11 Things Your Guy Friends Will Tell You That Your BFFs Won't

Most women have a solid group of female friends that they're close with. Friends come and go, but there are always a few that stick around for the long haul. Those are the friends you can usually count on to tell you the truth about anything. But at the same time, there are just some things that women don't understand the same way that men do. That's why it's great for every girl to have a close male friend.

Of course, your good female friends will tell you the truth even when it's hard, but the fact remains that men and women see things differently. It's always nice to get a male perspective on certain things. Men tend to be more blunt, and provided your male bff isn't just trying to sleep with you, he wants you to be happy. Here are a few things you should talk to your guy friends about when your female friends' perspectives just don't seem to be doing the trick.

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11 Why the guy you like isn't interested

You and your female friends can speculate and rant about how it's his loss if he doesn't like you all you want, but your best guy friend will be straight with you. That guy isn't into you because you just aren't his type. Or he's actually too into your friend to notice you exist. Or, yes, he's a jerk that doesn't know what he's missing. Also, if you were acting like a crazy person, your male bff will tell you it's time to chill and you'll probably listen to him, because he knows what he's talking about.

10 Why you shouldn't spend an entire pay check on a new purse

Your more sensible girlfriends will definitely point out how unnecessary it is to have a new designer purse when you have three other ones sitting in your closet right now. But they'll probably also understand why you want it so badly anyway. Girls know the struggle of being smart with money, but also needing something that is ridiculously overpriced. If you really want someone to talk you out of blowing an entire paycheck in one tap of your debit card, call your guy friend. He'll laugh so hard when you tell him the price of that coveted handbag, that you'll never be able to bring yourself to buy it and still look him in the eye.

9 The pros and cons of burritos as hangover food

If you're truly hungover, you're going to need more than how many calories are probably in that delicious burrito to deter you from eating it. Your best guy friend has eaten that burrito, sober, drunk, and hungover, and he knows exactly if it's worth it or not. He might be the only one that will be able to convince you to go for pizza instead. You're already hungover, you don't need to be on the toilet all day. At least that will be his argument.

8 What guys really think of your preferred hairstyle

Not that you should be choosing your haircut based on what guys find most attractive. If you want to rock a pixie cut, go for it. But if you're interested in what the general consensus among groups of guys is on a certain hairstyle, your best dude friend will gladly let you know. Of course, you should still take his response with a grain of salt because just because most guys he knows are into girls with long hair, doesn't mean every guy is. Also, he'll remind you that your hairstyle won't matter one bit if a guy is really into you. Your girls will probably say the same thing, but it's still nice to hear it from a guy too.

7 Whether a guy is out of your league

6 What you did wrong in your last relationship

Your girls are great when you need to vent and express your hatred of the ex that dumped you out of nowhere last year. They will hate and curse his existence right along with you. But your guy friend might actually point out that the break up wasn't exactly as out of left field as you'd like to believe. You aren't perfect, and you probably contributed to the relationship ending too. As infuriating as it might be, your best guy friend will see it from your ex's perspective and might even be able to give you a little insight into what you did wrong so you can work on it for your next relationship.

5 To be realistic about your new crush

Your female friends are always super excited to hear that you've met someone new. They want to know all the details and discuss where you see it going. Your best guy friend on the other hand? He's not going to think one date is anything to get excited about. In fact, he'll probably tell you it means nothing. You can't know where a relationship is going after one date, and he'll remind you of that without missing a beat. He'll also probably drive the point home by telling you stories about all the girls he went on a first date with and then never called again. Just what you needed, right?

4 Whether a guy just wants sex

Sometimes figuring out if a guy just wants sex or not is next to impossible. You and your girls can analyze his texts all you want and still not know what to think. This is exactly when having a good guy friend comes in handy. If he thinks a guy is just chasing you in an attempt to get in your pants, he won't hesitate to tell you, and you'll be more likely to trust his judgement. He also won't judge you one bit if you decide to go along with it and have some great sex. In fact, he'll probably high five you for it.

3 That your selfie obsession is out of control

Your girlfriends will like your selfies on Instagram indiscriminately, because they understand the importance of the social media ego boost. Your guy friend is more likely to make fun of the weird angle and "artsy" filter you were trying out. He's probably just teasing you, but at the same time he's subtly letting you know that your selfies aren't as cool as you think they are. You need to cut back. Seriously.

2 If you can really pull off that crop top

Women of all shapes and sizes can wear any trend they feel like wearing as long as they're comfortable with it. But at the same time, there are some styles that aren't exactly flattering on certain body types. Not that you should care what other people think is flattering... but still. Your girlfriends are going to encourage you to jump on the crop top bandwagon if that's what you want to do. But you can count on your guy friend to tell you whether that's really the best idea or not. Obviously the finally decision is yours, but at least you'll have opinions from both the male and female perspectives to consider.

1 What guys really think about various sex-related things

You are your girlfriends can guess what a guy is thinking when you do embarrassing things in bed like let a fart slip out, or suggest a slightly taboo role playing game. But if you really want to know what's going on a in a guy's head you have to ask another guy. If you're really close you might even be able to ask him for a couple tips to try out on a new guy you're really into. At the very least your best guy friend will assure you that any guy that kicks you out of bed just because you accidentally farted that one time, is not a guy worth dating, because a real man will just laugh with you and then promptly forget it happened.

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