15 Things Jay-Z’s Enemies Have Said About Him (And 5 Things He's Said About Them)

The rap world is full of feuds & beefs between performers, producers, and managers, and there isn’t a rapper out there who hasn’t recorded a diss track about one of his or her rivals. Some of these feuds escalated wildly, such as the beef between the East Coast and West Coast rappers in the 1990s. This rivalry resulted in the deaths of East Coast rapper Notorious B.I.G and West Coast star Tupac Shakur, who both lost their lives in drive-by shootings

As a young man, Shawn Carter, better known as Jay-Z, was part of the East Coast rap scene. That made him plenty of enemies, and over the years he managed to antagonize plenty of other rappers – though in recent years he has managed to bury the hatchet with some of his biggest rivals.

20 Said About Him: Jim Jones Said There Were Only Two Decent Songs On Jay-Z's Album

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New York rapper Jim Jones was a member of hip hop collective, The Diplomats, who were all big rivals of Jay-Z in the 90s. This was a beef that rolled on for years, and in a 2006 interview, Jones said that he thought there were only about “two songs that were decent” on Jay-Z’s Kingdom Come album, and recorded his own diss track entitled Kingdom Done.

19 Said About Him: The Game Criticized Jay-Z Live On Stage

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West Coast rapper The Game has been trying to start a beef with Jay-Z for years, without much success. In his 2004 track Westside Story, many felt that the critical lines about rappers who wear button-up shirts and drive Maybachs were aimed at Jay-Z, and The Game went one step further by criticizing Roc-A-Fella artists live on stage.

18 Said About Him: Gucci Mane Rapped About Beyoncé When She Was Jay-Z's Fiancée

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Jay-Z may be considered one of the best rappers of recent years, but to many music fans, he is better known as Mr. Beyoncé Knowles. The couple has been through their difficult patches, but have always remained loyal, including when Gucci Mane released a track about how much he lusted after Beyoncé.

17 Said About Him: Nas Recorded An Explicit Diss Track About Jay-Z

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The beef between Nas and Jay-Z is one of the most bitter rivalries in recent rap history. The two have recorded several diss tracks about each other, with Nas disparaging Jay-Z for his lavish lifestyle and slamming several artists on the Roc-A-Fella label, although Jay-Z gave as good as he got in return.

16 Said About Him: Fat Joe Slammed Jay-Z Over A Basketball Game

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Another long-running feud was between Jay-Z and Fat Joe, a rapper from The Bronx. It eventually emerged that Fat Joe and Jay-Z had fallen out when Carter brought a team to take part in an annual Harlem basketball contest, which Fat Joe’s crew had won six years in a row. Joe was angry that the rich and successful Jay-Z was trying to take his biggest accomplishment from him.

15 Said About Him: Jaz-O Revealed Secrets About Jay-Z's Early Life

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Jaz-O was Jay-Z’s mentor and friend in the early days of his career, but they had a major falling out when Jaz wrote a biography about his former protégé which included some less than complimentary stories about Carter’s youth in New York, including allegations that he had been involved in dealing drugs and violent assaults.

14 Said About Him: Birdman Gave His Thoughts On Whether Jay-Z Was The Best Emcee

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There are plenty of people in the rap industry who believe that Jay-Z is the best emcee around at the moment; but Birdman isn’t one of them. Birdman, who grew up in New Orleans and founded the city’s Cash Money Records label, said in 2009 that he thought Lil Wayne was a much better emcee than Jay-Z.

13 Said About Him: R Kelly Claimed That Jay-Z Sabotaged Their Joint Tour

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Before his arrest in 2019, R Kelly and Jay-Z had a falling out after they recorded two joint albums in 2002 and 2004. The pair were supposed to be launching a joint tour as well, but this was canceled at the last minute, with R Kelly accusing Jay-Z of sabotaging the event.

12 Said About Him: Cam'ron Said Jay-Z Stopped Him Being Named VP At Roc-A-Fella

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Cam’ron is another member of The Diplomats who had a long-running beef with Jay-Z. The two had recorded several diss tracks about each other, and then in 2002, it was reported that Jay-Z prevented Cam’ron from being named vice president at his Roc-A-Fella record label, which only escalated their rivalry.

