20 Things That Have Come To Light Since John Cena And Nikki Bella Split

John Cena and Nikki Bella seemed to have it all for a while there. As far as couples go, they definitely checked off a few boxes when it came to having things in common. They were both immersed in the WWE, they shared mutual friends, and a deep understanding of one another’s workplace demands. They drove one another towards their mutual health and workout goals, and due largely to the success of their reality TV show, money was certainly not a problem.

In spite of all these similarities, they just didn’t have the lasting power we anticipated. Behind closed doors, the issues were too deep to keep the relationship intact, and they ended up canceling their wedding just one month before they were due to walk down the aisle. So what really happened? Let’s take a quick look at 20 things that have come to light since John Cena and Nikki Bella split.

20 John Offered To Reverse His Vasectomy

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This is a huge step in self sacrifice, from a man who is not known for such actions. In a desperate attempt to retain his relationship with Nikki, John offered to reverse his vasectomy in order to start a family with her. This very public announcement was made on national TV, one an episode of “Total Divas”. This seems to have been too little, too late. Perhaps he should have played this card a bit sooner…

19 They Tried To Work It Out

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It appears that this couple put every effort into staying together. The Blast reports that John and Nikki were spotted on vacation together in August of 2018, in an attempt to patch up their differences. While their intentions were good, the results were not, and ultimately the split was the inevitable outcome.

18 They Took A Secret Summer Vacation

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This secret vacation was a last-ditch effort to salvage any remaining feelings they had for one another. The vacation was reported by the Blast as being very “low key” and the hideaway spot as in Lake Tahoe. They spent time talking, trying to sort their problems and rekindle the spark, but it was obviously too late. This trip was long overdue and perhaps would have had greater impact if it had taken place much earlier on.

17 They Are Keeping Their Fights Clean

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This is rare in the celebrity world. John and Nikki have decided to keep their fights clean and out of the public sphere. You won’t see them dragging one another through the mud on social media, or posting crude photos of one another, the way many other famous couples have. The first thing we learned about their break-up, is that they’re going to keep it classy.

16 Nikki Was Alone A Lot

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We only see what the cameras show us, and to the viewers, there may have been slight signs of trouble in paradise, but nothing exceptionally obvious. In September of 2018, Nikki revealed to Daily Mail that she was left alone a lot. John was rarely home, and feelings of isolation began to creep in. This would be detrimental to any relationship.

15 Wedding Planning Was An Eye-Opener

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Planning a wedding can be an incredibly stressful experience. So much goes into the planning, and when a couple dives into the details of each wedding planning component, it’s sometimes too much to bear. Within her Daily Mail interview, Nikki stated that the wedding planning experience opened her eyes to the fact that the feelings of isolation were soon to be permanently sealed as her future fate, and this didn’t resonate well for her.

14 Nikki Tiptoed Around John Too Much


Viewers definitely noticed this, and we give kudos to Nikki for being able to play along for as long as she did. John was very fussy and had quirky, particular rules that she had to essentially adhere to at all times. Despite the fact that they were sharing a home and building a life together, Nikki always had to adhere to Jonhn’s stipulations. Viewers of the Total Bella’s got a taste of this when an episode revealed that Nikki had to dress up each time they sat down for dinner.

13 John Previously Said He Didn't Want To Marry Again

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In April of 2014, Cena reported to Mercury News that he did not want to marry again. He was clear on the fact that he did not want to walk down the aisle. We’re not certain as to when his mind was changed or why he re-thought this in the first place, but clearly, he should have stuck to his gut on this one. Marriage just doesn’t seem to be his “thing”.

12 John Didn't Want Children, Nikki Did

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Mercury News and TMZ reported that John was set against starting a family. He certainly did not hide this fact, as he publicly declared he had no interest in having kids on more than one occasion. At some point, Nikki decided that motherhood was important to her and not something she would be able to sacrifice.

11 John Was Blindsided By The Breakup

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John admitted to the folks at Cheatsheet that he was blindsided by Nikki’s decision to end their relationship. While the two admit they had issues, John was always under the assumption that their problems were solvable, and claims to have not seen this coming. Paired with Nikki’s feelings of isolation, we can see their polar opposite interpretations of their own relationship were a good indication of how they were together, yet on totally different wave lengths.

10 Their Breakup Deeply Affected The Show

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In May of 2018 Forbes reported that viewership was way up as a result of the turmoil within this relationship. Viewers were glued to their television sets to see what would happen, and their fan base grew. Like any other reality show, the drama is what seems to generate the most interest. It’s sad to see that their failure was the show’s ultimate success.

9 Nikki Still Cries Abut This

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In August of 2019, Nikki told People Magazine that she still cries over her split from Cena. She admitted that this was a very painful decision for her to make, and that it had an obviously major impact on her life. She credits meditation for assisting her find some peace, but was very honest in saying that there are still many moments of sadness and many tears that are shed, as she mourns the loss of her relationship.

8 Nikki Admits Being Very Unhappy

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During this same interview with People, Nikki let us in to a part of her life with John that the cameras did not fully capture. She admitted that for the most part, she felt “miserable” and alone, and that she was lacking the happiness in her relationship that she once had. Clearly this break up was a long time coming, despite the fact that it caught Cena by surprise.

7 They Have Both Already Started Dating

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As painful as this break up was, the saying is true and life really does keep going on. We’re sure that starting the dating game again must have been a tough adjustment for both Nikki and John. Since their split, Nikki has been connected with Artem Chigvintsev, and John has been linked to a lady named Shay Shariatzadeh, described by Channel 24 as being a “stunning brunette”.

6 John Publicly Attempted To Get Nikki Back

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John really made an effort to get his girl back. TMZ reported that he shocked her with surprise visits, tried to appeal to her family, and was publicly leaving love letters for Nikki in an attempt to recapture their romance. Of course there was also that secret vacation we talked about earlier. Nothing seemed to work though, as the damage was already done.

5 Nikki Wanted Time To Herself

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Nikki was left alone so much that there was a lot time for self reflection. She says that she needed some more healthy time away from John in a more permanent way, in order to grow and heal as an individual. She says that as part of her relationship with John, she adhered to his rules so much and adapted to his needs in such a big way that she lost sight of herself, and her own happiness.

4 They've Chosen To Keep This Private

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We definitely know more about this relationship now, than we did before, but one of the biggest things we’ve learned about this breakup, is that we’re not going to learn much about it at all. There are personal and private issues in every relationship, and Nikki and John intend on keeping it that way. Whatever we know is likely all they will reveal. The rest of the details remain sealed from the public.

3 Brie Thinks This Is For The Best

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Understandably, Brie Bella is protective of her sister. She was privy to many moments within their relationship that just didn’t sit well with her. She reported to Life and Style Magazine that she felt Nikki gave up too much of herself for John, and that despite “loving him like a brother”, she wants a better life for her sister. John had some extreme rules and quirky regulations for Nikki to follow, which Brie felt were too restrictive for her sister’s well-being.

2 Wedding Was Temporarily Called Off In January

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While we’re all aware that the wedding was officially called off a month before it was to take place, we recently uncovered that John and Nikki had actually called if off once before. Back in January, they had called it off due to an ongoing dispute about having a family together. This was a hint of things to come, as it foreshadowed the ultimate end of all their wedding plans.

1 This Was Not A Publicity Stunt

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It certainly is not rare for a couple to stir up some drama in advance of a major career moment. Many viewers and media outlets stipulated that this riff in the relationship of Cena and Bella was conveniently timed to attract more viewers to tune in to their show. It’s safe to put those rumors to rest now. This break up is definitely very, very real.

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