10 Things That Are Totally Fake On Big Brother (And 5 That Are Actually Real)

Big Brother is one of television's longest-running reality shows. The CBS giant has drawn viewers in week after week, season after season offering glimpses into every move and thought that show contestants make. The Big Brother houseguests audition for a chance at coming out a winner, and taking home a half-million-dollar cash prize when all is said and done.

The participants spend months on end, engaging in challenges and contests all while trying to become the last man standing. They forego their privacy, as well as all communication with the outside world for a chance at becoming any given season's grand champion. With hundreds of microphones and almost as many cameras around, nothing is getting missed once someone walks through the BB front doors.

Even though this show claims to be one of the most real ones around, how real is real? We discovered ten things about Big Brother that are fake, and five that are likely truthful.

15 Totally Fake: Contact With The Outside World Is Not Always Prohibited

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Traditionally, the contestants on Big Brother are not to have any contact with the outside world while appearing on the show. It IS true that the vast majority of contestants have abided by the "no contact" rule, but there are always exceptions. Per digitalspy.com, Sam Faiers famously spoke to OK Magazine while he was holed up in the house, making the no communication rule a little bit fake.

14 Totally True: 3D Rendering Of Every Competition Precedes The Challenge

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Viewers of the show will be the first to tell you that watching the challenges is by far and away, the most exciting part of the show. Those games that we have grown to love are never thrown together. No one is winging it when it comes to the production team and their challenge ideas. Per cbs.com, 3D renderings of every competition gets constructed before anyone gets to play.

13 Totally Fake: Contestants Are Certainly NOT Chosen At Random

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The Big Brother casting process might be fake as well! While the creators and producers make it look like everyone has a fighting chance at making it onto the set, the entire casting process might be skewed. Per newsweek.com, contestants are made to look like they just got the call and are off to live in the house. Yet many claim the houseguests found out they had been accepted months in advance.

12 Totally Fake: Winners Are Chosen From The Get-Go

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One former BB employee made claims that the winner of the show is chosen from the very beginning, not at the end, as the show portrays. Per tvovermind.com, certain houseguests are favored over others, and the show might be rigged to keep those in favor at the top of the winners' list.

11 Totally True: The Prize Money Is Half A Million Dollars

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The season winner of Big Brother receives a serious payout when they are crowned the last man standing, Per cheatsheet.com, the winner of the reality show receives half a million dollars! Don't feel too badly for the contestants who lose out on the prize money, though. All participants receive a weekly stipend of a grand just for their time.

10 Totally True: Producers Control The House

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There is no question about who runs the Big Brother house. The producers are in charge. They control every aspect possible, from which areas of the set contestants are allowed to be in, to the utilities used on the premises. Per mouseprint.com, the show's producers even control the water supply rations!

9 Totally True: They Houseguests Wake Up To Pop Music

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The contestants of Big Brother can not possibly get a whole lot of rest sleeping in a space full of strangers. They probably need every second of rest available to them, but the show producers have other thoughts on the matter. Per insider.com, houseguests are woken up each morning by blaring pop music. That sounds miserable.

8 Totally True: Almost 100 Cameras Present

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People who earn the chance to live in the Big Brother house go into the experience knowing that they will be watched from every possible angle. Per cbs.com, there are at least eighty functioning cameras on the BB set, making sure no moves get missed. There is even a camera in the bathroom!

7 Totally Fake: The House Isn't An Actual House

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Fans of the long-running show might be surprised to learn that their favorite reality t.v. house is not a house at all! Per oprahmag.com, The Big Brother pad is actually a set in Los Angeles. Filming in a setting such as this, compared to an actual home, gives producers the ability to change the theme with every season.

6 Totally Fake: What Happens On Big Brother, Stays On Big Brother

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Several contestants have gotten fired from their jobs for things that they have said while appearing on the popular show. So it seems that what happens on Big Brother, doesn't always stay on Big Brother. Often times, repercussions reach much further than participants anticipate. Per nickiswift.com, Andy Herron and Spencer Clawson both lost their jobs because of Big Brother, as did many Season 15 contestants.

5 Totally Fake: Matt Hoffman's Wife's Mysterious (And Maybe Fake) Illness

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Season 12 houseguest, Matt Hoffman, was one of the fakest guys around. BB host Julie Chen and CBS producers alike were more than miffed when they uncovered the strategy that Matt was going with. Per realityblurred.com, he lied about his wife having a serious medical condition in hopes to go home with the big prize in the end. Needless to say, his concept backfired.

4  Totally Fake: People Seem Photoshopped Into Promos

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Season 21 of the famous reality show had many people questioning the authenticity of the show promos. Per tvovermind.com, one of the houseguests might have been photoshopped into the promotional images. Take a look for yourself. The contestant on the right does seem to be missing some vital body parts.

3 Totally Fake: The Big Brother House IS Far Less Busy That It Appears

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When we watch the famous reality show, housemates always look busy with something or other. This appearance is not exactly truthful, however. Per nickiswift.com, life inside the walls of Big Brother can get pretty dull and monotonous. For three months, the show's participants are denied any source of entertainment, including books, movies, and television. They aren't even allowed to sing!

2 Totally Fake: The Backyard Grass

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Per nextgenlawns.com, the grass we see in the Big Brother backyard is as fake as it gets. The greenery isn't natural, and for a good reason. With artificial grass installed on set, producers of the show no longer have to concern themselves with lawn repair. That famous backyard has taken quite a beating thanks to the rigorous challenges that show participants engage in.

1 Totally Fake: Scripted Scenes

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Reality television isn't supposed to be scripted, but some claim that Big Brother is! Tvovermind.com suggested that Big Brother UK scripted one particular bedtime scene. Many eyebrows were raised when the houseguests could be seen going to bed and turning the room lights out. The next thing we knew, lights were back on, and instructions were being doled out.

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