Things You Would Bring To A Desert Island, Based On Your Zodiac

Picture this: You’re stranded on a deserted island with no food or supplies except for one item of your choosing. Survival is key and the one item you choose to bring a long with you could make or break your time in the wilderness. What do you do? Did you ever think there might be a reason why you gravitate more towards a map or canoe more than a compass or a survival guide?

This is a critical decision. We’re not talking amateur hour here, and when you think about it, perhaps your zodiac sign instincts might have something to do with your decision. Do you feel more inclined to find shelter, do you need a weapon in hand at all times, or are you innovative enough to use a tool that will potentially aid you in your escape route? Perhaps your star sign is talking to you during this crucial decision.

Where one sign might flourish from the use of vegetable seeds is where another might fail miserably. If you’re wondering what the stars are telling you to do in this crazy situation, read on to discover how your sign would deal with your deserted island adventure!

12 Aries: Compass

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Aries is independent and needs adventure at all times. That’s where a compass comes to play. An Aries might not know exactly where she’s going, but she’ll want to know the general direction of the road ahead, so she can anticipate what lies before her.

She’s a natural leader, so she can trudge through any landscape, climb any mountain, and swim through any body of water without breaking a sweat. Heck, if she finds a cave along her way, she’ll optimistically walk in without fear of a wild predator afoot because she has the ultimate tool in her survival kit—courage. She’s also enthusiastic, so she’ll trust her compass and her intuition to guide her to safety—if she isn’t too impatient to find the way to safety, that is.

11 Taurus: Axe


A Taurus woman is known for being stubborn but is also known for being practical too. Sure, she might chop at the same tree in the same spot over a thousand times, but when that tree comes down, she’s using it to build shelter, a fire, or both—after she throws a bit of a tantrum, of course. Come on, it’s necessary.

Since a Taurus has the ability to be patient, she will start a fire with the wood she chopped down and sit on the cliffs waiting for a ship to see the blaze night after night. After a while, she will travel the island searching for other humans, chopping trees with her axe, lighting fires for ships or planes to see, and patiently waiting for an escape route from this lonely island.

10 Gemini: Camouflage


You never can tell what a Gemini is thinking, and the same goes for a Gemini that’s trapped alone on an island. Her two dominant sides will come out—one side that tells her to explore and one side that tells her to stay hidden. So, she’ll choose to emerge with some protection in tow. Since a Gemini is so witty, she wouldn’t dare be caught on a desert island without camouflage to hide her from danger.

Her restless nature will get the best of her; she knows she needs to find food and she needs to keep an eye on the predators surrounding her. Heck, she also needs some entertainment too, or she’ll go insane, so she has to walk around! But she won’t do it without her handy cameo.

9 Cancer: Tent


Like the shell on a crab, a Cancer girl needs a tent on a desert island so she has some sort of safe space to go to. She’s a sensitive person that doesn’t mind being on her own to a degree, but this is a little too much to handle for her caring nature, as she likes to be with people on her terms.

The great thing about a Cancer is that she is adaptable to her surroundings, and she’ll stay put, making it easier for a rescue team to find her in her humble abode. She will also make this island as much like home as she can, as she will collect shells and try to decorate her tent to keep herself in high spirits, which is great because she can become gloomy faster than the tides change.

8 Leo: Flare Gun


Leos do everything in style, including their own rescue mission. You better believe that this ambitious extrovert isn’t wasting a second of time not trying to get people’s attention. Of course she has a flare gun! Leo’s work in terms of ready, fire, aim—she wants to be rescued yesterday and lord help the team that doesn’t find her on her terms!

Here’s the thing with a Leo though, along with doing things in style, she’ll also play up the drama, so she’s the candidate that’s most likely to create a burning help sign out of palm leaves for the theatrics of it all. She might also find a way to create make up while she’s at it because why not look your best when getting rescued, right?

7 Virgo: Fruit And Vegetable Seeds


A Virgo is the most in touch with Mother Nature and the least likely to go hungry out of the bunch, so she will have seeds to cultivate crops while she is stranded. She’s also going to know exactly which seeds work in the climate she’s stranded in and which won’t. Hi, citrus in a tropical setting; can you say heck yeah, Ms. Virgo?