11 Said About Him: Beanie Siegel Criticized Jay-Z Over His Bodyguard's Behavior

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Philly rapper Beanie Siegel used to be pals with Jay-Z and was even signed to his Roc-A-Fella label, but they fell out when Beanie accused Jay-Z’s bodyguards of being a little too eager when trying to move him on. Beanie didn’t like the way Jay-Z reacted and went on to record several diss tracks about his one-time friend.

10 Said About Him: Lil Wayne Recorded A Track Saying Jay-Z Was Only Interested In Money

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Part of Birdman’s New Orleans Cash Records Label, Lil Wayne has always enjoyed a healthy rivalry with Jay-Z. In his track It’s Good, Wayne accused of Jay-Z of only being interested in money and rapped about kidnapping his wife. Ironically, Wayne has now signed to Jay-Z’s label, and it was Jay-Z’s money that helped pay off Lil Wayne’s tax bill.

9 Said About Him: 50 Cent Slammed Jay-Z For The Timing Of His 2018 Album, The Carters

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50 Cent stuck his oar into the beef between Jay-Z and Nas in 2018, criticizing Jay for releasing his own album The Carters, the day after Nas released his own comeback LP, Nasir. Jay-Z and Nas may have ended their feud by 2018, but it seems that others in the rap world weren’t quite so quick to forgive and forget.

8 Said About Him: Prodigy Unhappy That Jay-Z Stayed Quiet During The East Coast-West Coast Feud

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Jay-Z was an up-and-coming New York rapper during the East Coast-West Coast beef, but he managed to keep his distance from many of the biggest feuds. Fellow rapper Prodigy has criticized Jay-Z on a number of occasions for staying quiet during the 1990s, only to take about the East-West rivalry in interviews long after it was over.

7 Said About Him: Kanye Criticized Jay-Z For Not Calling After Kim Was Robbed In Paris

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Kanye and Jay-Z are both high-profile rappers, with famous wives and a propensity for outspoken opinions, so it is hardly surprising that they have rubbed each other up the wrong way from time to time. Kanye called Jay-Z out for not getting in contact after his wife, Kim Kardashian, was robbed at gunpoint in Paris.

6 Said About Him: And Then Suggested That Jay-Z Knew Violent Criminals

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This wasn’t the only time that Kanye was critical of his fellow rapper. Kanye also called out Jay-Z from the stage at one of his gigs in 2016, suggesting that Beyonce had refused to perform with him at the MTV VMAs and that Jay-Z had even threatened to have him killed.

5 Jay-Z Said About Them: Rapped About Future's Family Problems

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Jay-Z hasn’t always been the innocent party in these beefs. He has recorded more than his own share of diss tracks over the years, including on his 2017 album 4:44. One track included some very impolite references to fellow rapper Future, his wife Ciara, and their young son, which many thought had gone too far.

4 Jay-Z Said About Them: Slammed Jaz-O For Not Joining Roc-A-Fella

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The feud between Jaz-O and Jay-Z was all the more bitter because they used to be friends. Their beef stems from the very early days of Jay-Z’s career, when he wanted his mentor to come on board when he set up Roc-A-Fella, and it only got worse when Jaz-O laughed off Jay-Z’s offer of a deal with his record label.

3 Jay-Z Said About Them: Called His Long-Time Rival Nas "Lame"

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Over the years there have been several diss tracks recorded in the feud between Jay-Z and Nas, and their various acolytes. Both men have given the beef both barrels, with Jay-Z calling Nas “lame” on his 2001 track Takeover, prompting Nas to record his own diss track, Ether, in response.

2 Jay-Z Said About Them: Criticized Kanye For His Some Of His Opinions

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Given how outspoken Kanye has been about Jay-Z and numerous other issues over the years, it is hardly surprising that Jay-Z has been critical of his fellow rapper on occasion. Jay-Z has recorded several tracks that allude to Kanye’s odd behavior, including some of his more inexplicable social and political views.

1 Jay-Z Said About Them: Jay-Z Unhappy With Business Partner Damon Dash's Conduct

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Damon Dash was one of Jay-Z’s original business partners when he founded the Roc-A-Fella label, and their relationship since is a classic example of why you shouldn’t mix friendship with business. The two fell out when Jay-Z accused Dash of not holding up his end of the business, and Jay went on to buy out his former friend’s share of the label they had set up together.

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