10 Things That Are Totally Fake On The Bachelor (And 10 From The Bachelorette)

The most popular dating reality show on the air, The Bachelor, debuted on the ABC network in 2002. Hosted by Chris Harrison, the show follows eligible suitors as they date dozens of women, searching for their one true love. After twenty-three seasons of the show, its obvious that certain themes are recurring. The spin-off show, The Bachelorette, is no different.

Airing for 15 seasons to date, the show has almost the exact same formula as the original, with slight variations in the gender roles and themes. In 2010, the show's creator, Mike Fleiss, admitted in an interview with 20/20 that the characters were carefully developed and arranged, in order to cater to the audience. Despite some of the obviously fake aspects of the show, it remains a guilty pleasure for many.

20 Fake On The Bachelor: The Bachelor Being Involved In Date Planning

All episodes of The Bachelor involve super romantic dates. More often than not, these dates involve an 'extreme' element (bungee-jumping, horseback riding, off-roading) followed by a romantic dinner, and all of the right words whispered under moonlight. They often share deep and personal accounts of their lives, which isn't super realistic when you consider how new the relationships are. The Bachelor would have his date believe that he carefully planned every detail, but not so. All dates on the show are planned and executed by the production team.

19 Fake On The Bachelorette: The Dramatic Man Feuds

No season of The Bachelorette is complete without a rage-fuelled man feud. On Hannah Brown's season, Luke P. was the designated troublemaker, and the season was full of disagreements, name-calling, and even physical fighting. Much of the season revolved around his relationship with the other men in the house, and he became almost the secondary character in the show. These outcast contestants might have disagreeable personalities to begin with, but the production team greatly encourages the feuding in order to keep ratings high.

18 Fake On The Bachelor: The Food

Other than a few dates where the contestants get street food, you rarely see them touching their meals. There's a reason for that! The date food is not actually real. Television is all about appearances, and real food probably wouldn't look as good on the big screen. Sure, you do see them drinking coffee and water from time to time, but real food is replaced with fake stuff. Carefully crafted plates of faux-lobster and fake-steak adorn their plates.

17 Fake On The Bachelorette: The Confessionals

No episode of The Bachelor is complete without a teary-eyed breakdown confessional. These often happen when a contestant is sent home (or decides to take themselves off of the show). One common theme in these confessionals? Regret. Lots of regrets. These moments often happen in the back of the limo, as they are seemingly driven to the airport to go home to their real lives. The production team asks all the right questions to provoke these emotional admissions, and then the footage is carefully edited to make the contestants look more desperate.

16 Fake On The Bachelor: The Dramatic Entrances and Exits

Ah, who doesn't love the cheesy entrances on The Bachelor? As the seasons pass, the contestants get more creative. Or, more desperate? What started off as a romantic way to set yourself apart from the rest has become a literal zoo. People dressing up as animals, dancing and singing, throwing out cheesy line after cheesy line. We've had sharks, women in wedding dresses and grandmother suits, actual grandmothers arriving to introduce their granddaughters. First impressions are important, and so many on the show are just cringeworthy!

15 Fake On The Bachelorette: The Ability To Recall Everyone's First Name

Do you ever notice how The Bachelorette calls her suitors by their full names, with no hesitation whatsoever? The ability to remember even first names of 25 new people would be a difficult enough task, but in some season's there are 30 men! Our leading ladies might be smart and have great memories, but they are actually given cues from the production team while filming. Before a scene starts, they are reminded of who's who, and sometimes there are cue cards on set to help them.

14 Fake On The Bachelor: The 'Here For The Right Reason' Monologue

If you watch any of the Bachelor Nation shows, you are sure to hear the line, 'I'm here for the right reasons!' more than once. It seems like every season the contestants designate at least one or two people who are not in it for the right reasons. And of course, they're right. Plenty of the contestants sign up for the show in order to gain exposure and promote their own ventures. We all remember what happened last season on The Bachelorette, when Hannah Brown chose musician Jed Wyatt at the final rose ceremony. After the show wrapped up, Jed's true colors came through, and the pair called off their engagement.

13 Fake On The Bachelorette: The Tears

Sure, some of the tears on The Bachelorette are probably sparked by real emotion, but the severity of the meltdowns seem to be produced for ratings. On Jojo Fletcher's season, she was practically always in full-meltdown mode. Many people have criticized the show for its lack of authenticity when it comes to display of emotions. Having only known the suitors for a matter of days or weeks could hardly warrant such dramatics, right?

12 Fake On The Bachelor: The Cliched Lines

There is certainly no shortage of cliched, romantic lines on The Bachelor. We've heard them all. There are the girls who claim they have never been so attracted to someone before. Or the ones who just knew that there was something real going on when they first met The Bachelor. And we can't forget another favorite line, 'I've never felt so comfortable and myself with anyone before in my life.' Yep! Every season is sprinkled with these little gems.

