Things You’d Be Doing Right Now If You Didn’t Have Morals Based On Astrology (His and Hers)

What would your naughtiest self be doing based on your zodiac? It depends on how naughty your sign is and it also depends on the rest of your chart. Some of you might even be doing some of these things on this list. And don’t worry, no one is here to judge you. If you’re getting down and dirty, well, that’s up to you. Do you, boo. And don’t fret. It’s not so bad to be bad. Sometimes being bad feels good. Some of you don’t need to act all innocent. It’s already written in the stars, on your charts, and your hearts that type of stuff you’re into. Some of you are naughty by nature.

But for those of you who might be a bit more on the innocent side and you’re curious to know what you might be into if morals got thrown out the window –well, look no further. Don’t take this list so seriously, but for real –some of you have a wicked side that has the potential to get you into some trouble. Beware the zodiac.


24 Gemini Women: Flirting With Married Folks

This is not so awful, but it’s nothing to brag about. Well, unless you’re a Gemini female. Am I right, Gemini ladies? You love flirting. You don’t just love it, you crave it and you need it. Once more, you’re so good at it. It’s not the sort of blatant, in your face flirting, but the subtle. However, you can go all the way dirty and flirt without regard for other people’s feelings. When a Gemini is on a mission for some action, no one is safe when a Gemini is around. You will stoop so low to get what you want, even if that means getting between a married couple. This is all hypothetical, right, Gemini, because you would never, would you. Would you?

23 Gemini Men: Being A Huge Scam Artist


Charmers, indeed, the Gemini man knows how to con people better than anyone. If morals were out the door, Gemini men could talk the feather off a bird. They know their way around words. They are ruled by the planet of communication and that is never more clear than when a Gemini male wants something. Nothing can stop him. He will use all manipulative tactics to get what he wants. He is the one who could easily do credit card scams. He is the one who would succeed at being the con man. He is the one who can weasel his way into any venue, any place, any person’s heart. Gemini men are scandalous that way. Talkers, yes, but it’s more than that. There’s a twinkle in the eye that makes people put down their guards, as though the Gemini male can be trusted. And that’s where he just put the hurt on you, fool.

22 Taurus Women: Stealing Jewelry

Diamonds are a Taurus woman’s best friend. You know they are, girl. And by diamonds, I mean all precious stones. You have an eye for the finer things in life. If you could have your way, you’d be robbing the living daylights outta jewelry stores across the globe. You’d go for diamonds, sure, but also rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. For those who are into crystals, you’d rob those, too, even though karma might come back to bite you. So focused on those shiny bits, you’d stop at nothing. Even going to fancy parties and homes to see if you could get your hands on some precious stones. You'd definitely have the sticky fingers if you didn't have morals Taurus ladies, for sure.

21 Taurus Men: Binge Eating


The way to a Taurus man’s heart is through his stomach. Gluttony is a deadly sin and one a Taurus man would gladly delight in if it weren’t so dangerous. Eating without abandon is what Taurus men love to do. They love the taste and feel of food. There is no preference for salty or sweet, just as long as it’s scrumptious and rich and decadent. No other sign could binge eat like a Taurus. It is almost a sport and a hobby. If Taurus men would eat until they were silly, they would, as long as there were no side effects. But with Venus here, Taurus are too vain to let themselves go far off the deep end, hence why it’s rare to see an overweight Taurus male.

20 Cancer Women: Obsessive Hoarding

Cancer women love their homes. It is at home they feel the safest and more themselves. You know what I mean, Cancer, right. It’s not that you’re a hermit, but you’re also not not a hermit either. Being at home makes you feel in control, however, if no rules applied to your life, you’d hoard until the cows came home. Collecting things would tie you to the home which would be just one more excuse for not leaving. And you’d hoard anything. It wouldn’t even have to be of value. It would be anything that makes you feel good because you’re all about feelings. Even when friends and family would tell you that you’ve lost your mind, you would disregard them because no one understands and no one could possibility understand how you feel. It would all boil down to feelings despite that hoarding being a hazard to your health.

