20 Things Guys Do That The Hooters Staff Can't Stand

Going out and grabbing a bite to eat should be a relatively simple experience, but some people just don’t know how to behave. While most places are relatively standard, Hooters has been able to set itself apart by offering something a little bit different. Because of this, some of the guys that frequent their local Hooters end up doing strange things instead of just treating the experience like a normal night out. Sure, the women working there are gorgeous and wear revealing outfits, but this does not make the place anything other than a restaurant.

Today, we are going to focus on a number of things that guys do at Hooters that the staff can’t stand. Theses creeps can’t just grab some wings and leave. Instead, they take things to another place entirely.

20 Flirting In Front Of Their Wives

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Fellas, bringing the family to Hooters isn’t the worst thing possible, but it is certainly not a good start. But, if any person is going this route, they may want to refrain from flirting with servers in front of their wife. That is just bad form and makes everyone uncomfortable.

19 Asking For Phone Numbers

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The women working at Hooters have a lot on their plate with everything that’s going on, and they could not be any less interested in giving out their number to the guys eating there. Sure, wings are great and all, but don’t ruin someone’s night by asking for a number.

18 Asking To Get A Massage

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It truly says a lot that we have to include something like this on the list, but the fact remains that people have a pretty interesting way of approaching social situations. Asking to give an employee of any business a massage will always be creepy, and no person out there should be going around asking this.

17 Asking For Pictures

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Hooters girls are known for being gorgeous and all, and some attention is expected when they are working. However, heading on in and asking them for pictures can get a little awkward, especially when the guy is super creepy and nervous. Is it really that hard to just grab some food and go?

16 Calling In And Asking Who’s Working

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A crush is completely normal, but there are certain things that should never happen. Of course, we want to believe that we have a chance with a person that we are interested in, but calling in ahead of time to see who is on staff is just unsettling in the worst way.

15 Asking For A Hug

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Personal space is one heck of a thing, and when people don’t show it a shred of respect, it is only natural to get upset about it. Getting handsy is bad in its own right, but asking for a hug is super odd. These women don’t know you and they most definitely do not want a hug.

14 Leaving Phone Numbers On Receipts

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So many guys have been guilty of doing this, and they don’t even realize how bizarre it is. Flirting is one thing, but leaving a number on the receipt before leaving is just begging for the people working that night to have a good laugh and for the receipt to go in the trash.

13 Getting Loud

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Hooters can be a lively place at night, but this does not give people the right to get super loud and stick out like a sore thumb. People are going to be talking and having a good time, and all it takes is one loud, obnoxious person to spoil it for everyone.

12 Wearing A Hooters Shirt To The Restaurant

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We get it, Hooters has some good wings and the occasional great deal, and yeah, the gift shop has some rad stuff. Anything purchased there should be kept on the low, cause it’s definitely not cool. What’s worse is wearing a Hooters shirt to the restaurant while stalking a server.

11 Making A Huge Mess

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This applies to all restaurants, so the people out there that get sloppy should take notes. We understand that the restaurant has employees that are meant to get things straightened up before the next family sits down, but try and not make a total mess for everyone else to have to do with.

10 Getting Kicked Out

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Being an adult comes with a ton of responsibilities, one of which is keeping cool and keeping things simple. For some reason, people cannot contain themselves and end up getting rowdy for no reason. They then get kicked out of a restaurant and will forever live with that shame.

9 Staring Awkwardly

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Social cues aren’t easy for every person to pick up on, but there are some basic things that should never have to be questioned. We can guarantee that she isn’t staring, and making the decision to awkwardly stare at her while she is doing her job is not doing anyone there any favors.

8 Staying Too Late

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Being around late at night and overstaying a welcome is not a good look for any person out there. Even if the guilty party isn’t waiting around outside like a loner, staying super late at Hooters reeks of desperation, and it lets everyone know that loneliness is just a drive home away.

7 Leaving No Tip

So, she didn’t give out her number of she most certainly wanted nothing to do with physical contact. What’s the best way to handle this? Leave no tip! Me being awful after being rejected for being awful is surely the best route to take here. What could possibly go wrong?

6 Requesting A Specific Hooters Girl

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Guys that head to Hooters more than others start to become regulars and get a feel for the people that work there. Because of this, they may develop a crush on one and try to request that one ends up being their server for the night. Maybe just be normal and get a side of fries.

5 Waiting After Hours For A Hooters Girl

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Hooters is typically open late, and it can be a solid place to get a cheap meal for most people. Staying super late and then waiting outside for a Hooters girl is a cardinal sin that should be avoided at all costs. It does not come across as endearing in the slightest.

4 Making Crude Jokes

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People think they are far cleverer than they actually are, and there are certain jokes that are almost too obvious to make while enjoying some food at Hooters. If a crude joke crosses your mind, just know that a million other guys have tried the line and that it has legitimately never worked.

3 Getting Handsy

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This is a rule that applies to literally every place out there, but because Hooters is a different looking spot, most guys tend to get a little rowdier there. These women are doing their job and aren’t looking to have some random dude placing their hands on them. It’s a quick way to get the cops involved.

2 Drinking Too Much

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Watching the game with some wings and a drink is a solid way to spend a night with the guys, and it can be easy to get a bit carried away. This is something that should only happen at home and never in public, and no one likes seeing someone that can’t hold their booze in a restaurant.

1 Staying Too Long

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No matter what time of day it is, there is nothing worse than wearing out a welcome while in a restaurant. Most places let their customers take their time to digest their food before leaving, but staying for hours is not the way to go. Keep things short and keep it moving.

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