5 Things We Love About ColourPop Cosmetics (& 5 We Don't)

It's 2019, and the beauty industry is saturated with more brands than ever before. From big beauty corporations to indie brands, there are so many makeup possibilities abound that walking into Ulta or Sephora can sometimes make your head spin.

Colourpop is one of the brands that has managed to achieve success by offering quality products at mid-range prices. With products around $5-$20 and a whole arsenal of beauty bloggers that review their latest releases, Colourpop has all the pieces of the puzzle in place to achieve greatness and gain exposure in the digital world.

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However, not all of Colourpop's decisions have been spot-on, and like any relatively new company, they have made some mistakes that cost them valuable customers. Do those controversies outweigh the positives of Colourpop's business? Read on to find out 5 things we adore about the company and 5 we're just not feeling.

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10 Love: Prices

Colourpop is famous for its low prices and high quality. If you log on to their website, you'll see that their eye shadows and liquid lipsticks retail for a a pretty viable price point in comparison to some other popular beauty brands.

Colourpop also runs sales, sells bundled makeup as deals, and even puts their PR kits on the site! If you're a fan devoted to Colourpop makeup, wait until the kits get the sale treatment before you shop for even more affordability!

9 Not Feeling: Contour Controversy

Colourpop released their contour Sculpting Stix in June 2016. Though the product came in twelve beautiful shades, the names that Colourpop chose for some of the darker-toned colors were not as well-received.

While skin shades of the lighter variety carried names like "Dove" and "Venice," fans were outraged at the fact that deeper colors were named "Typo" and "Yikes." Colourpop released a statement apologizing for the controversy after multiple Twitter-users threatened boycott, and the offending shades were renamed.

8 Love: Disney Collabs

Colourpop has collaborated with Disney on several different product lines, and fans absolutely love the pairing!

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The brand released the Disney Designer Collection in 2018, and the Disney Villains Collection in 2019. The Designer Collection included a range of lipsticks, highlighters, eye shadows, highlighters, and lip glosses. The line also boasts the pastel It's a Princess Thing palette. The Disney Villains line had even more options, with lipsticks, highlighters, glosses, eye shadows and more for each villain in the collection. The PR kit is currently on sale on Colourpop's site if you have to have more Disney in your life!

7 Not Feeling: Collab Cover-Up

At first glance, Colourpop's You Had Me At Hello palette is a wonderful combination of matte and metallic nude shades, perfect for both everyday and more dramatic makeup looks. However, customers were shocked to discover upon the product's 2017 release that Colourpop had initially planned the palette to be a collaboration with famous beauty YouTuber Kathleen Lights. When the new packaging was peeled and removed, the original name of the palette, Lumina by Kathleen Lights, was visible. The original shade names were hiding under the new packaging as well!

Fans theorized the collab may have been cancelled because of Lights's racial slur incident a month before the palette's release. Neither Colourpop nor Lights has confirmed or denied the theory, though Kathleen Lights did eventually collaborate with the company the next year on the Dream Street palette.

6 Love: Cruelty-Free and Local

Since Colourpop debuted in 2014, the brand has been committed to being bunny approved! Animal lovers can be certain that their purchase to Colourpop benefits a company that prides itself on both quality and cruelty-free makeup. Instead of testing on animals, Colourpop's HQ workers are in charge of ensuring the safety of their new products.

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Colourpop is also produced in the USA (California to be exact) so buyers are also supporting a business that employs workers closer to home! To keep costs down and ensure that products are up to standard,  Colourpop both creates and manufactures their makeup under one roof.

5 Not Feeling: Possible Photoshop Incident

Colourpop came under fire in early 2017 for this photo they posted on their Instagram account of makeup swatches.

The account Cocoa Swatches, a famous beauty account that swatches makeup on people of color, accused Colourpop of Photoshopping the first arm on the left of the photo, using hastags like #whyisthepalmsoblack and #whatsthatextrablackmark to convey their dismay with the brand. Colourpop never responded to the accusations with a public statement, but deleted the photo from their page.

4 Love: Face Products

Colourpop released their first foundation in 2018, and customers seem to be having positive experiences!

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The No Filter Natural Matte Foundation had a wide range of shades available upon launch, including 42 shades across 6 different skin tone groups. Customer reviews on the brand's site praise the longevity of the foundation and the diversity of the shade range.  Colourpop also released matching concealers, foundation sticks, pressed powders, and setting powders in their No Filter line. The No Filter Foundation is also Jeffree Star approved, so hi, how are ya, Colourpop?

3 Not Feeling: Glitter Drama

Colourpop released their Bretman Rock collaboration makeup line just in time for the 2018 holiday season, but they might not have been expecting the drama that ensued.

The collab included two pastes, known on Colourpop's site as Glitterally Obsessed, that are shades of red and blue to match the theme of the collection. Lemonhead Los Angeles, a makeup company known for its collection of glitter-based makeup pastes, accused the brand of stealing their formula. The founder of Lemonhead LA posted receipts from purchase on their site that led back to a Colourpop designer. Colourpop never responded to the controversy, and the pastes are still available on its site.

2 Love: Fan Features

If you love posting photos of your makeup on social media, you might just end up as Colourpop's next post!

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On social media, they have created the hashtag #colourpopme to let customers and fans post their own looks using their makeup. Colourpop regularly shares fan creations on their Instagram, tagging the user in their post to give them credit for their awesome design. Sometimes, the brand will even share photos of their products taken by especially adept photographers. If you crave the likes, whip out your makeup bag and get glam!

1 Not Feeling: Kylie Cosmetics is Colourpop?

When Kylie Jenner burst onto the beauty scene with her lip kits in 2015, Kardashian fans and beauty lovers alike were shook. However, it became clear after a while that the famous (and pricey) lip kits had some less expensive, extremely similar dupes--namely, Colourpop's famous matte lip colors. Fans speculated for a while that Colourpop was actually producing the products and selling them for larger price tags under the Kylie name. This theory holds water, but not in the way that you might think.

Colourpop and Kylie Cosmetics are produced at the same lab, Spatz Labs, owned by Colourpop founders Laura and John Nelson. The two decided to help Jenner start her brand by offering her use of the laboratory, and now the Kylie company is owned by Seed Beauty, the same parent company as Colourpop. The two brands assure customers that the formulas in their products are different, so we suppose you can still rock those Kylie kits without feeling too guilty!

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