19 Cancer men: Closet Filled With Secrets


Quiet literally, Cancer men, if there were no one judging, would have an entire closet full of secrets. Take this as you will. Cancer men are known for being emotional and moody. They can be several different people in the span of one day. It means they take emotions and run with them. It also means they have unfinished business with feelings and with internal conflict as well as trauma. It wouldn’t be uncommon to find a Cancer men with a fetish or some strange collection that might turn stomachs. They would hold on tightly to these items as though they were of value. Without morals, the collections could be bizarre and even teeter on the macabre. A Cancer man will keep these things inside his home because no other place feels safer. They enjoy the privacy. Behind closed doors, there are no moral for Cancer men.

18 Leo Women: Promising Love to Several

It’s not wrong to have a heart so big it could love the entire world. Leo, you don’t just have a big heart, but you might have two and you definitely wear your heart on your sleeve. You rule the heart which means loving means something to you that it might not mean for others. It’s not uncommon for you to love several at once. You would even be into polygamy if it weren’t illegal. So big is your love, your need to love, and your need to be loved, that you often find yourself in compromising scenarios caught between lovers. What’s more, you promise them the world. If you could love multiple people and not be called names, you totally would. But as the world stands, polygamy is illegal in most countries. But that’s ok, this whole polyamorous trend got you set up good, so you’re not worried.


17 Leo Men: Absolute Savages and Cut Throat


Loyal is Leo man’s mantra. Do a Leo man wrong and watch out, for a world of hurt is sure to come your way. Leo men thrive on devotion. And that doesn’t just apply to lovers, it also includes friendships. If a Leo could get down and dirty and not have consequences to pay, he’d cut a best friend’s throat in a heartbeat. That’s how quickly they respond. The fire energy doesn’t hesitate. And since they are ruled by the Sun and govern the heart, the reaction time will be swift, as though no one saw it coming. It will be just like that. In the blink of an eye, a Leo will take another man down and then keep it moving. Want to stay on a Leo male’s good side, then you’d better be about loyalty. If you’re not willing to join his pride, it’s best not to mess with this fire.

16 Virgo Women: Bad-Mouthing Co-Workers

With Mercury guiding Virgo’s character, it’s no wonder that communication is a strength. You know damn well, Virgo, how you use words for your benefit. You play upon words so you can prey upon others. That’s how you do, Virgo. And don’t try to sweet talk your way outta this one. Nope, not this time. Not only can you maneuver any situation like a natural, you will also naturally find a way to make others look bad while you walk away as if you didn’t just start some sh*t. It’s not that you enjoy talking about others in this way, but you are so critical of others that you can’t help yourself. No other sign wants to develop as much as you do, so if that means you have to let others know the truth and if that truth casts shade on them, then so be it.

15 Aries Women: Baring It All


You are not shy, Aries, do don’t even try that coy look. If you didn’t have morals, you’d be showing the goods. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. As a matter of fact, it’s a respectable job these days. But in some company, doing it is still taboo and a no-no. But if it were up to you and you didn’t have to worry about what other says, you’d put that fire energy to good use and put your body to the test. You’d be up for the challenge. It’s not just a physical challenge, a mixture of pole tricks and balancing on platforms, but it’s emotional which could be the toughest part of the experience for you. But if anyone want to put motion to the test, it’s you, Aries.

14 Aries Men: Having An Affair

Mars rules Aries. And while women could, and do, have affairs, when Mars influences a man, it’s fires him all the way up. The fire starts in the brain, the head –of Aries rulership. Then it move to the other head, the loins. Aries men tend to be fired up more often than not. But where they differ from most men is that are ready and willing to act on these fantasies. There is no slowing down, waiting, or evaluating. Aries jumps right in. So if morals weren’t an issue, Aries men would be having affairs 24/7 and that’s the absolute honest truth. So you definitely have to keep an eye on those Aries men because I’d be willing to put my hand in fire, even if it’s Aries bred.

13 Virgo Men: Leave a Dirty Toilet


Virgos males excel in all skills related to communication, in fact, they often find themselves in careers where communication is key. However, they are also major worriers. A male Virgo in a state of anxiety is not a pretty sight. It will upset his entire being. Since Virgo rules the digestive system, more specifically the intestines, an upset male Virgo will be an unhappy camper. You know where this is going. And so does he, he’s been here many times before. When anxieties are high, you can find Virgo men in the can. And sometimes the stress that’s released is more than they can handle. If they could walk away without getting caught, they’d leave the toilet in disarray. Since Virgos tend to be tidy, this is not likely; however, in a world where filth reigned, he’d not think twice.

