Thirty, Flirty, & Thriving: The Top 30 Actresses Hollywood Should Pay Attention To In 2019 (& Why)

Here's a bit of a truth bomb: Hollywood, with its endless amount of glitz, glamour, celebrity and a dash or two of glitter always seems to thrive on the same elite cast and crew of big-name stars. That's okay because our most beloved cover stars have always had what it takes to be a fixture on the giant silver screen! Look at Meryl Streep racking up Oscar nominations decade after decade, and Leonardo DiCaprio, still keeping momentum during award season without sinking!

Do you remember the classic romantic teen comedy from the aughts called 13 Going On 30? Main character Jenna Rink wanted nothing more than to escape the doldrums of the unpopular crowd in high school, and she endlessly wished she could transport herself to the sophisticated and seemingly grown-up world of her thirties.

Jenna repeated the mantra "thirty, flirty, and thriving," fiercely believing in the power of some gifted wishing dust on her 13th birthday. The power of Jenna's beloved wishing dust could be applied to Hollywood's most popular starlets.

Hollywood is a spacious industry with plenty of room! There are plenty of new faces who deserve some time in the spotlight! With change comes great opportunity, and in the year of 2019, we're looking to usher in a whole new squad of ambitious and talented actresses over and under thirty, who hold an immense amount of talent. From future big-screen fixtures to some seasoned names who deserve endless amounts of recognition, here are the class of 2019!

30 Under: Eris Baker

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Grab your tissues, because there are many types of tears to cry in celebration of Eris Baker! If you don't know Eris, surely you've heard of the show she stars on, This Is Us! Since This Is Us's debut in 2016, Eris Baker has played the role of Tess Pearson, one half of Randall Pearson's daughter duo.

For a show that pays attention to all stages of life, Eris has given This Is Us a taste of the teen scene!

29 Over: Emma Stone

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Emma Stone has been a fixture on the big screen for a few years now; you'll remember her performances in the modern classic teen film, Easy A, and last year's Oscar-winning musical La La Land, as IMDb reports, but Emma should be a stone-cold fixture on your cinematic radar in 2019!

She has proven her wide range of acting chops after starring in a wide array of films, and she'll continue by playing the legendary villain Cruella De Vil in Cruella in 2019, as Nylon reports. It's a must-see!

28 Under: Kiernan Shipka

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If you have to do a double take when you see a photo of Kiernan Shipka, you're not alone! Kiernan got her start on the legendary drama Mad Men, which was memorably set in the 1960s. Nowadays, Kiernan is wearing modern fashion, and she's casting a spell as Sabrina Spellman, in the Netflix remake of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina!

Shipka still finds time to be a regular teen! According to Vulture, she's a fan of Instagram.

27 Over: Elizabeth Moss

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Elizabeth Moss's name and face have become associated with a long line of lady-boss characters! She rose to fame in 2005 with her role as Peggy Olsen on Mad Men and skyrocketed to television icon with her role in The Handmaid's Tale, but she's getting ready to tell a new tale in the new year!

Elizabeth joins fellow lady-bosses Tiffany Haddish and Melissa McCarthy in the film The Kitchen, as Film School Rejects reports, in a story of female empowerment and friendship through various trials.

26 Under: Yara Shahidi

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Yara Shahidi has kept viewers laughing for a few years on Black-ish, as the relatable teen sister Zoey, and she's graced our screens in 2018 with its spin-off, Grown-ish, which explores the challenging period of attending college for the first time.

Just like her character, Yara has been exploring the collegiate waters of academia. The actress is currently attending Harvard, as Vanity Fair reports. Playing an authentic role true to her character is important to Yara, who was at prom when Grown-Ish was greenlit.

25 Over: Emmy Rossum

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Emmy Rossum wears many hats. You might know her for her role as Fiona Gallagher on the emotionally-charged hit show, Shameless, but she has also been a singer for many years. She has released multiple albums of original music, as Billboard reports.

With so many projects under her belt, Emmy has had to make room for even more projects. In the summer of 2018, she made the difficult decision to leave Shameless, but she will be featured on the show's ninth season, Elite Daily reports.

24 Under: Lana Condor

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It's hard to remember a time before Lana Condor was on our radar. Can you believe she rose to mega-stardom this year? Lana is known for her breakout role in the charming Netflix film To All The Boys I've Loved Before, as Laura-Jean Covey, the girl we wish could be our sister and best friend!

While we binge Lana's back catalog of roles, she's keeping extremely busy filming a new movie called Warning, which will be of the sci-fi variety, Tiger Beat reports.

23 Over: Joy Bryant

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Joy Bryant's presence on screen is true to her name. She's a major joy! She's captured the hearts of many through her versatile career over the years. In recent years, Joy has been known for her role on the beloved dramedy, Parenthood.

Joy returned to the landscape of must-see drama TV earlier this year when she accepted a role on the HBO show, Ballers, as Deadline reports. When she is not keeping the court warm, she enjoys playing the drums and playing tennis, according to Men's Journal.

