Foxes are the same—like Gemini, they can actually get restless and bored if they’re not captivated by something new. Gemini comes across as likable and innocent, but the other side to her personality is slyer, and a little more manipulative. Similarly, a fox looks cute and cuddly but could outsmart most predators in a second.

8 Libra: Panda Bear


Libra embodies the panda bear. Often thought of as the most docile of the bears, pandas are all about chilling out and eating bamboo. Libra has a lot in common with the panda because she just wants a drama-free life. Is that too much to ask?

She may not want to lounge around and eat bamboo all day, but she doesn’t want to be bothered with petty and trivial things.

She craves peace and serenity and can become agitated if people disrupt her peace. Libra is a great thinker and likes the quiet because it gives her time to think, although she has no problem socializing when she needs to, just like the panda.

7 Aquarius: Sea Turtle


There is less known about the behavior of sea turtles than other animals, which is already a point of similarity with the mysterious Aquarius. Both this air sign and sea turtles are something of an enigma to those who try to study them.

Sea turtles aren’t considered social animals, and while Aquarius can be the life of the party, she also needs her alone time and is more than happy to do things by herself. Aquarius likes to follow her heart and do things that make her feel good rather than what’s required of her. In a similar way, sea turtles sometimes spend hours at the surface of the water simply basking in the sun.

6 The Pet Air Signs Should Own: Parrot


The air signs are the best talkers of all the signs, so it only makes sense that they adopt a pet that can talk back to them. Even if what they’re hearing back is repeated, the air signs would be head over heels for an animal that could say anything to them at all.

A parrot is just as much of a chatterbox as the air signs are and needs an owner who is energetic.

The air signs don’t overthink every little thing and are probably the type to take a parrot of its cage and make sure it’s getting enough exercise and not feeling cramped.

5 Water Signs: Elephant


The water signs might have another spirit animal that lives in the sea, but as a group, they all have similarities with the elephant. Elephants are known for their compassion, helpfulness, and empathy.

The water signs closely relate to the animal with the biggest heart because they have huge hearts themselves. Sometimes Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces can come across abruptly and say things they don’t mean, but that’s because they’re often guided by emotion. They’re the best signs at having empathy and being kind to other people. Because of this, they usually make great friends and counselors.

4 Cancer: Seahorse


It only makes sense that the water signs would resonate with animals that live in the sea! Cancer’s spirit animal is a seahorse, mainly because unlike many other species in the animal kingdom, seahorses are monogamous. Before reproducing, they enjoy quite a lengthy courtship, and this kind of romantic tendency is so Cancer.

Cancer is a traditional romantic and is definitely the type to enjoy a long dating period.

She loves being close and getting to know someone really well, and then eventually committing herself to them for life. While Cancer is a nurturer and loves taking care of her loved ones, she’d probably appreciate life as a seahorse because the male carries the eggs.

3 Scorpio: Shark


Some say that Scorpio is reminiscent of the snake, and others say her spirit animal is naturally the scorpion. But we see a strong resemblance between Scorpio and the shark. For starters, both Scorpio gals and sharks are at home in the water.

Although Scorpio may not intend to make others uncomfortable, she can sometimes come across as intimidating because she’s quite opinionated and loud in voicing how she feels. Especially if that’s different to what someone else is feeling, this can make waves. She can bite when her feelings are hurt or when she feels threatened and is relentless in the pursuit of her goals and of the truth.

2 Pisces: Dolphin


The spirit animal for Pisces is the dolphin. Intelligent and playful, dolphins are known for their happy frolicking.

Pisces may not live in the ocean (though she does love the water), but she does tend to enjoy frolicking in her own way.

She can work hard when she puts her mind to it, but it can take her a while to get there. She’s a bit of a procrastinator, and she likes to enjoy life and be carefree while she’s dreaming about how she’s going to achieve her goals. Pisces is also a relatable sign liked by many, just as the dolphin is many people’s favorite animal.

1 The Pet Water Signs Should Own: Bunny


The water signs have a lot of love to give, and they’d make amazing owners of many different kinds of pets. But they’re probably the most suited to a bunny! At the end of the day, the water signs love to show love and affection.

They love sitting down with their pet after a long working day and having a cuddle, which is exactly what a bunny loves. Being so small and vulnerable, a bunny needs an owner who’s going to make it feel loved and protected, and these signs are pros when it comes to playing the role of mom.

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