12 Libra Women: Be In Love With Ex

Poor Libra, so in love with love that it’s easy to start something, but hard to let go. You are almost addicted to love. Ok, you are addicted to love. And more than love, you’re addicted to relationships. Surely the cheating type, but what’s more is that you are prone to be attached to exes even while in a very healthy and loving relationship. Even if your ex was a jerk, you’ll pine over him. There’s something about your memory that doesn’t permit you to remember clearly. You romanticize your old relationships and constantly weight and compare to your current situation. While this is common, what makes your situation precarious is that you’ll likely fawn over old loves and not give your current love the attention they deserve.

11 Libra Men: Have Multiple Partners


He won’t be the first or the last, that’s for sure. But a Libra man is notorious for having multiple partners. He will promise the moon and the stars when in actuality he might just want one thing. The Libra man is in love with love, but also beauty. Any new woman that crosses his path is likely to get hit on and a little more. Libra isn’t shy about pursuing women and he will go to great lengths to get what he wants. It’s not uncommon for a Libra man to have several families, none of which have an idea about the other. He knows how to cover his tracks and because he’s charming and seemingly loyal, none of his partners or family will suspect him of foul play. Don’t put it past him to sleep with two partners in the same night as though it’s completely natural to him.

10 Scorpio Women: Dance With Death

Scorpio, you are the darkest of all the signs. You have a dark side to you that can’t be ignored. And the truth is, you revel in that darkness. It’s yours and it’s private and it feels like home. Death is a theme that follows you around. Or perhaps you follow it around. You're enticed by death and equally excited by it. Although you also fear it, but more like respect it. This means that you might like to play with death. You might like to bring yourself to the brink of death only to be reborn again, as though you’ve got a new start. You might overindulge in drugs or even sexual activities that bring you to the edge. And you might even be curious about how death looks on the face of others. This is a darkness that is normally not explored and for this reason, most of you won’t. But if we’re throwing morals out the window, you’d hone in on death like a moth to a flame.

9 Scorpio Men: Play Casanova


Hello sweet talking Scorpio. There he is, so casual that it almost looks like he’s harmless. He might even have a sensitive smile and dark, dreamy eyes. There is not denying that special something about the Scorpio male. But once you’ve been hypnotized by his appeal, it will be hard to escape. Not because you’re so deeply in love, but because he’s got you transfixed in some way, shape, or form. He might even have you held hostage or tied up somewhere. Yep, that’s how Scorpio men can roll, real down and dirty and real psycho. They love the power trip from being in control of a sexually fueled rendezvous. Scorpio males play the Casanova role so well that they can trick even the most seasoned of women.

8 Sagittarius Women: Burning Something

You know you love to play with fire, Sagittarius. You play with fire like a pyromaniac, for real, but you also love to get yourself into sticky situations that might end with a crash and burn scenario. Being a fire sign, this makes total sense. If you didn’t have any morals, it wouldn’t be surprising to find you burning down an old building. But what’s much more probable is you burning down the house where you lover lives. Whether or not he’s home matters not. You just need to burn something. So without much thought and very little hesitation, you toss a match on that gasoline trail. There’s something transformative and expansive about fire that mesmerizes you quite easily. And rarely do you think about the consequences. You can’t be bothered because already the fire is calling you, it’s beckoning and you are more than willing to help it burn down the whole world.

7 Sagittarius Men: Getting Sloppy Drunk


Sagittarius men aren’t shy about loving the drink. They are drinkers by nature even though Jupiter rules the liver and would not be in favor of such poisonous behavior. But Jupiter is forever jovial. Like everyday is a party, a reason to celebrate. And if any sign can find a reason to have a drink or ten, it will be a Sagittarius male. He’s not just the life of the party, he’s the entire party. He doesn’t need any company or excuse, he’ll drink because it makes him feel good. He pushes the limits. Each time he gets more drunk than the last time. Should you be in his company, beware. He will transform before your very eyes. You won’t even recognize him nor would he recognize himself. Under the influence, he does dangerous things and it the type of drunk that puts others at risk. He needs to be controlled when it comes to boozing, but he’s unlikely to listen to anyone calling his beverage of choice his medicine.