After all is said and done, it might even seem like the Virgo girl is somewhat enjoying herself on her island stay, as she’s pretty darn proud of the yield of her crops. In fact, she has enough to trade with local tribes (if there are any), so she can get even more varieties of food and goods. It’s like she’s a one-woman supermarket.

6 Libra: Survival Book

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As a Libra, she knows she has to have a plan of attack in every situation. What if a tiger pummels her, or how can she tell if a berry is poisonous? You can never be too cautious. That’s why she elects to bring along her handy dandy survival guide to navigate her through every single scenario there is to think of (starvation…please)! Heck, she knows that a swarm of mosquitos can be just as dangerous as any other predator entering her camp. Trust me, she read up on desert island hazards three times already.

By this time, she’s already trying to set up traps of her own around her camp to alert her to danger, she’s also foraging for foods she knows are safe to eat. She has the perfect shelter, and she knew how to build a fire since the first night. Go Libra!

5 Scorpio: Machete


When will a Scorpio ever say no to a weapon, especially when in survival mode? Um…never. A Scorpio slashes first and asks questions later—no predator is catching her off her guard. No one is stealing her food, no one’s invading her camp, and, most importantly, no one is getting the best of her. She won’t allow it. Her machete will help her create her own paths to find the resources she needs. No way is she going around nature—nature is going around her!

She will also resourcefully hunt her food with skill and ease. She’s not dining on plants night after night; she needs some meat to keep her stomach satisfied! Her and her blade are like partners on this island. and she wields it with skill and without mercy.

4 Sagittarius: Canoe

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The second she got stuck on this island is the second the Sagittarius girl started encountering boredom. There is no way that anything is keeping her chained to this rock for an indefinite amount of time, so her canoe will get her out and about on glorious adventures.

While she’s out paddling away, she’ll also take notice to all the caves, crevices, cliffs, and terrains around the island because, hey, she’s going to need more to do while she’s stuck there. In fact, she’s going to be too busy exploring to even think of an escape plan, and if there is a native on the island, she’s the most likely candidate to find them because she thrives on a social life. It just goes to show you that a Sagittarius can make anything fun.

3 Capricorn: Map


If there’s one thing a Capricorn can’t handle it’s not having answers. She needs to have the lay of the land at her fingertips at all times, or else she will be helplessly lost. That’s why she must have a map handy. Even if she knows where she’s going, a Capricorn still needs to double-check her footing to ensure that everything is being done correctly. What if she ends up stuck in quicksand when she wasn’t anticipating it? Not okay.

She will also be taking detailed notes on her map along the way. She will know where every source of food and hazard is without forgetting a single one. By the end of her “visit” here, she will know the island like the back of her hand because she has studied it so diligently.

2 Aquarius: Swiss Army Knife


The Aquarius girl is the most innovative of the bunch. She’ll take a simple Swiss Army knife and create a raft, shelter, bowls, and maybe even a sundial with it. If one person is going to find her way off this island or die trying—it’s her. Between her cleverness and her wit, she’ll think up a plan in no time, and if that plan fails, she’s back to the drawing board in a matter of seconds.

She knows that she can use vines as rope and can create a spear from rocks. The only tool she needs is her trusty pocketknife and that’s it. By the time a rescue team comes to find her, she’ll likely be long gone from the island riding her raft complete with a storage unit for all the food she’s packing for the trip. Those Aquarians are sure inventive.

1 Pisces: Journal


Oh, Pisces. Her feelings are going to surge into overdrive in this situation. She doesn’t want to kill any harmless animals for food, nor do she even know where to begin to build shelter, but she does want to write about everything she is feeling. It’s the only thing that will keep her sane until she gets rescued, which could be a long time from now. That’s countless nights of being way too lonely.

It’s going to take a Pisces a little longer than everyone else to get into the swing of things because the emotions will be so raw, but she’ll eventually adapt as long as she has her creative outlet to turn to. Eventually, she’ll likely figure out a way to create paints too, so she can share her story with some other unfortunate soul that might get trapped there. Sigh.

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