22 Under: Rachel Brosnahan

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If you recognize Rachel Brosnahan better while she's decked out in the vintage fashions of her groundbreaking character Midge Maisel, from the 2017 Emmy winning TV series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, you're not alone! Brosnahan is currently charming us in the series' second season as the hilarious comedian Midge Maisel in the repressive decade for women, the 1950s!

Rachel's recent Golden Globe nomination serves as proof she is a prime example of an actress to watch in the coming year.

21 Over: Sophia Bush

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Sophia Bush inspired us for nine seasons as the sassy Brooke Davis, from the teen drama One Tree Hill. No matter what Brooke went through, she endured every situation with perseverance!

Sophia is much like her beloved character, Brooke. She has spent recent years tirelessly advocating for a wide array of social issues! After taking a brief break from the acting world, you will be able to see Sophia back on screen on the series, Surveillance, in the near future.

20 Under: Awkwafina

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If anyone knows what it's like to have a busy schedule, it's Awkwafina! Awkwafina is doing absolutely all of it.

She's an actress, and she has a way with words - she's a rapper too, according to Rolling Stone. 

This year could absolutely be crowned "The Year Of Awkwafina!" She was among the cast of 2018's ultra-popular film adaptation of the novel, Crazy Rich Asians. Her performance was so memorable, she landed a dream gig - she hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live earlier this year.

19 Over: Mae Whitman

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Mae Whitman is a longtime veteran of the big and small screen. She's been an actress from a very young age! Thankfully, slowing down doesn't seem to be on Mae's horizon. After she wrapped up her role on the hit show Parenthood, Mae landed another primetime show, Good Girls, in 2018. The show has given Mae the opportunity to play a mother who ventures to provide for her son in multiple action-packed ways.

Fans, rejoice: Good Girls will back for a second season, as TV Guide reports.

18 Under: Peyton Kennedy

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Once in a while, an amazing actress comes along with brilliant acting ability, and it's always surprising to learn they're still in middle school. Peyton Kennedy is one such actress. She has been acting since 2012 and had an extremely successful year in 2018. She made us sniffle in her role on Grey's Anatomy, and we cheered for her character in Everything Sucks!

17 Over: Melanie Liburd

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This Is Us has captivated viewers and kept us tuned in for nearly three years with its relatable characters. There's a quality within each character everyone can identify with! In the show's third and current season, the show welcomed British actress Melanie Liburd. She's dazzled fans in her role as Zoey, Kevin's girlfriend, who has a deep sense of wanderlust, but she's coming around to the grounded family life of the Pearsons. Melanie will be a must-watch for 2019!

16 Under: Sydney Sweeney

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It's a joy to discover an upcoming actress who can play multiple roles, and Sydney Sweeney is absolutely worth keeping an eye on in 2019. Sweeney has had a busy year, and she shows no signs of slowing down! She appeared in the prematurely canceled Netflix show, Everything Sucks! Sydney's fans who were sad over the show's cancellation didn't need to worry, though, because she appeared in the HBO thriller show, Sharp Objects. In 2019, she's set to star in the TV series Euphoria, IMDb reports, which looks at the complicated lives of a group of high school students.

15 Over: Caitlin Thompson

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Everyone should have an extroverted friend who exudes endless amounts of sunshine like This Is Us's Madison does for Kate Pearson! Madison is there to give the right amount of positivity to keep Kate happy. Her sunny disposition comes courtesy of Caitlin Thompson, who previously appeared on the 90210 reboot.

Earlier this year, Caitlin took the role of Madison on This Is Us, and she's been charming viewers with her witty banter since.

14 Under: Lili Reinhardt

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You know Lili Reinhart from so many different sources because she's one of 2018's most recognizable faces! She's Betty Cooper on Riverdale, she's dating Cole Sprouse, as Insider reports, and she's an Insta-queen with the best angles!

With Lili's packed résumé, there's no question she'll have a bright future! Lilli spoke to Vogue about her future plans, and what she believes will come. Someday, the high school doors of Riverdale will close, after all.

“I think in order for me to feel that I’m pushing myself and growing as a performer, I need to kind of do things that are a little bit more adult and maybe things that are more grounded," she said. 

We can't wait to see what's in store for her in the coming year.

13 Over: Emily Blunt

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To put it bluntly: Emily Blunt is a household name for a generation! She's been one of our favorite boss babe screen fixtures since she appeared in The Devil Wears Prada, giving us absolute office goals. The last few years have been kind to Emily; her roles have become box office winners, and we can't overlook the fact that John Krasinski is her husband!

Emily's legendary status will be further cemented as Mary Poppins in the remake of the classic film!

12 Under: Joey King

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The gorgeous Joey King is well-known on the horror movie circuit, having starred in movies such as Slenderman and The Conjuring. Excitedly, 2018 was the year she crossed over into romantic comedy with the popular Netflix film, The Kissing Booth!

