20 Things That’ll Get Anyone Kicked Out Of A Reality TV Audition

There seems to be an endless amount of reality shows these days. Everyone has their own shows now, whether they're housewife drama queens, hardcore bikers, car restorers, people looking for love, chefs, or teenage moms. But even with all these shows running on practically every network, there are more people than ever being turned down during the audition.

In order to get on a show now, participants will have to put in some serious work. Gone are the days when it was enough to just be an extrovert with a hot body. To stand a chance of making it once the show airs, it has to be approached like a business. Here are 20 things no one should ever do at an audition... unless they want to be kicked out.

20 Not Agreeing To Have Your Office Torn Apart

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Those who apply to be part of business-related reality shows will have to agree to let the production company bring in a tech crew - so they can tear their office up. This might involve knocking down walls, installing air-con, removing the ceiling to install lights, you name it... This is not negotiable.

19 Wearing Silly Costumes

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Don’t wear a costume just to stand out or to be silly. Also, don’t dress to impress - there's little point looking like a stockbroker if you work at McDonald's. Wearing something weird or something you're not comfortable with will shine through, and you won't be told to expect a phone call. You're much better off wearing something that flatters your body and flaunts your personality.

18 Not Having Opinions

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Reality TV shows are often centered around the participants' opinions, so if you plan on getting cast, you'd better have some opinions. Even having an unpopular opinion is better than not having one at all. Just look at some of the crazy stuff that reality stars sometimes say if you need proof.

17 Being Low-Energy

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After a long day of auditioning people, the casting directors will be tired, so you definitely don't want to bore them. Here's the thing, though, they do keep an eye on the waiting room to get an idea of what people are actually like. To avoid getting sent home, you'll want to come off as energetic and active, even when you think no one is watching.

16 Submitting A Boring Video

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Some reality shows ask people to submit video applications, and the last thing you'll want to do is send them something boring. Don't submit a video where you're just sitting in front of the computer or standing in front of a wall - show them the fun parts of your life, or maybe even the things you hate. It's your story that's important!

15 Not Presenting A List Of Life Experiences

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We've already mentioned that casting directors don't like people who try to fake it till they make it. Hand them a list of real life experiences to avoid them wanting to get rid of you before you even open your mouth. Use this list of experiences, struggles, and personal traits to tell your story to the casting team.

14 Not Being Willing To Stop Drinking

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Sure, if you wanted to be on shows like The Real World and Jersey Shore, a love of alcohol was pretty much a prerequisite. However, if the show is something a little more professional, they might ask the applicants to tone down their alcohol intake. Those who are unwilling to do so will be shown the door - which is probably the best thing for everyone involved.

13 Showing Up Without A Plan

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If you attend a reality show audition, chances are they will ask you questions such as; "Why do you want to be on this show?," "What makes you unique?," "What are your goals and ambitions?" If you don't have an answer, you'll probably be told to leave. You need to plan and practice the things you will say beforehand. Give an honest answer, but make it interesting.

12 Not Willing To Give Up Privacy

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Those who want to be on a reality show will just have to accept that they need to give up their privacy. This will be included in the contract, and the production team won't stop filming just because you don't like what's happening. They will make it very clear during the audition that they practically own whatever happens in your life if you're accepted.

11 Refusing To Avoid Bad Mouthing The Production

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They may or may not tell applicants that sometimes things will be taken out of context when the show airs. Those who can't agree to this won't be on the show. This also means that you won't be allowed to bad mouth the show, the production company, or the network.

10 Not Being Confident

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When you go to a reality show audition, you have to stand out! You have to look the part and basically outshine everyone. The person they're looking for will in most cases be someone confident, which makes sense - if you become a reality star, you're gonna be carrying a lot of weight on your shoulders. A lack of confidence certainly won't get you very far.

9 Lying About Your Past

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This is perhaps the biggest deal-breaker in the business. Don't try to hide something embarrassing that happened in your past, your criminal record, or bad credit. These things won't necessarily make casting directors rule you out, but lying about them definitely will. If the tabloids find out about these things later on and it turns into an embarrassment for the network, you could end up getting sued.

8 Taking Up Too Much Time

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Time is money, so you should just walk into that audition and get to work at showing what you can do. Don't spend a lot of time socializing and talking about what you did over the weekend. If you don't come prepared, don't expect the casting director to waste their time on you.

7 Being Rude And Arrogant

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It's fine to put on a stereotypical act for the audition, but don't turn into some rude, arrogant fool. Don't interrupt the casting director or start an argument with the casting crew. They know what they're looking for, and it's not that person. Yes, they want larger than life personalities, but not bullies. Save that stuff for the actual show.

6 Being A Pain In The Neck

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Having your own opinions and being clear about what you're willing to do is different from being difficult and downright refusing to do something. You don't want to leave the audition having the casting crew think you will be difficult to work with. So avoid being overly cool and showing off false bravado.

5 Auditioning For Shows You're Not Suited For

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Before auditioning, decide whether you're a good fit for the show. There's absolutely no point in auditioning for a cooking show if you can't even boil water and just want to show your singing skills. We've all seen those auditions where people get kicked out for their lack of self-insight and talent - don't be that person.

4 Self-Editing

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Casting editors and producers aren't stupid. They can see right through it when you try to hide the real you. Don't change the way you talk or act. If you gesture or swear a lot, then do that, it's who you are. They don't want someone who would change completely after two episodes.

3 Unwilling To Give Up Certain Things

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In order to get on some shows, you'd have to agree to not wear clothes with visible logos. The reason being that the logos have to be blurred out. Another thing you might have to agree to give up is music, because they don't want to pay royalties to show you singing along to your favorite band while driving. These are known deal breakers for some shows.

2 Refusing To Follow Instructions

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If you're not able to follow instructions, it is pretty much guaranteed that you won't be on the show. If they say applicants need to show their ID at the audition, bring your ID. If they tell you to do your best Elvis impersonation, you better start moving those hips and sing. No excuses, just do as you're told or get out. Someone else will be happy to fill that empty spot.

1 Standing Between Two Awesome People

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If you want to increase your chances of standing out at an audition, make sure you're not positioned between two people with great personalities and looks. In fact, don't even bring your charismatic and hot friend with you. To avoid getting kicked out, you should find the weaker and meeker contestants, and turn your personality up all the way to 11.

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