10 Things Women Do That Drives Guys Insane (In A Bad Way)

Women can often be complex beings. Sometimes our emotions and hormones will fly all over the place and everyone around us needs to hang on for the ride. We sometimes want our guy to be near us yet far away at the same time. Most of us have that one best friend who we confide in and give every little detail about our lives. All of these things tend to drive most guys insane, and not in a good way either.

While most of us have hectic lives, we should try to mindful of the fact that there may be things we do, maybe even without realizing it, that drive our partner insane. Just like there are things our partner does that drives us absolutely mad. To make a relationship work, there has to be some compromise. Continue reading to see 10 things that women do that drives guys insane, in a bad way!

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10 Telling The Bestie Every Detail

Most of us have that one best friend that we tell everything too; every little detail of our lives. While it is good to talk about how you're really doing with someone close to you, sometimes there is such a thing as giving away too much information about your relationship. As long as you’re safe in your relationship, having some mystery can really be a good thing at times. It can be challenging to not tell your best friend about every little fight, but think how you would feel if your guy would tell his best friend every little detail. Women can be notorious for doing this.

9 Leaving Hair In The Tub

One issue that many females have that tends to gross guys out as well as drive them insane, is how our hair gets everywhere – especially all over our tub or shower and sometimes it gets to the point where the drain will get clogged. It is not something that we do intentionally, it is just one of those things that happen, especially the longer our hair is. Investing in a drain catcher can be a wise move, especially if you are in a relationship with someone who gets grossed out by all the hair that accidentally gets everywhere.

8 More Mood Swings Than Mother Nature

Being a woman comes with many different moods. Sometimes people, especially males, don’t know whether they should run or buckle in for the ride. Thanks to our womanly hormones, we can sometimes have more mood swings than mother nature herself. Our shifting moods can drive guys absolutely insane. Being a bit more mindful of how we act when we are emotional can do wonders for any relationship. We need to keep in mind that guys, or others in general, have mood swings too. What counts is how we handle them when we get them.

7 Being Overly Self-Critical

Not all guys chase after the damsel in distress, according to JoannCohen.com, especially if they are emotionally healthy. Not every woman exudes confidence, which is understandable especially with Hollywood setting the bar so high on what they think beauty is.

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Everyone is beautiful in their own way, but it can drive guys mad when their partner is always overly self-critical. Having to constantly reassure your partner of their worth can be draining for anyone. But it is not often we hear guys say, “Does this make me look fat?” every time they try something on.

6 Expecting Them To Read Your Mind

Women have this off-putting tendency to think people can read their mind, especially if they are trying to drop subtle hints. We have to try to keep in mind that not everyone is so great at picking up subtleties. If we need or want something, the best way to go about it is to come right out and ask or say what we need to. Not too many guys are like Edward Cullen and can read our innermost desires and thoughts.

5 Comparing Him To Other Guys

No one likes to be compared to others, especially if someone is comparing us to someone else of the same gender. Women don’t like being compared to their partner’s friends' significant other, or to an ex, and guys are the same way. It’s not a good or healthy habit to get into. If you find that you often compare your guy to someone else, there is a good chance that you are driving him insane. Sometimes comparisons can sound like nagging depending on what you are trying to compare him to. He is who he is, just like we are who we are. Let the comparisons go.

4 Pushing For Change

When we get into relationships, it should be because we adore and accept our partner for who they are; flaws and all. We should never get into a relationship with the intentions of trying to change someone. It is understandable that sometimes our partner doesn’t always show their true colors until they get comfortable in the relationship. When that happens, if you notice that they act a certain way that you are not too fond of, your first instinct should not be, “I have to try to change them.” If something like this were to arise, that is when it becomes time to reevaluate the relationship.

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Guys tend to hate when women try to change them. It can drive them absolutely insane, or it could chase them right out the door. How many times have you heard of a wife trying to put their husband on a diet just for him to sneak out to the nearest fast food place? Pushing for change doesn’t always get us the results we want.

3 Being A Gossip And Drama Queen

Most women love to gossip, and without realizing it our gossiping may be driving the man in our life completely crazy. Women are talkers, and that is not some hidden secret. Not only is gossiping a bad habit but sometimes the words we say come back to bite us in the rear which, in turn, can create some unnecessary drama. While some guys may play along when we are gossiping, that doesn’t always mean that they like it or even approve of it.

2 Overanalyzing Every Little Thing

For many men, when they are in a relationship, they say what they mean and there really is nothing to read in between the lines about. However, for so many women, they tend to think that there is something more to what they have been told because they are overanalyzing what has been said to them. When women do this, it can often drive men insane. Many of us tend to overthink and overanalyze every little thing when we really shouldn’t be.

1 Irrational Jealousy

Most people get jealous. It is a normal human reaction when we feel someone is trying to move in on what is ours. But there should be a limit to what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to jealousy. When women get extremely jealous and start accusing their guy of cheating, or they get jealous over him having a female friend, or even if they get upset because they have a female coworker – all of that can be seen as irrational jealousy. Things like this drive guys insane, and not to mention it could also push them away. If you are looking to lose a guy, getting jealous over every little thing is the way to go.

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