The success of The Kissing Booth led Joey to explore more roles in romantic comedies. She also starred in the film Summer '03 in 2018.

11 Over: Emilia Clarke

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Emilia Clarke has been one of the most captivating actresses of recent times. If you're a fan of the wildly popular mystical HBO show, Game Of Thrones, Emilia's been putting magic into your heart ever since! Of course, we know there's an anticipated new season of Game Of Thrones to come, but Emilia also has additional projects up her sleeve for 2019.

Look for Emilia alongside veteran actress Emma Thompson in the upcoming movie, Last Christmas, as Deadline reports.

10 Under: Amandla Stenberg

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Looking at 20-year-old Amandla Stenberg's résumé, a big name and familiar role jumps out at you! The Hunger Games craze from earlier in the decade not only brought us tons of books and film spinoffs, and helped cement Jennifer Lawrence's identity in Hollywood, but the franchise also blessed us with Amandla Stenberg!

Amandla caught our attention with her breathtaking performance in The Hate U Give, and so many moviegoers have been awaiting Amandla's next move. She's on our radar for 2019!

9 Over: Alison Brie

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Alison Brie has been a mastermind at playing roles that put her in scenarios of the past: in the '60s period drama Mad Men, and the '80s setting of Glow, a Netflix series.

Alison will be continuing to expand her repertoire in 2019, as she'll lend her voice to the Lego Movie sequel.

8 Under: Sabrina Carpenter

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If you're looking for a new artist who specializes in presenting you with a danceable beat and catchy choruses for 2019, look no further than Sabrina Carpenter! Sabrina has spent 2018 creating a handful of club-friendly songs perfectly curated for your next girls' night out.

Sabrina's crafty tunes are a long time in the making. She began her career as a Disney starlet with her role on Girl Meets World and her YouTube channel where she personally connects with fans!

7 Over: Elizabeth Olsen

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With a recognizable last name like Olsen, you know you're going to find an infinite amount of talent!

The most popular members in the Olsen family, Mary-Kate and Ashley, have retired from the acting world, but Olsen devotees didn't have to mourn for long. Their sister, Elizabeth, has been starring in leading roles for the last few years, and she has more projects in the making! Elizabeth will appear in the film Escape Room next year.

6 Under: Elizabeth Lail

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What do Blake Lively and Elizabeth Lail have in common? They've both been Penn Badgely's leading ladies!

If you don't recognize Elizabeth's name, you will soon enough. The actress is currently starring alongside Penn in the new suspenseful thriller, You, which has been airing on the Lifetime channel. For those who have yet to binge on the show and catch Elizabeth in action, the show's first season will be available on Netflix soon for all to enjoy, as Popbuzz reports.

5 Over: Annie Murphy

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If you're in search of a show and actress to make you feel all of the hilarity feels, Annie Murphy's performance in Schitt's Creek will fit the bill. Annie plays the daughter in an extremely wealthy family who must come to terms with "regular" civilian life. Annie's portrayal of Alexis will keep you laughing!

Previously, Murphy starred in movies like The Story of Jen and Beauty and the Beast, and she's also worked in theatre.

4 Under: Iris Apatow

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Judd Apatow is an acclaimed writer and director of countless cult TV shows and films, but were you aware he's the father of the actress Iris Apatow?

After watching any performance from Iris, it's easy to see the resemblance! Iris made us laugh with her role in the Netflix series, Love, with her performance of a wise-beyond-her-years actress, who was already jaded from the business.

While you wait for Iris' next project, her glam Insta feed is worth a look!

3 Over: Zawe Ashton

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Zawe Ashton already has a well-established career in her native Britain with multiple roles in TV and films. Now her face is becoming more recognizable internationally!

Audiences outside of Britain were recently able to have a taste of Zawe's talent when the BBC series, Wanderlust, appeared on Netflix. Zawe lit up the small screen with her character's dry sense of humor and enviable fashion sense!

Since she completed Wanderlust, Zawe will appear in an upcoming film, Velvet Buzzsaw, in 2019, Bustle reports.

2 Under: Sierra Capri

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Netflix is no stranger to producing "must-binge" series, some of which launch the careers of newcomers. Sierra Capri was one of the fresh faces of Netflix's programming for her role on the show, On My Block, in 2018. After some Netflix shows were canceled earlier this year, it was revealed fans would be able to see more of Sierra, with the renewal of On My Block for a second season!

We can't wait to see Sierra return to "the block!"

1 Over: Esther Povitsky

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She's tiny and dynamite! Esther Povitsky is a powerhouse, who is using the gift of laughter to grace our presence. Esther broke new ground for two seasons in Alone Together, a hilarious take on platonic opposite-sex friends, in 2018. Not only did Esther star in Alone Together, she also created the show!

When Esther isn't acting in front of the camera, she's behind the microphone as a host of a podcast called Glowing Up, about all things beauty and style.

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