6 Capricorn Women: Delete Work Files

You are not to be played with when it comes to work and your career, Capricorn. You don’t just take it seriously, you take it dead serious. Work isn’t just your life, it’s part of your identity. You are your best at work and you know this. So whatever you need to do to get ahead, well, you’ll do it. Should you need to dig up some dirt on a colleague or delete important files, so be it. You’ll do it without thinking twice because nothing will come between you and your ability to climb the corporate ladder. While you might not be corporate, so to speak, you are willing to take things far to get ahead. Nothing is too crazy for you and you’ll find a way to do it without anyone being the wiser. You have an innocence about your that leads people to believe that you’re a team player or even a follower when actually you’re the mastermind, the one pulling all the string.

5 Capricorn Men: Do Anything To Be On Top


Much like his Capricorn counterpart, Capricorn males completely devote self and life to work. A Capricorn male cannot identify themselves without talking about work. Their hobbies revolve around work, too. For a Capricorn male, it’s work or nothing. It’s that simple. But they are anything put simple when it comes to getting to the top. They are ruthless and have no shame whatsoever. He will create schemes and ploys that cast a bad light on co-workers while at the same time make him appear as though he’s a shining star, one above the rest. If confronted, watch out. He’s got a bit and he will do what he can to maintain his reputation. If you’re feeling lucky, go for it. However, it’s in your best interest to steer clear of a Capricorn male on a mission to get to the top because everyone who gets in the way will get squashed, severely.

4 Aquarius Women: Steal an Amazing Idea

The innovator of all the signs, Aquarius is here to shake up the system. While you pride yourself on being rebellious and somewhat of an outcast, even a wanderer, you pride yourself so much so that you’re not letting anyone take that title from you. In order to maintain your position as the pioneer of the zodiac signs, you could easily engage in unsavory behavior. Perhaps you steal whole ideas or bits of them, but however you do it, you do it as if it were your own ideas. There is no shame to your game, Aquarius. And you will convince yourself and the world that the idea was, in fact, completely yours. Because you are also known as a humanitarian, no one will even think twice of blaming you for such a dastardly deed. All the while, you’re grinning a grin of the most mischievous.

3 Aquarius Men: Steal a Heart


Yes, an Aquarius man could steal your heart. Not just like make you fall for him, sweep you off your feet, then run away as if you meant nothing to him, but literally steal a heart. Aquarius men are notorious for love ‘em and leave ‘em attitudes. But that’s the not the worse of it all. Since they have a strong drive to fix things, make the world right on some level, they will take things to the limit in order to wrong rights and align with karma. Even if that means doing something that goes against his belief system. If a loved one needs an heart, like a real living, beating heart, Aquarius will find a way to procure that heart. Whether through an organ scheme or stealing from the hospital, even harvesting or finding one on the black market, Aquarius will find that heart if it kills him. Or if it kills someone else.

2 Pisces Women: Be A Fake Psychic

Pisces women are psychic. There is no beating around the bush. But that doesn’t mean all Pisces women are psychic or that Pisces woman have honed the skill. Maybe it’s better to say that Pisces women have psychic tendencies. And you know this, you feel it, but some of you are not yet fully tapped into your abilities. So you fake it. You put on a front and talk the talk because you genuinely want to be psychic so badly. You do this in hopes that if you practice, even if it’s not sincere, it will rub off on you. Something like osmosis. You have good intentions, but in faking psychic states, you are hurting others, leading them on, and giving them inaccurate readings. This is dangerous and can cause your karma to plummet. When you are found out, your reputation will be ruined and you will find it hard to ever break into the practice again should you actually find your psychic side.

1 Pisces Men: Fake Ignorance


Most Pisces just know things. It’s in their blood. There’s this instinct and even the men have it. They sort of know before it’s going to happen or are just naturally knowledgeable about a variety of subjects. However, should it suit the Pisces men to pretend like he doesn’t know something, he will. This is because there will be some benefit in it for him. He know it. He has already seen the signs. So once he knows how to manipulate a situation by feigning ignorance, he will use this tactic time and time again. He will get so lost in this state that others won’t know who he is and he’ll even have a hard time locating himself from time to time. But all the while, deep down, he can read the signs. He might like to see you squirm or he might be gathering information from you, but whatever the reason, it’s a matter of mind games of which the Pisces man enjoys playing only because he knows ahead of time who’s going to win.


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