11 Fake On The Bachelorette: The Spontaneous Romance

Nothing screams spontaneous signs of affection like being followed around the world with a film crew and a team of producers. Of course, the franchise wants you to believe that all of the romantic moments are natural and unscripted, but that's simply not the case. Every scene that seems like it's come straight out of a rom-com is staged to look that way. So while the connections might be real, the super spontaneous and romantic moments are sadly not.

10 Fake On The Bachelor: The Families' Homes

Hometown dates are the final step before The Bachelor chooses which woman he wants to have a future with. The families' blessings are sought as the couple cozy into a home that is rented out by the Bachelor Nation franchise. In some cases, the real family homes are used, but the producers have a very specific aesthetic in mind when it comes to filming. Did you ever notice that none of the homes are messy, or rundown? These homes generally look like they come right out of a magazine, and that's exactly the vibe that the producers of the show are going for.

9 Fake On The Bachelorette: The Meltdowns

The Bachelorette always seems to have moments where everything hits the fan, and she just cannot anymore. These moments are usually followed by some sort of time-off for the leading lady, where she thinks deeply about her future, and what she's doing on the show. She might then threaten to leave the show, but more likely, she'll call in the guys for a stern lecture that will mention that she is here for the right reasons. The formula is almost never deviated from!

8 Fake On The Bachelor: The 'Final Four'

While the show would have you believe that the process of getting down to four final contestants is organic, there is actually some behind-the-scenes manipulating going on. Producers of the show take a look at all of the ladies at the beginning of filming, and decide who the frontrunners should be. The Bachelor is presented with these choices, and agrees to focus primarily on building relationships with the core four. It's no coincidence that the show is heavily edited to focus on these main relationships.

7 Fake On The Bachelorette: The Threats To Leave The Show

Threats to leave the show happen just about every season. The Bachelorette usually threatens to leave at least once, towards the final few episodes. Other controversial contestants also threaten to leave, and some follow through! In the last season, we witnessed so much drama with Hannah and Luke P., that they both threatened to leave the show over their relationship and the fighting going on in the house. Most of these threats are conveniently suggested by production, as well.

6 Fake On The Bachelor: The Dramatic Fights

When you have 25 women competing for the love and attention of one man, things can get catty pretty quickly. Each season has had a dramatic girl feud. Feuding ladies have often talked badly about each other, tried to sabotage each others' relationship with The Bachelor, and in some cases, have engaged in epic fights. Corinne and Taylor famously fought during Nick Viall's season. Their opposing personalities were in such conflict, that they ended up having a heated fight during a two on one date. Awkward!

5 Fake On The Bachelorette: The Roses

Allegedly, the roses handed out during the rose ceremonies are real, but the ones handed out on the first episode, outside of the mansion, are not. Another fun fact? The filming of the first episode typically takes over 18 hours...straight. The sequence of meeting the men, pinning them with a rose, and listening to their monologue can take hours. Due to that, the roses need to be fake, so that they don't wilt and look half-asleep on the screen!

4 Fake On The Bachelor: The Exaggerated Character 'Types'

Every season of The Bachelor has several types of contestants. We always have a bully or a mean girl. We always have a goody-goody. We always have a super-go-getter. These types are definitely cast by production, and they are encouraged to behave in stereotypical ways to fulfil the roles expected of them. Many of these 'types' are so overdone, that it's almost laughable. Each season we have an over-ambitious girl who pulls The Bachelor away from all of his conversations, sabotaging his time and trying to gain the first place position.

3 Fake On The Bachelorette: The Surprised Reactions

Sometimes the contestants on The Bachelorette appear to be SO surprised by something that seemed inevitable. The scripting of the show includes so much foreshadowing that we'd be silly to be surprised by any of the 'shocking' moves. But, the contestants sure put on their best surprised faces when something goes down! Of course these moments are rehearsed and filmed several times, so that the reactions can appear as natural as possible.

2 Fake On The Bachelor: The Choice Of Who Gets A Rose

It might seem like The Bachelor is making his own decisions when it comes to the rose ceremony, but that's not the case at all. From the very beginning of filming, the final four have already been determined. The Bachelor is simply acting out, week by week, his obligatory role of rose-giver. Though some of the choices might be his own, the overall outcome of who gets a rose and who goes home is determined by the writers and producers of the show.

1 Fake On The Bachelorette: The Love

Despite the show airing over a 12-week period, the contestants actually only spent about half of that time filming the show and going on dates. Most of the time is spent filming, traveling, and in hair and makeup. The actual amount of time each contestant gets with The Bachelorette is extremely small, and that makes it super hard to believe that they have time to develop strong feelings. The love you see on the show is heavily exaggerated, and possibly not even real (sorry!).

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